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turbogus 04-17-2013 02:44 PM

Decades ago when I was a ner'do well, just out of the military I was driving from town through a dark wooded area known as Highland Dell. My best friend and I were sharing a bottle of Vodka and just as we were in the Dell I felt a bang (didn't see what it was 'cause the bottle was in my face) I said "Damm Mike, I don't remember any potholes on this road!" he said "No, you just hit a deer!" Peering over the hood it was covered with the hairs of the deer, but not wanting any trouble and only a couple of miles to the farmhouse we headed in.

Following us by about 20 minutes was our friend Max, a little guy with bright red hair and beard and as redneck as they come. When he came along Highland Dell he saw the deer we hit, loaded it in the back of the J20 and headed our to the farmhouse. Speeding along the way the county Sherrif trailed him and pulled into the front yard right after him.
Peering into the back of the J20 the Sherrif asked Max "What's this deer doing in the back or your truck?"
Steely eyed Max said "This deer come in the yard and got lippy"......

Thanks to the angle iron/expanded metal brush guard the P.O. had mouted to this old Jeep CJ 5 all that the impact did was ding a fender on the Steppenwolf Jeep

The time now is 01:12 AM.

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