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1993 ZJ 
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 140
1992 ford tempo, learn how to drive.
2000 dodge Dakota solar yellow, learn what color cops love to pull over.
2003 Masda 6 did 15miles with it and broke down, piss of sh**,after a month in the shop they could not figure out what the hell was wrong and would not lemon it, so trade it in for
2003 Mitsubishi eclipse totaled in rear end collision,air bags did not work and rear end vulnerable to dui illegal no license nor insure drivers from Mexico.
2003 Pontiac sunfire , will burn a mustang GT 0-60mph but that's about it.
1995 Pontiac gt red 5 speed , it was fun for the time i had it.
1991 ford tempo $200 lasted 2 months and died.
1989 Chevy truck got for $150 cash and it was a great working truck, so what if the muffler fell off and it was so falling apart it had a rebuilt trans and 350,nice and loud. wife at the time pawn it for drugs.as I was doing time.
got back to Cali and divorce the b****
1999 ford escort, custom air intake ,exhaust, stuff sound system tinted 5% windows and 25% windshield , totaled in head on crash with dumb blonde driving a jeep, jeep drove away with a small dent.
1993 Jeep ZJ 136K miles $3500. and it keeps on going.... Love My Jeep!

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1979 CJ5 
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Clearwater, FL
Posts: 359
1997 Ford Ranger 2.3L: First vehicle. Put over 100k on the odometer before the cylinder head went. Learned that if you want to go wheeling in a 2wd, buy a winch first.
2005 Pontiac Sunfire: Replaced the ranger. Lost her to an old lady in a Dodge Magnum who thought she could make a right turn from the left lane. Can't really complain, I didn't like the car anyways. I learned that good mileage or not, it's still a stupid little rice burner and it attracts said ricer crowd.
2003 Dodge Ram HEMI: Replaced the sunfire. Great power. Not much on mileage though. Learned that if you want to pull a 10K lb rv, this aint the truck for it.
2001 Chevy 3500 Duramax: Traded the ram with 130k miles for this one with 75k. Even towing the Jeep I get better mileage than the ram did unloaded. Learned that if you want to pull a 10K lb rv, this IS the truck for it.
1979 Jeep Cj5: Bought this as a Christmas present for myself in 2008 for $350. I learned that I love jeeps. People make fun of the fact that it hasn't run in a while, but I don't give a rip. It's still the best vehicle I've ever owned.

79 CJ5. 258, T-18A, D20. 33s
08 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW DD/tow rig
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Originally Posted by USMCredneck View Post
1979 Jeep Cj5: Bought this as a Christmas present for myself in 2008 for $350. I learned that I love jeeps. People make fun of the fact that it hasn't run in a while, but I don't give a rip. It's still the best vehicle I've ever owned.
Yes, people and my family complained about mine not running even though I was upgrading not fixing and now they complain about the smallest problems in my jeep. I let my dad drive it to work when he couldnt get through the snow and he called me 5 times asking "whats that noise"? he dosn't understand. Though my goal is to make it (87 xj laredo) the luxury model its supposed to be and show everyone! so far it gets better mpg than my moms trailblazer and is on the way to match my dads buick. Got some Ome shocks on the way.
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2001 TJ Wrangler 
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 18
I've learned that you will never stop adding stuff to a wrangler. Ever.
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1991 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Florence
Posts: 147
Let's see...in no specific order here's some of the highlights.

'67 Vette - I learned it is possible for a man to cry...just go wreck one of these and you will too.

VW Beetle - If you upgrade the engine a lot you can get out of tickets sometimes because cops usually seem to say 'Nobody would believe you were going that fast in this so I'll give you a warning!'

'86 Wagoneer - there's no reason to be in a hurry, especially when your vehicle sure isn't. Also, there are very few obstacles a Jeep can't overcome.

'95 Explorer - Cars need to have a head gasket, go figure! Also, having reverse gear is nice as I sure missed it in this truck.

