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Originally Posted by BoundlessBinder View Post
Thanks FPKites, it nice to surf this site with my young daughters looking over my shoulder (they love Jeeps) and not worry what mite pop up... unlike that other site, I won't mention names RRRR.
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^^^the firewood pic was better.

This is the best thread on the web..

Next unusual find.....

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I am loving ever story in this thread! I can't wait to get my Jeep in April. Getting a WK '05 from my mom. My dad is currently rebuilding an '84 CJ-7 Renegade. You may have seen it on the Jeeps unlimited forum.

Story #1
- I haven't really had the chance to go wheeling myself, but when I was with my dad and his F-150 years ago Cameron county PA, we were looking for a spot to camp. We pulled up to a spot which looked suitable and we were scoping it out. He sat down on a log and it quickly broke in half. It was a hollowed out log and what we found inside was a nest of baby flying squires. We didn't touch them because the mother wouldn't want them. As we backed away, we saw the mother come and take them up a dead tree and glide over to another tree. It was an interesting find for me at least. The only time I have seen a flying squire in person.

Story #2
- My dad and I were dirt biking around the mountains. Cameron county PA is where our mountain house is. We were exploring some of the trails that were made by our neighbors who have a hunting lodge. They take a dozer up there every once and awhile and clear the trails or make new ones. As were were getting deep into the woods, we hit a grassy patch and I was following 20 feet behind him. We were booking it around a turn then suddenly a black bear cub popped out and shot across the trail right in front of us. We just kept going because we didn't wanna meet up with Mama bear.

Story #3
- Again, I was dirt biking with my dad and I was a good 50 feet behind him going down a dense wooded trail. We were going pretty fast and having a good time. I was watching him when suddenly a deer darts out in front of him and across the path. He slammed on his break and I caught up to him. He said he almost nailed that dear. It was only a foot in front of him when it came across. That would not have been a good site to see. It's bad enough when a car hits a deer, but on a bike is worst.

One other note, I will have to scan a copy of the photo, but I have a picture of my grandfather leaning over with a can of beer in his hand to a giant black bear. The bear was drinking out of the can. It's kinda funny and a picture you would be thinking, WTF?!

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I went through a mud hole in Marysville, WA (old 4x4 spot that was closed down since to build a casino) after a heavy rain and my '83 Cherokee nearly did a submarine imitation. I stomped on the gas and turned away from the deep part, but a wave went right over the roof on the passenger's side (my son got soaked in muddy water) and it popped back up like nuke sub on emergency breach. Then it came to a sudden halt at the edge of the water. I got out and found a CJ (or something. It was pretty messed up) was hooked to my bumper corner and got dragged part way out of the water.
I jumped on it till it came loose from my bumper and got the hell out of there!
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it was taking you down with it. it was like a jeep zombie.
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Not wheeling, but odd none the less.

I came across this in the middle of the woods while kayaking some abandoned (and DEEP) canals. It looks like a dam used to control water levels in a lagoon that lays behind it. But obviously it is long abandoned, crumbling, and had a channel dug around it. No idea why it was needed. The lagoon beyond it is nothing but trees and lily pads. No idea what the canals were for either.

Front. (canal side)

Back. (lagoon side)

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10 char

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Believe it or not, the canals actually had small sections where boats would float into that were sealed off. These sections would fill or empty with water to allow horse-drawn carriages to deposit goods onto them at the same level as the land next to the canal. The Blackstone River in Uxbridge, MA still has many ruins of these old canal water things. pretty cool find!

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I believe they are called "Locks" It's how they get boats up and down rivers that have been dammed up.
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Originally Posted by semikrazy View Post
I believe they are called "Locks" It's how they get boats up and down rivers that have been dammed up.
No, they arent locks, it looks like a flow control gate with retractable doors, and a large volume water pump that was added later. I couldnt see a way for it to be used as a lock with where its at. The lagoon is pretty much a shallow marsh, with some canals dug through it. There are also a handful of high tension towers in it. Id guess they built the thing to drain the marsh so they could pour the footers for the towers, or whatever else they were going to do back there. Theres odd canals, man made lakes, and concrete structures all over the place in that area. I know it used to be a big port/ industrial center back in the 1890's-1920's. Most of what was built then has been abandoned and reclaimed by the woods. Kind of sad really, a lot of hard work, ingenuity, and some very nice marinas all lost to a lack of care.

