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Just to revive this thread, very nice by the way. It has taken me three hours to read it all, sheesh! Anyway, I was wheelin' with a buddy in Socorro the other day and come upon this pile of brightly colored 2x4's and pvc and stuff. We thought it was weird, but also found a four-foot section of railroad rail, probably 300 or so pounds worth. We found out that stuff was actually used for filming a documentary that's going to come out soon about testing cartoon myths with real physics, Mythbusters style. It was kind of cool.


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Last weekend on the drive to my local spot I saw 3-4 learner motorbike riders pulled over looking rather distressed. One was waving at me in a "WOOOOO SLOW DOWN!!!!" type manner. Turns out there is a nice new-ish 3step ladder on their side of the road about 300 meters down the road. .Yoink!...I guess they got a big surprise eh :P
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Originally Posted by LiLoleGC View Post
back in 2006 a couple of my friends and me were up north in michigan..near mio if anyone knows where that is. we parked are jeeps just off the trail when we came across what only can be described as the most beautiful and strangest thing i have ever seen. in the middle of the woods was a clearing about the size of a football field. filled...and i mean filled with 50's era willys(sp) if i had to guess i would say about 200-300 of them. all lined up neatly. most in real good shape. no the very north was a watch-tower. being the stupid guy i am i climbed up it only to find the remains of a guard(im gussing he was a guard cause of his clothing). when i seen that i got a chill and got down as fast as i could. as we treked deeper into this yard we all got a strange feeling and decided to leave. none of us had cameras at the time.

now fast forward 5 months later. we decided to go there with cameras and take pics cause its just an awesome sight. well much to our amazement its all gone. nothing remains. to this day it still freaks me out and i get the chills just talking about it. does anyone from michigan know what the hell this was? any info would be great.

also for people in michigan are there any good sites i could check out while off roading. if so just send me a pm.

thanks for reading my story
Did you ever find out anything?

Originally Posted by Z0NAJEEP View Post
With more stupid comments? Two retards don't make a right.
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It's late, but I got something dealing with being off the beaten path, but no jeepin unfortunately...

So when I was younger and in scouts we decided to drive about 150 miles out of town to look at petroglyph's (indian writings). Of course this is the middle of the AZ desert, absolutely nothing for a hundred miles (other than roads).

It's gonna be a camping trip, of course, so the night before we break out some white rags and play some 20 on 20 CTF, let me say, AWSOME! Of course, though, we can see eyes glowing back at us when ever we shine our lights into obscure spots, but we just think "yotes" or whatever, being dumb teenagers. We have our random falls and fun injuries, then pack up and go to bed.

That night, as a record, the temp dropped to 22 degrees (from the 89 of mid day!), we all had orange slushies in the morning!

But anyways, we go hiking the next morning, not to find one, nor two, but THREE sets of mountain lion tracks the size of a large human fist. Of course the petroglyph's were awesome, but later we found an abandoned adobe house. There are bullet holes everywhere, vintage bottles, old cars, and tons of old appliances. After a while of running around and after eating lunch (grilled cheese, woo), a kid finds a refrigerator door laying on the ground. It's a struggle, but we get the latch (fifty's era) pulled and it opens up. Inside... wow it was scary... was a good 10 by 10 by 6 room with an old ladder going up. It reeked of the smell of oil, and the dirt walls were lined with scour marks over every inch. Our little hands fit the grooves perfectly, short rows in sets of four scratched over each other and such... Utterly creepy... there was even a broken padlock laying inside...

Never been back, but may later once I fix the jeep... I have a great memory of the route out...

Otherwise while wheeling the desert, you always find; shot up tv's, burnt furniture, exploded propane tanks, rusted out and burned cars, mexican families hiding in bushes (seriously, not kidding), and all types of clothing. Oh, and I've found personally two cows and one horse, completely sucked dry of fluids, with eyes and hides still in tact, flattened out on their sides. Seriously, la chupacabra crap!

Originally Posted by ceb0217;
I live with in an hour of the coast so getting sea foam is easy, but isnt the salt bad for the fuel system??? and how about the people that live farther away can you just foam up water and sea salt ??? if so what kind of mix do I use ??? 1table spoon to a gal of water??? and then how do I "foam it up" mabe a little soap????
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Originally Posted by jgorm View Post
Using pure N2 is a total waste of money considering you can get 78% nitrogen for free.
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Originally Posted by AlexTJ View Post

lol we had no idea this place existed until we accidentally found the back door
I heard about that too... that's a cool find!