'96 Expedition - You know that front end you replaced two years ago? Guess what, you get to do it again. This thing can total a Mustang and a GMC Sonoma and walk away with mere scratches. I also got a lot of exercise taking a sledge hammer to get my brake rotors off every time I had to do anything with the brakes. I learned I like heat which seems to not be available in this model at some point in its life and that I like having the $3000 it would have cost to fix the blend doors in my bank account a lot more than having it fixed.

Porsche 924 - Even though you car is made from cheap parts, can't perform like the big models, but still handles pretty good they can still charge you $2500 to change a clutch.

2009 RX-8 - some cars like to visit every single repair shop in town - ALL of them all the time. When I sold this off I had two big folders of paperwork from repairs and upkeep and I didn't even own it a full two years. Also, some cars like eating tires and can make them only last half as long as they are rated. It's magic! Also, sometimes a warranty is just a piece of paper and nothing more than that. Oh, and Dunlop tires suck.

'92 bmw 325i - sometimes when you buy a used car because you felt really sorry for it they just want to die & maybe you should just let it. Also 325's of this era really like exploding their fans into the radiator and trying to go through the hood. Like a mini fireworks show...that costs a few thousand to fix. Every couple weeks this car ate about $1500 in parts/repairs to stay on the road.

'79 Camaro z-28 - some cars, whether you believe it or not, require having actual oil in the actual engine. Just having a receipt that says the place put oil in it isn't enough. Also that a Hurst 3 speed can be worth more than your entire car depending on circumstances such as the above. Also, a Mercedes 240slc pushes one of these using the front bumper with ease.

Ferrari 308 GTS - Just because it says Ferrari doesn't mean it's fast - still expensive though.

Porsche 912 - Hey, Porsche makes something slow...really slow...really, agonizingly, painfully slow. Also, street light racers fail to understand that your Porsche only hits 60 in about 12 seconds and you ARE going as fast as you can. Then they still go to a forum and post a kill on a Porsche, heck people with walkers can post kills on this one. Also, oil and temp guages are kind nice to have in a car sometimes.

Fiat X1/9 - Some cars think repair shops are like parking spots. Also, Fiats can dump a huge amount of coolant on the ground after blowing all the hoses. I also learned I liked targa top cars a lot.

300zx Twin Turbo - Timing belts are important and should be changed often - kinda like your oil. Oil should be changed every 1500 miles whether you need it or not. Turbos do need to be rebuilt, usually twice a year. Fuel additives can trash your fuel injectors which will require you to replace them all. Oh, and once you hit Stage X get up over 600-ish HP you've got enough.
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1996 ZJ 
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Location: Salt Lake City
Posts: 8
89 civic: awesome for learning to drive a manual, if you treat it right itll last forever or at least until your parents tell you there selling it, used this every time my cherokee broke down.
94 XJ: I went wheeling with my cousin in his wrangler and was hooked but couldn't get over the look of the xj's. found a lifted 94 for $1200, i learned to replace just about everything on it except the engine, jeeps are reliable just not for extended periods of time, i had it for about 3 years before selling to get my zj.
96 ZJ: It's only a 2 year jump from the last one but it has tons more luxuries than my cherokee, really good choice if you want something to commute in that you can still upgrade and go wheeling on the weekends in, if you buy from a rich realtor who was the only owner things tend to stay in pretty good shape, even after 160,000 miles.
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2010 JK Wrangler 
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Posts: 2,111
Ill just do a short list of some of my cars.

2002 4runner - Cars really suck when they don't have an outdoor temp thermostat.

2002 silverado - Research before getting exhaust on cars, the drone was terrible on this truck

2006 gmc sierra 8.1 liter - Buy the camper mirrors, its worth the extra 300$. The 8.1 liter gas motor is a huge motor.

2007 tahoe - never bring your dog with white hair on an eight hour road trip in a car with black interior (lol)

2006 wk - Jeep is the way to go. Probably the most valuable lesson

2007 wk - Always check both mirrors before backing out of the garage

2010 silverado - Technology really advances in 4 years. This truck tows 11k pounds better than the one with the 8.1, and this has a 6.0 gas.