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Originally Posted by gmp211 View Post
I was wheeling at this sand pit that happens to have this lake that is 3 miles long. Well, me and a couple buddys stopped at the lake(its in the center of the pit). We were just looking at it and taking picures and stuff. Then I saw some shoes floating in the water. The first thing that came to mind is, "That sucks, dude had no shoes". Then we looked closer and it was a dead body floating in the middle of this lake.

We didn't call the cops or anything, but we left ASAP. I do live in NJ and my bet is it was the mafia.
what lake was this???

looking for 33x12.5x18 tires.

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Ive come across plenty of sketchy places while wheeling or just being in the woods.

There is a trail that is actually an offical town road "Smith Rd" and it goes from one town to another, but you would be nuts to take anything but a 4x4 down it. Half way down the trail there is a split in the road and inbetween there is a burnt down house. My buddy showed it to me and his dad had taken him down the trail many years previously. Just this past summer we were talking about it when his dad was around and he told us that it is nicknamed "the witches house" and that a witch lived there and thats why it is burnt down. He says that one of his good friends used to go Coon hunting on that property all the time and he read a book about it and hasnt gone back to the area since, says he's too afraid. I have to admit that place gives me the creeps and its so odd that such a large area of land in a relativly developed area is still untouched. I havent gone back since.

I have found a million other things too, old quary equipment, really old cars and trucks, found a sink, old trailer home with barbed wire surrounding it, old well next to house foundations, guts of some unkown animal (we think a deer), old buildings, ect.

I wont say the location because it is actually very illegal to wheel there (we didnt know at the time, all the older people in the area used to wheel there as kids and thats how we were told about it) but it is a state-land type deal but not a park, not sure what you would call it. Very well known wheeling/party spot, well a girls body was found up there and I had a funny feeling when I was there. I havent been back there either (obviously) but one of my biggest fears while wheeling in a secluded area is finding a body.

At the end of the road where my x lives (used to drive by it all the time in my jeep) there is this abandoned very elaborate house/mansion with cuban/miami style architecture and there is a tower at the top and at night there is a light on. The house has always been like this for years and years and the light is still on, there is no way a lightbulb can last that long, it would have burnt out by now.

Not to do with a jeep but I figure I'll throw it in here. My parents used to tend bar at the local Rod and Gun club and one night my dad was finishing closing up (everyone else had gone) and I was hanging back with him. We got in his Dodge Dakota and pulled out onto the road. Immediatly I saw two "headlights" in the sky and pointed out saying I thought it looked like a car. He stoped the truck in the middle of the road and we both got out and stood just outside of our doors and looked up at it. It was REALLY REALLY low to the ground and pretty damn loud, but there were two "spotlights" pointing directly down at us. That was it no wing marker lights or anything else. We actually couldnt see anything because it was really cloudy but after a few seconds the lights shut off and it imediatly took off higher in the sky (we could tell by the noise). Really erie, there is a airforce base about 30-45 minutes away and we figured they were doing a night run or something. It definatly seemed like a plane but it was just really weird.

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Originally Posted by GroundAssault View Post
Dude, thats the "love canal"......I wouldn't go there if I was you........
Love Canal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Love canal was cleaned up LONG ago. I dont live overly far from the site, probabaly 15 minutes. The **** is ridiculous what they did, good ole niagara falls, trying to make a buck at any expense.
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from 1996 till 2006 we often went wheeling in the north of france (regio Verdun).
We drove roadbooks on rural roads and trough woods.
In het first world war there was heavy fighting in this region.
What we found: lots of (sometimes live) grenades, old trenches and bunkers in the woods.
Once we came across an old abandoned fortress called fort de marre.
It is a big fort and we didn ´t notice it until we were 2meter away. The outside is completeley overgrown and there´s a rusty gate. The cellars and inner courtyards are impressive. pics: Google Vertaling
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Great thread!

I've done a lot of 'wheeling up to radio sites, particularly in Nevada. Lots of cool stuff out in the desert.

Mt. Potosi outside Las Vegas. About 300 yards to the South of the radio site at the top, is the location where Carol Lombard's plane crashed in 1941. She was Clark Gable's wife and was on a USO tour. Wreckage is still there....or was the last time I was up there (1991).

Central Nevada. Kicked around many old mining camp sites. Found old Coke, Pepsi and 7up bottles. Interesting to note that the slogan for 7up used to be "You like it; It likes you"....one of the ingredients was "lithium citrate"...lithium is a psych drug. Have a 1929 NV truck licence plate.

One time we had done our thing at the site, and shot all our ammo (big mistake....ALWAYS save a couple rounds) and as were leaving a squatter steps out of the bush and says "You're gunna shoot me a squirrel".....I said "I don't think so!" and we hauled *** outa there!!

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