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2KTJ40 09-17-2013 01:39 PM

Funniest Offroad/Mudding Story...What Yah Got Guys??
So, just last year, after we got a ton of rain, decided to go out mudding with a few buddies. I got stuck in a rut a gunned it...mud and rocks shot straight up. The mud and rocks had sooo much airtime we didnt even realize we slung anything, and when they came back down they landed so hard on the roof that we thought someone was shooting at we all freaked the f****
out, got out of the rut as fast as we could and went home. I didnt realize it was just the mud til later that night...hahha

Shaneo7 03-05-2014 06:55 PM

Haha my best is when I bought my jeep the previous owner took me on a death ride well he didn't put his seatbelt on because we were just going down the road quick so neither did I... boy was I wrong he took me out on a power line trail to show me the 4wd worked he hits a huge ditch and I bounce up and hit my head on the top it was worth it though

rjbruzan 03-07-2014 07:16 PM

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Shaneo7 03-07-2014 08:06 PM

Well I guess it's no longer useless then^ and I thought his story was pretty cool rocks flying in the air sounding like gunshots that's pretty awesome

Stud_man50 03-19-2014 09:10 PM

My buddy with very minimal experience offloading decided to take his M35A3 off road... I was sitting passenger and we came unto a large water hole so I told him to put the left tires on this little island in front and the right tires in the water since we don't fully know what was on the mini island. He overtook the entire island which was hiding a large downed palm tree which we jumped with the front wheels but got stuck between the 1st and second axle. It took a 10,000lb winch and 2 "mega" trucks as I call them in florida to pull us out. I wish I had taken video... He never lived that down. The only guy to get one of those beast's stuck out there.

JeepHammer 02-02-2015 11:11 AM

Strip mining has gone on in Southern Indiana for about 70 years, well before the government required the land to be replaced/reclaimed. This leaves us with thousands of acres of hills, gullies, mud pits and lots of rock gardens.

A buddy got his 'Lunch Box' lockers, 35" tires, and couldn't wait to get into action...
So we are doing pretty good with a little 258 I-6 under the hood.

He sees a mud hole and decides to hit it at about 35 MPH since it has grass sticking up in the middle, it just can't be that deep...

The Jeep comes to an abrupt hauls that tests the seat belts/shoulder straps,
And he drops two gears and jumps on the throttle throwing cat size mud chunks in the air,
And we go NO WHERE!

The Jeep starts to settle as cat size chunks of clay start falling in the cockpit, on the hood,
And the water starts coming in the doors like crazy, gets up to the front edge of the seats!

He starts pulling the seat belt and bailing out muttering something about the 'Titanic'....
Steps out the Jeep and disappears!
This guy is 6'5" and disappeared!

Turns out, someone with about 50" tires had spun the pit out in clay,
My buddy hit that slick, wet clay sidewall and fell into the pit,
The little CJ was high centered and solidly stuck in clay that has a vacuum!

The 8 ton winch wasn't enough, even with a high lift jack and a couple of come-a-longs to get out!
Some buggy guys found me and the creature from the black lagoon and hooked on to get us out...

So we FINALLY get the Jeep out, and as the water drains, we notice the kids that came with the buggies playing around in the floorboards of the Jeep...
They were catching minnows & tadpoles in the floorboard and putting them back into the mud pit!!!

Talk about nature up close!

2KTJ40 02-04-2015 11:06 AM

That was a good read.... Definitely worth it. :cheers2: It good enough that I had to log on after being gone for over a year.... sold my Jeep tho :(

JeepHammer 02-04-2015 04:47 PM

Nothing like a 6'5" 'Creature From The Black Lagoon' coming up sputtering and cussing!

Some things I learned...
1. Never leave the snatch block at home.

2. If you go 'Mudding', what ever winch you *Think* you need,
Get one twice as big! Well worth the money!

3. Sticks or weeds don't mean 'Shallow'.
(It might be a tree top!)

4. Strap the cooler down!
You don't want the beer floating away!

5. Mud gets EVERYWHERE!
And it will sand your cheeks...

6. There are 7 flavors of mud, none of them taste good...

Union_County_11 02-19-2015 09:21 AM

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So we used to have this group of folks go out every weekend down to the oil field trails and do some muddin and trail ridin. This 1 particular night we had 4 vehicles: my wrangler, my friend Shelby trailing me in his bronco, Ryan in his truck behind him, and Daren bringin up the rear in his POS truck. We're just ridin along down these trails (have no clue where we are) and this 1 just happens to dead end in the middle of a salt flat. No problem. It had a wide enough area to turn around. Now keep in mind for future reference that this trail is elevated above the flats by about 4-6 feet. We get back out on the main trail, everybody still following in the same order, when I just happen to notice that we're missing a pair of headlights. Daren's. After pointing this out to my other 2 companions, who didn't even notice, we turn around and head back down the trail. This is what I see when I come around the corner: 2 headlights turned sideways, almost VERTICAL. It took me several seconds to realize what I was looking at. I don't know what the hell Daren was doing but somehow he had managed to not only drive off into the salt flat but also get stuck on top of a cypress knee. We had to tear a part of his front bumper off just to find a place to hook up to it and that thing is still laying out there today.

rjbruzan 02-19-2015 09:37 AM

Now that looks like some real fun. The kind of stuff we used to do. All of those places have been closed up or built up for many years.
Brings back many great and drunken memories.


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