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I have a few places I have found while jeepin and ones that I just know about.
First the Jeepin ones:
My friend and his mom recently bought a house next to a huge acreage of woods. While helping him gut the house one day he wants to go jeepin in the woods behind the house, and being a jeep freak I kindly oblige. we take this really really hairy trail up this high grass covered hill with logs and all sorts of crap strewn across the "trail". about miles up this gently sloping side hill we came across this really old weathered i think water tank of some kind. the thing was buried about halfway into the ground, and there were no trespassing signs all around this thing for some reason.
the second story is a train tunnel that i stumbled across one day when wheelin.
I had heard about the tunnel from kids at school and you can just barely see the entrance to it during winter when all the leaves are off of the trees from interstate 80. anyways I went exploring back this trail one day to figure out how to get past a locked gate with massive trees and thick mountain laurel on either side of it. but when I got there its so creepy cus only sometimes you can see the end of the tunnel and even when you do see the end it just looks like a little pinhole. when you stand in front of it you can feel the cold air blowing out from it, and when you go it about 50 yards or so it gets so dark, and there is bright green glowing phosphorus (sp?) dripping from the ceiling in it.
the other crazy thing that i know about that is around here is there is a city at the bottom of a dam. back in the late 1800's or so im guessing there was a small town there and the govt or whoever decided to build a dam on the river that runs by the town, so the people packed up and left and the dam was built. divers have gone down and searched in the old houses and there are still items in the houses like furniture and such. the divers have also said that there are muskee (sp?) fish bigger than people down there.

Keep the stories coming!!

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Went out with some friends in Germany for a fun-filled day of rappelling. One guy had his lifted F-250 and we were going up a dirt road into the mountains to a good spot. His truck was having a real hard time going up the hill due to the mud and leaves so we decide to park it and walk. As we are getting the gear ready, a little Opel hatchback comes tearing up the hill with absolutely no problems, passes us and keeps going...
Well, we get to the rappelling and decide to find a good cliff to go off of. Found a nice 120 footer, and started there... then walked a little further up and spotted a smooth granite face about 250 foot. We hook up and start down it, and kept hearing yelling. So 3 of us are on ropes, and 2 are up top... I look down to the ground and there was groomed grass...as I got down to about 150 feet I looked back towards the ground and saw a long hut with a bunch of people standing in it.
Then we realized it was a rifle range. The yelling was the rangemeister and all the people yelling at us. So the 2 up top had to pull us up one by one. The opel astra was on its way to the range and met us when we got back to the road. The guy in it was so pissed off. They called the polizei who escorted us off the property.

Never thought a range would be so far from anything.

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not found anything really weird, usually just wrecked autos or boats by people trying to scam for insurance money.

one time it was a bright red Dodge pickup and had planted itself on a cliff face.
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This one's kinda boring, but it was my Second Outing Ever in my new JK (and my first Jeep - my first 4WD of any brand). This is geographically north of the Rio Grand Reservoir at the beginning the the Rio Grand River:

It surprised us because it was at the end of a National Forest road and we got a kick out of the sign clearly miles away from anyone who could arrest anyone.

I've really enjoyed reading all of the posts here!

a kid finds a refrigerator door laying on the ground. It's a struggle, but we get the latch (fifty's era) pulled and it opens up. Inside... wow it was scary... was a good 10 by 10 by 6 room with an old ladder going up. It reeked of the smell of oil, and the dirt walls were lined with scour marks over every inch. Our little hands fit the grooves perfectly, short rows in sets of four scratched over each other and such... Utterly creepy... there was even a broken padlock laying inside...
This one seemed worthy of a call to the police, if only to let them know what you found...

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It was at least 10+ years ago. A family friend was wheeling at a place called crown point dump, a popular spot for people to get rid of those unwanted items. Well a couple years before this our storage unit had been broken into. Our friend had found old school papers with our names on it, misc. items and a picture of my brother! Freak us out at the time, we were like 10 and 12 yrs old.

Also, a few years ago I was hunting with my dad and his indian friend in the reservation out of Chiloquin. We came across an old logging site with an old yarder or something..

