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breakdown horror stories!!!

does anybody have any good ones about jeeps?

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Dear Penthouse:

ok, I got nothing. Fortunately, knock on wood, I haven't broken down in the Jeep yet

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Why J?
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I went out one morning and my Jeep started but ran like crap, missing and when I gave iot gas it would die. I fi figured thath there must be someithng wrong with the plugs or the wires so I decieded to do a full tune up. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor button and all new fluids. I had this same problem a few months prior so I just figured I must have gooton ahold of a bad part. Well I finished it all up cranked the Jepp up and it still ran like garbage, so I though I would run it around the block to see if that would help. I get a block from the house and It just dies on me. I couldn't get it started, in fact I killed the battery trying to get it started. Once the battery died I tried to roll start it. No go, well I'm lookin at my battery gauge and I just happen to look at my gas guage, NO freakin gas. Apparentkly the Jeep needs gas to run who knew? So I ran it out of gas in my driveway and then wasted a lot of money on a tun up that I didn't need, awesome. Not scarey I guess.

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Originally Posted by Why J? I though I would run it around the block to see if that would help. I get a block from the house...NO freakin gas. Apparentkly the Jeep needs gas to run who knew?

Not a Jeep story, but I did the same thing with the ol' Chevy Celebrity 10 yrs ago. It was running bad, & my dad had just bought it for me a week before. I was so ticked off, thinking we had just bought a lemon (V6, 40k miles, bought from a dealer for $4000--sweeeet deal). It stalled out. I tried starting it, managed to start it, drove another block, it started bucking & stalling again, pulled off into a parking lot & it stalled again. Started it again, with some effort, then drove another block, stalled. Pushed it into a parking lot. Called dad, told him I was deathly afraid we'd just bought a lemon, he shows up, taps on the gas guage, says, "son, it's just out of gas!" He laughed, said I'd probably never do that again... I haven't, but sometimes I let the gas get pretty low, & I think of that day.

Then I donated that Celebrity a couple years ago, now with 125k miles on it (still running, but no A/C, cause the retrofit A/C [r132?] kept killing compressors--5 compressors, ranging from $300-$800 a pop, finally gave up & drove it w/o A/C). Found myself replacing too many components--heater core, fuel pump, really everything but the engine & tranny. Still thought it could make someone a good car, but couldn't make much selling it. Thought I'd do the "right thing," & donate it. 2 months later I get a letter, "your car was towed by the Arlington police,"--what?? Not mine anymore! I donate a car, & some freeloader abandons it with two broken wheel rims on a major downtown street in Arlington. I won't be donating autos anymore...

Best story (still non-Jeep) a friend of mine had a chevy S-10 blazer she used to tow her horse trailer. One day, the engine started smoking... turned out some squirrels had made a nest in the engine bay, & somehow the squirrel caught fire & destroyed the engine. The body & all was okay, just the engine was destroyed. Put that one up for salvage. A few months later, my friend calls me & says her dad & brother went to a monster truck rally & they saw her truck get run over by one of those monster trucks. Somehow they knew for sure it was hers, I don't remember how, but it was funny hearing how it met its second death.

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94YJ H.O.
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I used to work at a shop, and tons of people would call and ask "My car just died and it won't start. I've checked everything! It was running great!"

First question, "Is it out of gas?"

Usually the person would take a second to look at the gauge (you could hear the door open, etc.), then suddenly you just heard the click of the phone. :rofL:


Locked my keys in my Jeep wheeling one time, then I remembered I had a soft top and just pulled the door back far enough to unlock it.

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Kind of a crappy one and not really a "breakdown," but I went wheeling in Iowa during a snow storm with a few buddies and I lost a bead on my tire. I was on a gravel road with about 6 inches of snow, trying to use my bottle jack but it was so cold out and the wind was blowing my Jeep so bad it fell off the jack...luckily before I had removed the tire. Rather than struggling with that, the other Jeep in the bunch went back home and picked up a floor jack. Needless to say, the floor jack allowed me to change the tire much quicker. In the process of changing the tire, I cross-threaded two of the wheel studs on the spare tire while trying to put the flat on there in the cold. I also noticed as I drove away that my front tire was also just about flat. It was a fun ride home; thank god the roads were snow covered. BTW, I never want to go wheeling in a snow storm again.

