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Hamburgers, Anyone? : A Horror Story

My husband and I have a set of mutual friends, who, for a lack of better words, can sometimes should I put it? They wouldn't be able to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. But this story really takes the cake. Without dropping any real names, I will call him A and her K. A and K are married and were also married at the time this story takes place.

A had been interested in buying a Jeep Liberty from my now father in law. As can be expected with a purchase like this, it took a while and the vehicle was finally transferred into A's name, the Jeep was insured, the whole nine yards. A hadn't had the Jeep a month yet when K requested to go grocery shopping (something that is usually considered a chore in their household) with the Jeep because it has more cargo space then her '99 Sunfire. A relented, if not reluntenty, because as with most men, this was his new toy, his baby. And K is not the best driver on the road either.

A few hours later, K returns from the local grocety store, the Jeep packed with food. She had not wreaked it, she had not scratched the paint, she had not run it out of gas, the rims had not been stolen off the tires. Phew. Right? Well, A was happy about these above items. I'm sure he had probably paced back and forth in his living room waiting for her retrun. They unloaded the groceries, put them away inside, and went to bed. I should let it be known now this was all taking place in the dead of summer in NC, where it could reach an upwards of 100 degrees if you're that unlucky. K & A were that unlucky.

A, at the time, worked for a heating and air company that required him to drive his own personal vehicle, so he had bought the Jeep mainly for a weekend toy. He used his other truck for work related puposes. The Jeep sat for a full week in the blazing, mercilous summer heat, under no shade what-so-ever before he got in it the following Saturday to come visit my husband for unrelated reasons as to what I'm about to mention. There was a weird funk that met him inside. He reached down behind the passanger seat to find, to his absolute horror, a package of rank, hot, gray, hamburger meat, leaking all over the floor! It wasn't in a grocery bag or anything. Folks, this meat wasn't concealed by any means. It hadn't slipped in between seats, it hadn't gotten covered by additional items in the Jeep at the time, nothing of that nature where one might be able to say, "that sucks! But things happen sometimes!" They had just left it there the week before, or had forgotten about it, I'm not sure.

Upon arriving at our house and telling us his version of the story (because I later heard a seperate version of it from K), my husband was recruited to help A both rid the Jeep of the funky smell and the large stain that now took up half of his backseat floors, after my husband recovered from his laughing fit on the ground, of course. You could smell it from many feet away! I've never smelt anything so bad in my life! Grossss.

The men did the best they could with cleaning up the poor, defensless Jeep but all the air fresheners, carpet cleaning soultions, scrubbing and steam cleaners in the world couldn't fix this giant oops instantly. They worked many days off and on to finally, finally get it looking and smelling normal again.

Needless to say, we don't let K and A forget about this incident, because we're such good friends. Haha.

Can you guys believe this? I swear, truth is stranger than fiction.

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You forgot to mention that because they bought the jeep from my father that everytime the jeep has a flat tire, a check engine light, or an oil change it is somehow my fault that it requires mainteance. Lol

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Too bad the burgers were not from M******** else it wouldn't stink as much; heard them say their preservatives could last a month. lol
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That and all the fat and salt. I heard the fries last awhile too. Lol

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I hate to admit it, but I've had a similar experience. Went to the grocery store with my X in her 94 New Yorker. Bought a couple hundred bucks worth of groceries, mainly meat because they were having a meat sale that weekend.

Got home, unloaded the groceries, noticed we couldn't find the pork chops!!! Went and LOOKED in the car, and neither of us could find them. GRRRRRRRR.....stupid sacker at the store must have not gotten them in the bag..........

And we were WRONG!!!!

I had driven my truck to work all week, as I generally work pretty dirty greasy jobs, and didn't want to get the car nasty. She on the other hand, had driven the car all week, and never mentioned a single thing about a problem.

The following weekend, we get in the car to go visit some friends, and the first thing that hit me like a sledge hammer was the smell of DEATH oozing out of this car!!! It was August in Oklahoma, and had been 100+ every day that week. I looked at her and asked, what the H#(( that smell was, and she said "I dunno, I've been wondering the same thing".

Then it hits me. The missing pork chops from the week before. Popped the trunk, had a momentary out of body experience as the stench almost killed me, and BEHOLD!!!! Sitting right there in plain sight were the festering remains of the pork chops that neither of us could find a week before!!!!! :

Removed the offending decomp.....stripped all of the carpeting and everything else removable from the trunk, hosed it all down with dish soap and the garden hose, and let it sit there in the yard to dry and air out. Long story short, we through every cleanser and air freshener we could find at SEVERAL stores at that car over the next several months , and it was still almost a year before we could completely get rid of the smell.

Gave serious thought to just setting it on fire a few times, but I was afraid that would just contaminate the neighborhood with the stench!
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