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Came upon people doing what I figure to be devil worship. I hauled *** on my dirt bike they gave chase, but I lost them on the dirt roads around the area, then took the long way home. Never saw them or their van again.

Came across an old moonshine still (sp) that was kinda cool.

Found unexploded ordenance in the woods, reported and EOD blew it up.

I'm sure there are other things but can't remember at this time.
Oh a news paper machine in the middle of the woods.

My dad came across a huge meteorite the size of a lazyboy, but couldn't remember how to get back to it.

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No encounters with Bigfoot or devil worshipers
This a a large mine shaft in the Desert west of Palo Verde,CA
There is an Owls nest with a mother and 3 chicks.
At the top of the timbers where the light is to bright to see them.
I used more pics to give perspective on size of mine.

You can barely make out the 3 chicks grey heads.Their eyes have a bright golden glow
The chicks first take off is gonna be a doozy. when they lauch they're gonna have to up in a hurry

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That looks dangerous as hell.

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i can finally contribute!
went wheeling yesterday at the edge of town (it was a great 'first date'). decided to go out a bit further than before, and we came across a makeshift paintball field. we also found the obligatory "airlifted car" that somehow ended up getting stuck in some mud. it was a 'riced out' late model honda civic on dub rims that'd been stripped and then shot a few times. gonna see if it's still there later on with some friends.
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Originally Posted by BrockGrimes View Post
My dad came across a huge meteorite the size of a lazyboy, but couldn't remember how to get back to it.

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i found a better rock...

...this last weekend at katemcy.

i called it the "vah-jay-jay rock"


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Man you brought back memories. Used to go to the Cisco country club for family reunions every year back in the day. Playedin that dam all the time.LOL Good times.

Originally Posted by toyota4x405 View Post
Finally, after almost 3 days at work reading this I am finished and can post one of my stories. Since I only have 15 minutes before I leave, I will only write about one for now.

Again, this isn't a Jeep story but a Geocaching story. This is in Cisco TX and it was the worlds largest swimming pool. It was built with the dam in the 1920's and closed in the 70's. There is also a miniture golf course around it. Here are some pictures.

And what it looked like when it was new.

I will get the camera from my fiance and post some more pictures tomorrow. There is an island in the middle that people could lay out on. The first picture only shows half of the pool. On the other side of the pool in the picture, is the island. The pool goes around both sides and contiues behind it. Here is a picture of if from yahoo maps.

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Went out a few weeks ago on a favorite trail, and took a spur that I had not been on. We found the obligatory "how the hell did that car get out here" car.

An old beat up Chevy Chevette. Completely rusted out, no windows, flat tires and a chipmunk on the dashboard.
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bump are there any more stories out there i am addicted to this thread. PLEASE more stories to feed my addiction

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Originally Posted by good_ol_boy View Post
Yea, there's something about being out in the woods/swamps as a little boy and hearing that signature "woman's scream", knowing there's no woman out there, but panthers. All the hair on my body would stand on end. I haven't heard one in years, though. I don't even know if there are any here in South Georgia anymore.
Yes there are, I grew up down near the Okefenokee swamp.
My parents still live in GA and the last time I was home. I heard that familiar scream.

Originally Posted by Jory
That's funny.

I was following an old rail line through the woods down in FL once and came upon an old switching yard I guess it's called. There was several lines running inand only a couple back out. One of those things that turns the train around. A few tunnels almost like a parking area for train engines. Found several old steam type train wheels, couldn't even move one, can you say heavy metal. It was cool but kinda creepy because of the remote location. It had long since been abandoned, makes me wonder how many people know it's there.

Driving the woods in S. GA I've found many old buildings or remains of what looked like a home from when GA was being settled, like a family tried to make a go of it but either died or just moved away. Old turpentine and logging trails are always good fun to explore.

I've got a line on a few old mining camps not far from me now so maybe I'll have more stuff to post, gotta get the jeep running (trans work).

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First you had to drive up the river to a small dam..Then you had to climb a 30' bank, most trucks with 33's could make it..Once on top of the bank you had a choice right or left..Left would take you out without driving back down the river but you had to go down a jagged very steep bank..Go right and you have better have 38's or 44's.We made this trail to get away from the people we didn't want to hang with at the bottoms and called it the batcave..We party one friday nite till 3am..We came back saturday noon and found an upright player piano burnt to a crisp right in the middle of our fire ring..It took 4 of us to lift the steel frame into the back of my truck to get it outta there..Recycled it..we kept the batcave area clean..we never found out who dumped on us but we knew they were running swamppers because of the tracks..
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I found a board covering a hole in the wooded areas outside of a small Connecticut town bordering Rhode Island. There were leaves covering the board some, but it was strange because there was really nothing at all anywhere to be found in the area I was in. Just total wilderness, so it was strange to even see a flat board about the size of a small table top. I tapped on it and it sounded hollow only to lift the board up and find a hole about 3 feet in diameter burrowed about 6 feet down with a ladder to go down in the hole. it was almost dark and really I almost didn't climb down it but I did. I found the hole to the bottom went on a 90 degree angle another 6 feet in and there were a couple of pots and survivalist items. Also the inside was supported by 2 by 4's in the event of a cave in. I was amazed by the effort someone put into this. I climbed back out, covered the hole, and was never able to find it again.
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I found a dent in my oilpan... wait... no... I caused a dent in my oilpan last time we went.

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Originally Posted by ZJTechie
Just to revive this thread, very nice by the way. It has taken me three hours to read it all, sheesh! Anyway, I was wheelin' with a buddy in Socorro the other day and come upon this pile of brightly colored 2x4's and pvc and stuff. We thought it was weird, but also found a four-foot section of railroad rail, probably 300 or so pounds worth. We found out that stuff was actually used for filming a documentary that's going to come out soon about testing cartoon myths with real physics, Mythbusters style. It was kind of cool.

Originally Posted by ZeeJay1997 View Post
Did you find any black ducks and scatter guns? Scruffy wild canines with ACME credit cards?

I just watched the show Man vs Cartoon on TruTV and guess who the engineers were trying to emulate. None other than Wile E. Coyote. Taken from several of his capers to catch the Roadrunner. Set in NM.
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I live in NJ so I see some wierd stuff.

I was off Mule road and saw a downed plane, and a little bit further up that path was a cage. The cage was said to be used for the hospital that was up the road that is now closed.

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