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monsteryjSS 01-03-2012 12:11 AM

How to drive a jeep with no a/c in summer?
Hi i'm a new owner of a 1993 jeep yj 4.0 and I know it's winter right now, but I wanna know how you guys are able to tolerate the heat in the summer. My jeep has no a/c and I live in Arizona so 110 is the average in the summer during the days.. What should I do to be able to drive in this heat? Haha

captainmorgan44 01-03-2012 12:16 AM

take the top off...?

lobukjeep 01-03-2012 12:21 AM

I drive an 1 hour and 15 min one way to work everyday for 16 years.13 of those years without a/c.I live in MD.It is seasonal out here but in the summer it gets plenty hot.The humidity is what kills and there is plenty of it.Been driving the Honda for 10 years.Bought it w/o A/C.Plain jane work vehicle.Guess you get used to it.

monsteryjSS 01-03-2012 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by captainmorgan44 (Post 12784191)
take the top off...?

I heard taking the top off is even worse because the hot sun just beats on your head

WindsorRenegade 01-03-2012 12:35 AM

Get a bikini top for it to keep the sun off your melon.
You could by a brand new AC system for your Jeep, but they're like a $1,000.

chicalibro3 01-03-2012 01:50 AM

Usually I take the top and doors off and just use a bikini top from late April til around early September. Drink plenty of fluids and don't wear shirts that need to stay dry while you drive. When I get to work or wherever I'm headed I put my shirt on, so it doesn't get sweaty.
This summer I left my top on, and just took my doors off. It wasn't too bad, I felt like I got just as much air while moving, and I had a lot more shade.

ruthole 01-03-2012 01:55 AM

Get a mesh bikini top

AZdEvilYJ 01-03-2012 03:25 AM

Sunscreen, baseball hat, bikini top, and Nice icey bev's are my go-to's. Oh and dont drive in your work clothes. They get sweaty n smell. On the freeway its not bad but the stop -n-go is what gets ya. A cig-lighter fan from Autozone might help cool your sweat down lol. Gotta love the PHX haha

AZdEvilYJ 01-03-2012 03:30 AM

Put extra spf on the window arm... trust me. Farmers tan ain't got nuthin on 'jeepers driver arm tan" lmao

ruthole 01-03-2012 04:25 AM

If driving with out a bikini top don't wear shorts and defanatly not holey pants (ask me I know). And try not to stop in slow drive threws and if you do try to stop in one with shade

EABiker 01-03-2012 05:52 AM


Originally Posted by ruthole (Post 12784355)
Get a mesh bikini top

X2 You get the shade as well as good airflow as opposed to the regular bikini that cut down on the cooling breeze.

Anticanman 01-03-2012 08:12 AM

I'm still working on 92greenyj's misting system.

pasinbuy 01-03-2012 08:19 AM

Do what I did to fix the problem. Go to and install a AC unit.

AC in our YJ was never a factory installed item. If you wanted AC when you bought your new YJ the dealer installed the AC. Your Yj is prewired for AC.

Cost for a new AC unit will be $1,000.00 to $1,100.00

If you have pets, AC is a must.

grandboost98 01-03-2012 08:25 AM

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ACs are over rated. the only reason i would have liked to have one in my jeep would be to turn it into oba. just take the top and doors off and get a bikini top. i deleted the AC system in my car a long time ago and couldnt be happier

Reddy89 01-03-2012 08:27 AM

You also may be able to find a used AC system or get one from the junkyard and just pay to have it installed.
They were popping up on eBay some time ago, OBA is more important than AC in some places. :P

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