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Dunno if this was posted yet but I think the name is Elkmont in the Great Smokey Mountains. This is an abandoned resort town. If you haven't seen it yet then drop everything if your nearby and go. If you want an abandoned town this is it.

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Not a Jeeping story, but I used to read meters for an electric company. My map showed there was a meter way back a gravel/dirt road. Seeing this as an opportunity to get a little mud on the tires, I put the company truck in 4H and started up the road into the woods. Came upon an old ramshackle school bus with a stove pipe sticking out of one of the windows....actively smoking! They even had a makeshift porch made out of old pallets sitting atop 5 gallon buckets. Of course, there were several dogs chained up all around. Low and behold, there was a meter on a nearby pole. Keep in mind, this was back in the day where people read their own meters most of the year The company would send us out for an annual reading/inspection on the whole system. Some customers didn't appreciate seeing us much. Needless to say, I read it quickly.
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Originally Posted by JeepRocks86 View Post
The place people were talking about where the camera card was taken sounds a lot like Waverly Hills here in Louisville, KY. It is considered the most haunted place in the country possibly the world. That show ghost hunters has come several times and several of their tools for measuring abnormal things broke because of the activity.
They now give Ghost tours to pay for the building's restoration.


i've driven past it but not taken the tour. My girlfriend has been inside and said it was very creepy especially the "body chute"

I work at a place just like this!

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the club i belong to, Ocean State Jeepsters attended a volunteer cleanup of a mangement area earlier this year and they found an abandoned cj i never found out what happened to it lol.

PS; the "Ghost Hunters" show mentioned above operate out of an office down the road from my house. i can provide pics if no one beleives me

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Originally Posted by BOWMAN1911 View Post
I work at a place just like this!
an ex tuberculosis hospital

nah just kidding, but seriously though ive been to waverly a number of times its pretty cool and scary even during the day

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Originally Posted by sam.b. View Post
an ex tuberculosis hospital

nah just kidding, but seriously though ive been to waverly a number of times its pretty cool and scary even during the day
Yes an ex TB hospital! The mental hospital I work in is 160 yrs old and used to treat Tb patients


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Waverly hills is a weird *** place. gives me the creeps every time i see it

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Back when I first got my license, and when i was wheelin an '86 Isuzu Trooper with 33 'turds stuffed under it, a couple guys and I were wheelin out on the Olympic Peninsula about an hour away from town and we stopped to take a break at one of the old landings up on a mountain... so we are walking aroun and im scopin stuff with my .308 when i hear my buddy kinda choke and hurl a bit in his mouth.... i walk up the hill to him and ask what the hell the problem is (he was white as a sheet, and he was an abnormally pale person as is), all he does is point down the slope a bit. there is a tarp wrapped around something somewhat people shaped, but we weren't too sure, coulda been an animal and someone just didnt want to keep the tarp... nasty smell comin from it, needless to say we got outta there. quick. I said something about it later to my buddies dad who is a sheriff, he said they would look in to it.

I had always heard about some of the ways that the logging companies in my town were started as fronts back in the 70's and 80's as fronts for mischievious things, and i had heard of people being "offed" and wrapped in tarps filled with Big 100 (gnarly cleaning solution, great from cleaning grime off chrome wheels) I guess it has potential to eat up bodies real quick, i know it messed my hands up when i used it without gloves a couple times.

another story, didn't happen to me, but to my dad.

He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for a couples years while he was in the USAF and he was out walkin the beaches with a buddy after a storm came thru, tryin to see what cool I avoided the language filter and got an infraction they could find on the beach. They walked along for a while and this little boonie puppy came runnin up the beach and followed them for a bit, my pops played with it for a few and then it wandered off. so they walked on for a bit and game to something like a stone, and it had a shiny piece of metal stickin out of it, so my dad and his buddy are messin around tryin to get it out, my dad broke his knife diggin at it and his friend went back to the truck to get a screw driver to dig it out... while his buddy was gone my dad tried to dig some more at it and he kept scannin the beach because he felt kinda uneasy for some reason, saw no one and kept diggin, out of knowhere a voice says, "a cross, a crucifix. leave it alone." My dad looks up see's a guy in fatigues from WWII era, but with long hair. He says "what?" and the man repeats himself. My dad looks back at it and then back up at wehre the guy was, but he isn't there, but 300 yards done the beach. about that time my dad's buddy gets back and my dad is like, lets get out of here, and his buddy was like, "but i got the screwdriver." and my dad just said to leave it alone...

I guess there was a lot of crazy stuff that happened on Oki when my dad was there. like a group of Japanese troops from WWII that finally came down off the mountain cuz they ran out of bullets and food after so many years, and didnt expect to run into US troops.

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Anyone ever make it out to Centralia, PA? The town with the coal fire burning underground in the abandoned mines. Ive seen some pictures and video's of it, and it looks like a neat place to explore. The highway (61 I believe) was physically barricaded with a dirt berm to keep people out of the heaving grounds, and the town itself looks to be in the process of being reclaimed by nature.