BTW: This thread is GRRRReaaaaaat! Someone should make a book out of it. I would buy it!

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well, my haunted house caused me to go get in my jeep and drive it fast to get the hell outta here the other day.

12 year old house, somehow haunted. civil war battle? indians? mines? all of those are possible leads.

it started about 3 or 4 years ago. my dad was home alone talking on the phone with my aunt and he heard a single note play on the piano. ignored it. heard it again, ran out to see what was there: nothing. everyone says it could be a mouse, but we have never had mice in the house. it especially wouldn;t be in that room, which is the only room we would never take food into.

then a while later with a house full of relatives at christmas, my sis and I go up the stairs and we hear two consecutive bathroom drawers slam, with no one in the bathroom. we were freaked.

sis claims a young woman in a dress walked up and just stared at her. i think sis should lay off the lsd.

the other day: i'm upstairs, home alone, and hear all kinds of beeping like a cell phone ring, but not one ive ever heard. and there were no cell phones downstairs, mine was with me. ignored it. then i come downstairs and i'm chillin in the kitchen and i for sure hear banging around in our recently finished basement, like stuff was being knocked off the shelves. dad recently moved out with all the guns, and i wasn't too curious so i boogied to the jeep and down the road. yikes! i half expected for all our **** to be stolen when i got back, but nothing was.
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Was on a hiking / wheeling trip up around Wheeler Peak in northern NM and found this on the side of the mountain

Turns out we just missed the rodeo... a news chopper was vulturing aroung trying to get a story on a lost hiker (who had already been found). This was over 12,000 feet and pretty nasty winds right above the deck... _no_ place for a Ranger. Everybody escaped without injury... they hauled 'em all out with a Blackhawk, not sure what was done with the wreckage.
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Originally Posted by spctrbytz View Post
Was on a hiking / wheeling trip up around Wheeler Peak in northern NM and found this on the side of the mountain

Turns out we just missed the rodeo... a news chopper was vulturing aroung trying to get a story on a lost hiker (who had already been found). This was over 12,000 feet and pretty nasty winds right above the deck... _no_ place for a Ranger. Everybody escaped without injury... they hauled 'em all out with a Blackhawk, not sure what was done with the wreckage.

I'll Tell ya what happened to the wreckage.... I got me a '99 TJ with a helicopter engine in it now! Wooo Hoooo!

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Finally got to the end.

The first thing I can remeber is taking my then-girlfriend (now wife) out to Kitt Peak Observatory. On our way back we see a dirt road heading back towards the mountain. We decide to take it (I had Tacoma) and it turns into a narrow two-trac winding up the side of the mountain. Pretty rough rutted road required 4lo. We come around a bend and dead in the center of the road is a Dodge Caravan. The wheels were gone so it was sitting on its axles. Glass was all smashed. We can't go around it so I have my girlfriend stand on the edge of the cliff so I can back up without going over. It was a seven point turn to turn around.

Another time we took the truck down to a lake about an hour south of Tucson called Fagan Lake. I used to camp out there as a boy scout. We had gone out to watch a meteor shower but a storm came in. So we were watching the lighting and notice a blue light flying around. It would float above the trees and turn off. It would appear in the trees and turn off. Then we saw it just above the water and it turned off. It was the kind of thing you hear crazy people talk about. So we were spooked and were driving out when we see a guy on a quad drive up. I get out to talk to him and ask him about the light. I begged he didn't think I was crazy. He said it was fireflies...no, I'm not that dumb. Wierd

Number two was just after we (now wife) had bought our jeep. We were wheeling around a local mudhole and the trail dropped down into the river bed. We found a buried Ford Explorer. We called the Sherif with the plate number and left. They called us back asking where it was and I told them they'd need a 4x4 to get to it.

The last was on a trip down in Baja California, in Mexico. My grandparents in law have a house down there and we took the quads riding up and down the beaches. We were exploring a flat area that the low tide had exposed. It was a few miles across. I was flying out in the open when I came upon an old diesel engine. I guess it was from a boat that had been left there. The salty-sea water had really eaten it up. It was cool

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hiking threw the forest a national forest in norther MN and found this, the story is no one know where the falls on the left go... its called devil kettle falls....

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