- Frank

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my buddy and i were in his 88 YJ mudding around in this place near me called "the flats" - it use to be a reservoir but hasnt been filled in years, so its acres upon acres upon acres of mudding grounds
anyway, we were plowing through this little forest of saplings, and all of a sudden the ground went from dirt to mud to soup, and the jeep started to get stuck
so we tried backing out, and tires were spinning and mud was flying, i got out and pushed
somehow, in all the revving, his AC/water pump belt came off of the engine, so we had to shut the jeep off to keep it from overheating
so here we are, stuck in mud miles from the nearest road, and neither of us has a cell phone on us

the only tools he had with him was a crowbar and a monkey wrench and luckily we were able to put the belt back on by loosening the alternator or AC compressor, i forget which

eventually after much pushing and puting sticks and hard objects under the tires we were able to get out
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Not Jeep related, but my freind just got an old 'Yota pickup... has some 33" m/t's on it. We took it out today, and were driving through a pond ...yup, through a pond... and we went to turn around, and heard "click click click" coming from the front right. I said to him "CV axles gonna bust, back up" ...he says, "nah, itll be aight". So, we went forward untill we really couldnt anymore, put it in reverse, started to back out and with one final "pop" I took note that the front tires werent spinning anymore. So, we nailed the piss out of it, but being that we were in a pond, there isnt much to grip to. So it ended up as we sank it. Chilled in there for about an hour till his buddy could come get us out. Not scary, but it was pretty funny that he wouldnt listen to me. I guess its cause im a solid front axle guy, and his an ind. front suspension guy... lol.

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My Jeep's been good to me. By old Blazer was a devil.

The first breakdown was the result of a shorted out wire. I was driving from LA to Salem Oregon along 101. My battery exploded going across the Golden Gate bridge. I coasted it into the "scenic view" parking lot, and washed what battery acid I could from the engine compartment. The bridge patrol gave me a jump start, which got me to Ukiah, where I bought a new battery at the Walmart.

Second breakdown. I was on a trail about 70 miles from home when the harmonic balancer bolt broke, and the balancer and pulley came off the front of the motor. I cut out a piece of thin sheet metal off a can of kiwi shoe polish, put in on the crank snout, and pounded the balancer back on with a big rock. It got me home.

Third breakdown. The pinion gear in my 12 bolt rear broke. Then it got sucked under the ring gear and cracked the bottom of the housing. I pulled off the cover, pulled the axles out enough to pull out the carrier and the pinion gear. I put the carrier back in, clipped the axles into place, and sealed the housing with tape, wire, and plastic bags. I put it in 4 high, locked the front hubs, and drove it home.

Fourth time wasn't a breakdown. I was driving the trail from the Cajon pass to Silver Lake when the trail fell out from under me. The diffs got hung up before the Blazer slipped entirely off the trail, which was a good thing. I had no winch, straps, or real tools with me. Me and my buddy collected a bunch of rocks and started stacking them on the side of the hill below the Blazer until we had them built up to the bottoms of the right side tires. Then we used the bumper jack to knock the dirt from under the diffs until the Blazer was sitting on all four tires once more. I very carefully drove the Blazer forward to a safe spot while my buddy held my left arm through the open driver's door so he could pull me out if the truck decided to fall off the trail. It was a long ways down.

I'll look for some more stuff to write about on my next Way Out West trip next summer.
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I have a decent one I guess. About 4 years ago in my old 80-CJ 5 I was on an old graveled backroad to get to the river for a weekend catfishing excursion. Well as soon as I went to cross over the railroad tracks my Jeep lost all electical power and stalled out. I was like this is great I am sitting here broke down right in the middle of the tracks not to mention is was 2:30 in the morning and completely dark. My buddies were freaking out. We all proceeded to get out of the Jeep and look under the hood. I knew it had to be a chaffed wire somewhere because there were no warning signs, but wasn't sure where. After 5 mins or so of looking guess what I heard. Yes it was Mr. Train. I don't think my adreniline had ever kicked in so hard. We threw the hood down and pushed like crazy to get the Jeep off the tracks. About a minute later the train came through. After we all finally settled down I popped the hood again and found my battery cable broken. I cut and spliced the wire back together with some black tape and finally proceeded on my fishing trip. Thats the only breakdown horror story I have. Although I do have some nice stuck stories, but I'll save those for another time....

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About a month ago, a friend and I were camping and wheeling in a local area, alone. On the way out, we noticed a leak coming from the hard transmission line near the front. The upper-right control arm had squished the line and it was leaking very badly. We did not have a pipe cutter or transmission hose.

I ended up using a hatchet to separate the line into two pieces. Unfortunately, that did not give a clean cut. So then I stuffed a small screw driver into the line ends to try to open them up a little. That worked okay, but I still had to fine hose to patch it up.

I ended up tearing apart my OBA system and using 3/8" air hose as a temporary patch. I had several hose clamps on both sides of it.