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07 WK
11 JKR
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2009 JK Wrangler 
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Location: Manakin Sabot
Posts: 109
74 Buick Regal-74 Buick Regals are ugly cars, but the centers of the hubcaps make good bullseyes for dialing in the scope on a BB gun.

72 Olds Cutlass-Awesome car. I learned how to street race in this car. I also learned that pinching the wire between the ballast resistor and an Edelbrock Performer intake make cars run funny. This car also taught me how to change and adjust points by feel and hearing the car idle. 4 wheel drum brakes suck.

72 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible-Convertible tops cost $800. Somehow, Hooker Headers don't make headers to fit these, or the muffler shop just didn't want to install them. I also learned that keeping the other Cutlass can come in handy when the transmission dumps on the way home from work. Convertibles make women appear, and panties disappear!

81 Chevy Silverado 4 x 4-The Chevy 305 is a dog. In trucks, they are thirsty dogs. I couldn't keep the gas tanks full, or oil in the motor because of a bad rear main seal. I also learned the age old trick of beating on the starter to get it to start.

85 Pontiac Grand Prix-It is possible to wash and wax a car too much. Chicks love T-Tops almost as much as convertibles. Buick 231 V-6's are pretty stout motors, but when they die, they die spectacularly.

88 Toyota Corrolla FX16-What a blast to drive! Nothing like handing some pimple faced high school snapperhead in a Mustang GT or Z28 his a$$ while getting 30 mpg! Its also pretty fun losing a yuppie d****ebag in a 911 convertible on an off ramp while actually hearing his (incredibly hot) female passenger screaming at him to slow down. She was still screaming at him when he pulled up next to me at the stoplight and "asked" for more views of the tailights of this car. I obliged.

95 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4 x 4-ALWAYS buy a vehicle that pulls into your driveway when you are looking for that exact vehicle. I learned that somehow, 2" of snow and sleet will slide forward and to the right and break the power antenna while driving 50 mph. Rancho shocks suck. Toyota trucks are as reliable as the sun. I just wish I had taken advantage of the head gasket recall. I actually cried when this wonderful piece of automotive magic pulled out of my driveway with someone elses name on the title.

09 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X-Everything that is said about Jeeps is true! More fun than a barrel full of blondes. Love the Jeep Wave! Hate hood flutter. I learned that when people ask about JK's, preface all answers with the phrase "For a Jeep." Absolutely the best off road vehicle ever made. The fine folks at Quadratec and 4wd hardware are in cahoots to make my savings account remain disgustingly empty. It is also a wonderful thing to have a dear friend who is a shop foreman with 25 yrs experience at a Jeep dealer who will work for barbecue.

'09 Wrangler Unlimited X-Deep Water Blue
AEV 2" Budget Boost
Kumho Road Venture A/T 285-70-17
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Posts: 58
1990 Plymouth Acclaim: It really doesn't matter what car you have when you're 16, so long as you have one.
1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT: But a better-looking black sporty car when you're 17 works a lot better.
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT: And as a 19-year-old, having a car that doesn't randomly catch fire is even cooler! Also: modifications can be fun. and expensive.
2001 Volvo S60 2.4T: Turbocharged bank vaults exist. Traded this to my mom for the next car and she promptly hit a pole dead on at 60mph. Seatbelt bruises only...
1998 Volvo V70R: It can be fun driving a hearse with 21PSI under the hood... But this car also taught me the most important lesson of all: CARRY TOOLS IN THE CAR. It sure loved to do things like blow hoses.
2008 Mazda3 hatch: Cars can be appliances.
2004 GC Overland: But you can remember how to love.

