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post #31 of 43 Old 12-13-2010, 03:51 PM
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I was at the mall today and leaving the parking lot I saw a semi spinning out in the packed snow trying to go up a hill. He wasn't going anywhere. I pulled infront had him strap to his frame, I put it in 4 lo and a few seconds later he was up the hill on dry level ground. Made my day...Im sure he was happy too. This pic is after the rescue...

'01 TJ Sport, 2" BB, 1"BL, 33" BFG KM2 on ProComp 7028s
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So I wasn't in a jeep, but...

Last year my ex and I went to visit some friends in Colorado. We drove up to Fraser, met up with my two friends and tried to follow them to the little bed and breakfast we were all staying in. We were in a 93 Chevy Suburban, they a black hardtop Rubicon that I don't know the year of. Anyway, we took this corner slowly and carefully, but ended up sliding across the road and landing partially tilted in a deep snowbank. My friends came back, set chains on their Rubicon, hooked up the suburban and set about towing us out. I'm thinking that there's no way that little Rubicon was going to haul out that heavy suburban, but they pulled it free with no trouble at all. I have to admit, that's what sort of convinced me that my next vehicle should be a jeep. I know their Rubi is modded, I just don't know with what.
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Pulled a Honda Civic off a curb. While nothing spectacular, it was my first pull out. Need recovery strap and tow hooks for future recoveries.

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Originally Posted by YamahaDrtRdr View Post
I was at the mall today and leaving the parking lot I saw a semi spinning out in the packed snow trying to go up a hill. He wasn't going anywhere. I pulled infront had him strap to his frame, I put it in 4 lo and a few seconds later he was up the hill on dry level ground. Made my day...Im sure he was happy too. This pic is after the rescue...
Thats pretty bad *** for sure. Biggest thing I've ever pulled out was a full size chevy. You probably got just about anybody beat now
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In the summer of 1994 I was driving down Northshore at Lake Mead in my 79 Cherokee. The road was closed so I decided to take this dirt road heading to the Lake to waste some time. The water level was way down so no one uses this road anymore. I took a path I've havent taken before and there was a lady sitting down waving me over. She tells me her Uncle and her been there all night partying but got stuck early this morning and needed a tow out. It's now past 3pm. She asked if I had any water because she had nothing to drink all day. I didn't but I told her I will pull her out and a store is about 15 minutes away. I drive her to where she was stuck and her uncle was just walking looking up at the sun. While I'm hooking up to their small pick up she falls down and goes into a seizer. I call the park service on the radio asking for medics.
The medics show up and call in Flight for Life for them. It was so hot the hellicopter could only take one at a time. They took the man first then loaded the lady in the amblance to get a head start. They hellicopter dropped of the man then meet the ambulance halfway to the hospital and took her rest of the way.
They both survived but I was told they had only minutes left to live if I hadn't found them.
I'll tell you it is scary being the only one there not knowing what to do when two peoples are dieing right in front of you. This caused me to take an EMT class and since then I have volunteered as an EMT and Search and Rescue.
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I have a cabin on a cross country ski trail and recently I was getting some firewood when I saw headlights in an area where the ski trail crosses a very minor road. Someone was honking their horn and spinning tires were throwing up clouds of snow in the headlights. I finally went out to investigate and there was an older lady (who may or may not have been drinking) who somehow mistook the groomed xc ski trail for a road leading out of the neighboring resort. She made it on the packed snow for a while, but had reached a spot where the snow was softer and with all the wheel spinning the toyota truck was sunk to the axles. After some fruitless digging, I drove my jeep out and first tried to pull her backwards with the winch. I had to back up onto the ski trail to get behind her truck. It didn't work because winching just caused my jeep to slide. Then I tried the recovery strap and after a few sharp yanks got her backwards out of her wheel ruts. One more yank from the front/side and I got her going on the side road. She was pretty relieved since she had been stuck there several hours and it is a pretty remote area.
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Originally Posted by wolfcreek View Post
I have a cabin on a cross country ski trail...
You are a lucky man good sir.
Sounds like you brought her a bit of luck as well, nice job!