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ive gone to a few trails out by a resevior shut off my vehicle and got out to assess the trail ahead, after bull****tin with my other wheelin buddies for about an hour i go back only to hear an odd noise comin from under the hood, a clicking rattling sound, i pop the hood and there was a mother and two baby appossums under my hood alive. how i got in there idk

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I have been to Centralia. Went there on a college trip. Neat place. Professor wouldn't let us explore too much. I guess there are some areas where the ground isn't so solid. He was afraid we would fall through at some point. There were some kids riding dirt bikes around while he was lecturing. It would have been great to really look around. In a couple of places you could dig down a little and with a little O2 you could get a flame going.
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im guessing this thing is some kind of water tank or gas well. but the thing is that its WAYYYYY out in the middle of the woods. and i thought the XJ looked cool sitting there so i snapped a picture. sorry for the ****ty cell phone pics.

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all we find around here in the woods are old abandon oil pumps as well as old working oil pumps.

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well here are some of my stories... apologize if they are hardly related to jeeping...

near my HS alma mater there is a road everyone claims to be haunted....

Wehr road....

there is a dark rural stretch of the road that is curvy and creepy LOOKING.... this is the part everyone THINKS is haunted....

the other part of the road on the other side of a big intersection is a shorter straighter section with more houses on it....

in between is a big creepy cemetery...

I am a believer... i have had several experiences....

but this particular experience still gives me chills...

(we used to use the short benign LOOKING stretch of Wehr road to get from my friends house in 7mile ohio to middletown ohio where we had several friends while growing up)

one HALLOWEEN NIGHT... i was hanging with my friend Rick (NOT a believer)

we get a call from middletown and it was like 130 - 2 am ... our friends wanted to meet up...

so like so many other nights we took off through the rural roads towards the city of middletown....

we casually turned left onto Wehr rd... and immediately we were struck with the fact that a thick fog out of nowhere just filled up the road...

so naturally we slowed down...

the next thing i know... rick is stepping on the brakes...

in the middle of the road SO CLOSE to us... is a HUGE Grey Horse with a rider who is cloaked in grey wool overcoat...

we pulled right up behind it... the hood ornament on ricks mustang was about to this horses tail...

it was so close ...

the horse never spooked, or waivered...

just plodded along slowly directly down the center of the road...

we looked at each other ( will never forget loook on ricks face)

and then looked back...

watched the horse and rider move about ten yards and then it just dematerialized as if a mist...

my grandfather was a horse farmer as are all of my uncles... i have NEVER seen a horse behave like that one...

most horses in the road will spook or get startled by a car driving right up... some will give way and move off to the side...

the rider on the horse never turned around... we never saw above the mans shoulders!!!!!!!!!!

i have to stop talking about it NOW. looked exactly like the back of a rather large confederate officer...

once while i was hiking i found 3 cedar trees senselessly chopped down...

i sat down and meditated on it... the cuts were really rough... i decided it was kids....

i meditated more.... i decided that if it WAS kids then they probably borrowed the tool....

then i realized that if it was kids who stole a tool they probably left it there rather than take a chance on getting caught returning it....

i got down and dirty and within five minutes i had found the old rusted out maul that was the instrument of the death of the cedars so many years prior... it was directly under the carcass of the biggest tree i had to crawl in to get it...

i was way off trail once and alone and my mind must have been deep into that state of meditation/ alpha waves because i just suddenly got the feeling that something WAS THERE! so i stopped and i brushed the leaves aside at my feet...

i saw a ring of metal and almost walked away because my eyes passed it off as a mere can top...

but i did a dble take and realized it was a bracelet... i pulled it out of the mud and it is a solid silver bracelet from mexico...

i still have it...

another time more recently i was practicing some meditation techniques atop the highest indian mound in butler county ohio.... about 30 minutes into a meditation after leaving a tobacco offering... i had a sensation wash over me that i can only describe as... " a color descended on me" ... this color was a pale blue green and it filled me with warmth and peace...

after my prayer/meditation ended... i walked through the fields to get to my vehicle... and a tiny speck of that particular color caught my eye...

i walked closer and out of my way... until i picked up a fragment of a robins egg... thinking : "this must mean something"....

as i took my 2nd step away from that spot i tripped on something and almost fell down... i looked at my feet and to my amazement there was an entire OLD skeleton of a deer complete w skull totally bleached by the sun...

a color during a meditation led me there...

i asked if i could keep the skull and i did not hear a no... and it felt right so i kept it...

i ended up trading the skull away to my shawnee indian friend in exchange for some sessions with his medicine wheel.

ok you can all call me crazy now....

but for some reason i seem to be one of those folks who is good at finding things...

i have found money so many times i lost count....

i found a hundred dollar bill folded up in a tiny square in downtown columbus ohio just a few yards away from half a dozen bums begging for change...

finding objects is kinda like bird watching some folks just have a knack for it.

as far as strange places off road....

search for the Moonville tunnel in or near athens ohio... that place really spooked me out... as do the ridges, state mental hospital there...

too many weird experiences to post.

fantastic thread

and yes im serious... im not the only one out there who practices finding things....

1985 cj7

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