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Where can you get one of these gonna buy a couple for camping.....i was thinking of just making one out of 550 cord. lol

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Originally Posted by Alias2k8 View Post
Where can you get one of these gonna buy a couple for camping.....i was thinking of just making one out of 550 cord. lol
i got mine at ****'s for 10 bucks

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Camping last year I woke up to find this...

It was freezing out and ArcticCat843 decided to take over my Jeep after our other friend wasted all the fuel for the mini tent heater. He said it wasn't too bad, I still haven't had the pleasure of sleeping in my Jeep.

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Originally Posted by AlexTJ View Post
The only time I slept in my TJ I was covered in mud, cold, and saoking wet from the pouring rain after finally giving up trying to get it unstuck at 4am. I was so exhausted I actually found it comfortable
hehe same thing happened to me, almost identical story lol. was out at night with a few buddies, went down some dirt path and then it started to pour, turns out the ground was pretty ****ty and my jeep slid into some ruts left by other offroaders, we were 6 people all trying to push the damn thing out in the rain, having no tools, no winch, was pretty hopeless situation as the jeep was completely hung up on its belly the right side wheels were just spinning and with no lockers, there was no way i was coming out that night, so the 4 other people left in an other car, was a VW golf parked at the beginning of the path.

so after they left it was just me and my buddy left, we were in the car and were like **** so now we gota wait till tommrow to find some help, my freind immediately jumped into the back seat and curled up, i changed seats to the passenger seat out of the drivers seat.

it was horrible, we had no pillows, no blankets, we were soaked in mud and rain water, and ontop of that there were about 1000 mosquitoes in the car.

so 10 mins in, eyes closed trying to fall asleep, BZZZZZZZZZZ, *SLAP* damn mosquitoe....

2 mins later, PRICK, stinging, *SLAP* ****ing mosquitoes!

**** this chair is uncomfortable, turn over onto my side, wtf is that thing there, oh its just the floor mat.

meanwhile in the background i hear my freind slapping himself too because of the mosquitoes, okay so finnaly i drift off to sleep, for a few hours waking up now and then due to uncomfortable positions and the constant BZZZZZZ sound flying by my ears.

okay so somehow we made it to daybreak, enough light to see the interior of the car. at this point it hit us how many mosquitoes were actually in the car, we thought mayby 5 or 10 max. okay no not the case. there was literally like 100 of them, all filled with blood, so we woke up grabbed our wet socks, and started slapping the **** outa the mosquitoes, WHAACK CRASH SMACK! blood smears all over the windows lol, finnaly there all killed , then my freind tapped the soft top, they were all hiding in the folds near the top of the roof, whoosh 50 more fly out into the car, SMACK SMACK REVENGE IS A ***** ISENT IT!!!?!?!?!

okay so its finally early enough to try to get help, still raining a bit but not as bad, the prevoiuos night we walked quite far looking for some thing to help us get unstuck there was a guy who had a tractor, but he must have left early cuz we tried his house and there was no anwser, so my jeep still being stuck, i had to call 411, call in a tow truck, a costly expense at 150$CAD but i had to get out, so the truck managed to extend its towing line far enough along the path to pull me out, the truck almost got stuck too lol.

lesson learned, always carry a poptent and a sleeping bag or two and mosquitoe repellent

and possibly purchase a winch, or only do offroading during the day when you can actually see where your going well
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I recently tossed two old blankets in the back once I took the seat out and vaccuumed the carpet. That with a few pillows made a far better bed then my old single cab s10, or said s10's bed.

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Originally Posted by moreismore69 View Post
ha! now I'm not saying I don't love our cherokee or that I haven't seen a few good looking cherokees, but either you are giving your xj too much credit or you've done 4x4'd yourself retarded, girls don't drop em for cherokees, now wranglers on the other hand...:rofl:
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I sleep in my LJ all the time. And no, not in the back either.
Don't sleep on the driver's side, sleep in the passenger's side. The steering wheel and pedals make for a rough night.
Recline the seat all the way and then put rolled up blanket where the seat and the back of the seat meet. That flattens things out a bit and makes it much more comfortable.

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Just sayin'
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Thats why I want a 4door JK

I'm forever grateful to Speedycat and RnEmOvr for their generosity
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I slept in my CJ-5 once. It was a '75 and the passinger seat would come unhinged so I removed it. Slept with my head toward the rear. Not ideal but it started raining hard and it was the lesser of two evils.
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Used to go camping and sleep in the back of my 88' cherokee all the time, It was quite comforitable, except for the metal rails on the floor of the rear compartment area! My 99 doesnt have those and funny enough I have never slept in it.

I was at a party one night (drove my 88' YJ) and was told when I got there that everyone had to either pitch tents or sleep in thier cars. I had brought a buddy and we went down to my YJ to ***** the sleeping stiuation, I knew it wasnt possible since my seats dont recline and this kid is like 6'2" but he was convinced. We got back to the jeep and just went back to his house. We must have been there for all of 10 minutes! I must say that Jeep Origami Sleeper looks really cool though! and I really dig the hammock idea, however mosquitos are a problem there!

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I slept in the back of my TJ once, just once. that was enough.

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Buy a decent tent or roll up in a tarp its warmer and more comfortable than sleeping in your jeep. If its cold and your body is elevated like in a hammock, you will freeze, even with a sleeping bag.

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Originally Posted by melrharper View Post
Check out and look at the Origami Jeep Sleeper. Great feed back. It attaches to the back of a standard TJ and creates a sleeping area large enough for a standard sleeping bag and a full size pillow without removing the front seat. No modification to the jeep or tools required. It is origami; just fold up into a stack, 4” tall and weights less than 25lbs and fits neatly in the back of the jeep.
That thing is just....damn cool!

Originally Posted by JITP View Post
last weekend my girlfriend and i slept in the back of my LJ. we had a tent that we were in but it was way too windy and cold so i put my back seat in the tent and put all the sleeping bags and padding in the back of my jeep, reclined the front seats forward, and stretched out pretty comfortably. im 6'3" shes only 5'3". it was actually really comfortable, better than the tent.
I want an LJ!

Originally Posted by cheapjeeps85 View Post
when i was stationed on lejune my friend and i went camping with my jeep tj we droped the top tied are hammocks to the role bar and other side to trees all we brought was a s ton of beer hot dogs hatchit hammocks chips and fishing gear best camping trip ever
I carry two hammocks in the Jeep at all times with me. You just never know when they may come in handy. Tie them to the roll bar, stinger, tree, another Jeep...whatever. Hammocks rock.

Originally Posted by BlackhawkJK View Post
Where can you get one of these gonna buy a couple for camping.....i was thinking of just making one out of 550 cord. lol
Let me google that for you

They're made semi-local to me, I know the owners and they're fantastic people that make an excellent quality product.

Type Hennessy Hammocks into youtube if you're interested. Great products and many vids.

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Dude, try doing that in a CJ5 that dosen't have reclining seats! I did that last summer because we had a tree hugger problem at camp and were told that some of them would try to disable any 4x4 so you couldn't take it on trails! I'm pretty tall 5'11" so yeah it was a little cramped in there.
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Two 20" by 40" pieces of OSB, three 3' foot 2x4s underneath and voila! sleeping in the jeep (mostly). Oh and a J-Frame to turn my back seat into a couch! J Frame Home Page If it gets rainy I just throw a tarp over the rear end and I'm good to go.

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~6' here, I can tuck my head between the support bars of the top and the rear seat. Stuff a hoodie or something as a pillow. Worked for me 3 or so times.

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