"You can set my jeep on fire and roll it down a hill,
But I still wouldn't trade it for a Coupe DeVille."

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Ok so this is just a story on how I broke down. So I was watching a fight. 2 girls. Pretty crazy. And about 2 minutes into the fight, the dad of one girl came out. So I booked it (even though I had brought the other fighter lol) and I probably over-booked it. So I ended up blowing my radiator . 119 more dollars into my jeep.
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I was driving a long a country road in Virginia when I see the distinctive tai lights of a TJ poking up out of a ditch. I pull over and find this old lady in her bone stock jeep standing there in the rain. I asked her if she needed a tow and started to get out my recovery gear.

Then it occurs to me...
"Did you try putting it in 4 lo and backing out?"
"4 what?"
"Never mind, let me have your keys"

2 minutes later and with minimal slippage the TJ climbed the hill and I sent her on her way, she didn't even know what 4wd was. Makes me wonder why she'd buy a jeep in the first place!

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So a guy shows up at my house and tells us that hes stuck and saw the jeep and wanted to know if we could pull him out...turns out he tried to follow a trail that used to be a dirt road which leads to powerline and atv is usually flooded at parts and is used by cows, atvs, and hunters. thats it. but this guy decided to follow his out of date gps into a dirt path through a foot+ of snow through the middle of a cow field leading into the woods in his 2wd deliver phone books. needless to say, he didnt make it very far.

2000 Cherokee Classic

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One of a few... was out on a "date" with a girl and got stuck. No one in the area so had to flag down a tow truck. That was fun. I didnt get any that night.
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Parker 4 Wheelers has a event every year, The parker desert splash. Last year after leading a group through a trail the leader and me tail gunner were just talking at the trails end. From out of the desert I hear a women screaming for help as she is running our direction. So i get in my jeep and drive to her. She tells me her boy friend is about to fall of a cliff. So i ask here to show us where. Driving through the lower canyon i see a side by side that thought he could drive down the canyon wall. Its about 150 feet high and the first 110 feet is about 45 degrees but the last bit is a 40 foot vertical drop. he was a foot from "I think i can fly". The top of this cliff is a road that on both sides is just as steep, a knife edge. No room to turn around, so i have to drive it to the one place to turn around and the other jeep is facing me. we set up two winches one to pull and the other since the pull line was at angel to keep him from tumbling sideways. we got him back on top and yes he was drunk. they thanked us for saving them. even offered a free dinner in town. The moral of this story, stay sober and KNOW what you where you are going BEFORE you drive off a cliff.

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Jeep family

My girlfriend and I were downtown chatham cape cod one lovely afternoon on main street. At this point i had no reverse and was waiting to save up to rebuild my transmission. SO we get to main street where there are a bunch of shops and restaurants and such. We end up parallel parking by pulling in staring because of the no reverse and i was planning to just push myself out. We have a great lunch and look at some shops and then head back to the jeep. When we get back i realize that i had parked on a slight incline but figured it wasn't to much. I go to push the jeep in neutral while its off. I couldn't push it up the hill and there was no room to move forward. At this point i told myself no problem ill just start it up and try to somehow put it in reverse and inch my way back before the gear slips. What do ya know, the jeep doest start, not even a click but i was getting power. After a couple minutes i see a fellow jeep and i wave him down. Like most jeepers, very friendly. So in the middle of busy chatham we stop traffic and he pulls me back out of the spot and we are going to attempt to jump start it. At this point it seems everyone in chatham is looking at us wondering what the heck we are doing. little kids are asking their parents what were doing, some drunk guy comes running over saying he would stop traffic. My gf is curled up in embarrassment and I'm LOVING it haha. The fellow keeper starts pulling me down the street and all anyone can see are nice big lifted jeeps one being pulled by the other. So i drop it into gear and nothing. HE ends up pulling we down a side street so I could inspect it. Turns out i blew a fuse. It was really great to have such a nice jeeper to help me out. Its a great "family" to belong to!
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