2004 WJ Overland
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1998 XJ Cherokee 
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Location: Bethel
Posts: 398
1997 Ford Thunderbird: people who think you need fwd, awd, or 4wd in winter in MO don't know how to drive, sunroofs should never have been invented, automatic transmissions are even more boring and worthless than I thought, a 4.6 Thunderbird will keep up with a 4.6 Mustang that runs like **** until you hit 110 and the speed limiter shuts you down, leather seats are barbecue grills in summer and supercoolers in the winter

1994 Ford Ranger 2wd: leave it outside when it snows and you don't need sandbags to weight the back end, you also don't need to remove sandbags when spring hits, $400 can get you a vehicle that runs good but not much else,

1994 Pontiac Firebird Formula: stick to your prejudices, never buy a car from a midget with tattoos, a goatee, and a bald head, a lot of parts for LT1's are damn near impossible to find, make sure you dad can bail you out if you buy something that has been modded by a biker medget because it will need massive repairs before you even get home

1986.5 Toyota Supra: the best cars were made in the 80's, 30mpg is nice, good handling cars are more fun than they look, pop-up headlights are cool until you hit a deer, some cars have more head room than most small SUV's, it is possible to get emotionally attached to a vehicle,

1998 XJ: practicality is nice, 19mpg isn't nice, only idiots put heavy duty clutches in Jeeps, evap and heater cores are a ***** to replace, you can go more places than you think with just 29's, a 2.5in lift, and open diffs

1998 Jeep XJ: 4.0, AX15
2006 Yamaha YZ250: Stock
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1995 ZJ 
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Posts: 34
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee: My first and only vehicle yet. Bought it at 148k miles for $250 with a bad transmission, had to get the transmission replaced twice because of shotty auto service, switched garages, got it on the road before I turned 17, been driving it for almost 3 years and up to 170k (owned it for a total of almost 4 years). Learned to research auto repair shops before trusting them. Also learned not to drive without a working speedometer.

I'm a college student and self-employed computer technician.
CompTIA A+ certified, and soon to be CompTIA Network+ certified as well
I currently own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, pretty much all stock instead of the sound system.
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1992 YJ Wrangler 
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Location: Birmingham
Posts: 292
1995 GMC Jimmy: Learned that SUVs have a high center of gravity.

1994 Grand Cherokee: Bought it because it was cheap and I needed a car quick (see above). Got me hooked on Jeeps and the 4.0. Also learned that 2wd has no business being on a Jeep.

1998 Grand Cherokee 4x4: Don't leave your GPS stuck to the windshield when parked in public. Wish I still had this Jeep. But if I did I wouldn't have gotten a

1992 Wrangler 4.0: There are two types of people in the world. Those who have a Jeep (wrangler or cj) and those who wish they did. I will keep this one forever.

2005 Nissan Pathfinder: Nissan quality is crap but I like the features of the Pathfinder. My DD for now.

2003 Hyundai Tiburon: Hyundai's can be very reliable and fun to drive. Well technically this is the wife's but it was my commuter car for a couple of years.

94 ZJ Laredo (sold)
98 ZJ TSI (sold)
92 YJ 4.0
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2006 LJ Wrangler 
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Location: Presque Isle
Posts: 1,206
2005 Toyota Tundra - This thing has had the absolute piss wheeled out of it by my father, myself, then my brother. 100k miles, 80k of which were off-road. This thing has plowed through hood-deep water, frequently blasts through foot deep puddles at 60+ MPH, has been high centered and had its guts dragged over rocks, logs, and stumps. This thing drove through a beaver dam for Christ's sake. It absolutely refuses to quit. There's alot of Toyota bashers on here, but I can personally attest to their downright durability.

1983 CJ-5 - Originally belonged to my grandfather, started wheeling with him at the age of 13. Introduced me to the Jeep lifestyle.

2001 XJ - My first vehicle actually owned by me. There's tough as hell, but I wouldn't recommend flogging them as much as that Toyota went through. Also, just because a vehicle was free isn't an excuse to flog the **** out of it.

1997 TJ - First vehicle actually bought by me. This thing is my pride and joy. It gets wheeled all the time, but is never abused like my XJ was. Conveniences of the XJ with the freedom of the CJ? I'll keep this thing forever.

2006 LJ - 4.0L, NSG370, 31's
2001 XJ - 4.0L, AW4, 3.5" lift, 31's
1997 TJ - 2.5L, AX5, 2.5" lift, 32's - Sold
1983 CJ-5 - Stock - Sold

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