So the line was temporarily patched, but I only had one extra quart of transmission fluid and I had leaked a lot more. The transmission was slipping horribly. We limped it several miles to the nearest gas station and bought several quarts of fluid. Slipping solved and we were able to get the rest of the 40 miles home.

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in november of 04 i was at school and me and this girl decided to skip the next couple of periods. we jumped in my 90 dodge ram d250 and head out. get about 5 miles from the school and my truck just dies. i was having this problem before and thought it was the ignition switch (common problem on the older dodges). so here we are this girl sittin in my truck with my warm winter jacket on while im under the hood in a tshirt in 10 degree weather trying to get the dam thing started. finally say the hell with this and start calling around and of course no one is around (the one time everyone is actually in class). so that left me with 1choice. call my mom at home and tell her that we left school and are stranded. needless to say she was pissed. fast forward to that night me being to cheap to pay for a tow truck decides to take my dads durango and a buddy and my tow strap and tow my truck home.first step is bring my truck all around this apartment complex so we can cut off 1/4 mile of the state highway. next step is cross the highway into the parking lot across the highway and cut through the parking lot so i can get to secondery roads. we decide that its better to push my truck across the 2 lane then to tow it. not a big deal as its downhill to the parking lot. well my big dodge decides halfway across the road that it wont roll downhill.luckily this guy comes running over to help us finish pushing it across the street. we get it down to the seconderry road just as my dad comes in my aunts car and says that hes goona help us. (he likes this stuff cause he gets USE his truck). well me and my friend were going slow and steady no more than 10mph. my dad gets behind the wheel and next thing i know were doing 55 in a 45 and passing people.was both funny and scary at the same time. get it home put the new switch in and nothing, put a new igintion in and that worked till i got home the next day. someone mentioned that possibly a bad starter could cause that so i put a new starter in and it ran great for a week. then it died. thinking i got a bad starter (its a lifetime from autozone) i bring it back and get a new one. this one didnt work, replace the starter relay and it worked. next day it died. put a new relay in and nothing. by now i was getting pissed and was just lookin around under the hood and threw a wrench at my fender and for ****s and giggles i try to tunr it over, it starts. i went over to where the wrench hit and found the guys wonderfull rewiring job. somehow the iginiton wires were cut and he patched them but not very good and whenever i went over a bump or moved th harness it would either short out unshort (is that even a word??). fixed that and it was fine for a few months till a VW ran a stop sign

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Azusa is known for it's mud. It's everywhere, so basically i was out with my girlfriend and acouple friends just chillin and hanging out at the mud pit's. I begin to go boggin. And i was just driving over everything, the mud was not a problem at all for my brand new Mt's. My torquey little beast was amazing. So i drop of the girls and me and my friend start to have more fun. Getting mud everywhere. When i start to drive through some small patches of water. I head straight on for one and my front end goes in. OH MY FREAKING GOD it's deep, my truck starts to get stuck, it turns out that it's high centered on the axles.... I gun it and move alittle closer to the end of the water (water is almost up to the window). then i say crap i'm stuck, so i begin to get out my tow strap (the bed of the truck is underwater). get in the truck step on the clutch and yes..... the mud has gotten in between the clutch and the flywheel causing me to lose the clutch....... I end up getting pulled out. then limping home by Rev Matching..... Costly mistake... but at least i was able to get home. Morel of the story, if people are sitting near a larger puddle walk it out first.
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heck my jeeps motor is about to die i really dont understand y the engine sucks so much in it, it needs a huge tuneup

Low Output 4 Cylinder Jeep Club member #59
Originally Posted by Grewe02
No such thing. Eat **** and die.
lifted with some extra's
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Muddy Tj Zack
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My favorite one was in my old S-10. I was taking my buddy somewhere and he noticed the popping sound coming from my ball joints when I turned. He said dude you really need to change those. And I told him my famous quote..."I dont replace things until they break"....that came back to haunt. The next day im going down a gravel road and pop....damn tire fell off. Well it was still attached but under the truck. It was pretty funny.

A good one with the Jeep was when I was driving to see my girlfriend (about a 4 hour trip) I left after work and about an hour into it I notice my lights are dimming and the cd player was dimming. Then my voltage gauge drops. So I turn off the headlights and the cd player and interior lights. Just running with the fogs on. An hour later It finally dies in the middle of nowhere....but there was one thing close to me. An adult video store. So after my girlfriend drives almost 2 hours to come get me at 4 in the morning. and 2 hours back to OU. then 2 hours to autozone and back to the jeep the next morning....there I am changing my alternator next to the porn shop.

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