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post #61 of 97 Old 05-14-2009, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Douglas S. View Post
Around here, during the winter, they pile the snow on the street sides. I usually park with both my passenger wheels on the mound, and as such, the pile in front of my house becomes a rock-hard blob of ice. Well, one morning I go to exit the blob in 2wd and break traction on the rear wheels. Because of this I slide over the passenger side and become high centered on the blob. After about 15 minutes of digging (more like chipping) I go and fire up the 64 valiant and head on my merry way. Later that afternoon I begin the chore of trying to free the Jeep for the second time.

I lift it up with the hi-lift and chip out the ice underneath. I repeat this procedure multiple times on both the front and back, all the while receiving strange looks from passing neighbours. After about an hour the Jeep is free. I am far more careful how I park now.
Haha done that a few times showing off, usualy ends with me taking out the shovel to dig myself out

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"Turns out the puddle was at least 6 feet deep and there was a bunch of mud where I got stuck, so water started rushing in through the doors. So since were stuck I turned off the engine but left the music playing. After calling our friends and waiting for an hour they finally show up, one in a dielsel f350 truck with 6" lift and stockers and my friends stock 89 XJ.
By now the interior was filled with mud and water and we still had blasting as loud as we could, and it was still storming too."

Was the embaressing part , having beethoven blaring out your speakers while you are waiting on your buddies to show up? Jk. LOL
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Well, someone else pointed out that it doesn't rain much here in AZ and therefore there isn't much mud. But that doesn't mean you can't get stuck.

I used to have a '91 Ford Explorer. I loved driving it around. I thought it was the coolest thing. My buddy and I had taken it offroad a couple of times, but it was mostly just dirt roads. It didn't have four-wheel drive either. Well, one day, after school I was heading home and decided to stop at this one area where there are a bunch of small hills and stuff. I just wanted to drive around a bit. Well I'm following the trail and it starts to drop down into the dry sandy river bottom. As I enter I think to myself I need to just get across this sand to solid ground. Well, the street tires start spinning. I stop and try to back onto solid ground. I dig deeper and deeper until I'm resting on the frame.

Well, on the way in I had seen a couple of phone guys working on a powerline. I walk out and ask them if they can help me. All they have are white paneled utility trucks. So I go back and I'm thinking this guy just needs some chain and he can pull me out. Well, the guy guns it into the desert only to get himself stuck.

Great. I'm stuck, this guy is stuck. He calls for a tow truck and I call me dad from his phone. My dad shows up with a shovel and just laughs. We dig out the Ford, jack it up, then refill the holes to get it level then I push it out will my dad drives.

In the mean time, the tow truck gets there, extends his line and uses all his chain and is just barely long enough to reach the other truck. He eventually gets out and they all, including my dad, laugh at me.

I got heat exhaustion from that because it was the middle of summer too.

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my friend and i were fishing and he talked me in to driveing into the lake not smart made it like 4 ft in and the muck ate half of my 33 12.50 s
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When I first got my XJ, bone stock, wrangler RTS tires, I thought I would go check out a local stream. It was quite swolen from heavy rain, knowing the Jeep was legendary I decided I'd cross, the water was no problem, however I did not plan by exit very well, the far side was a vertical embankment of mud about 3-4 feet high, needless to say I was unable to tackle it, I got stuck in the water trying to, then I was unable to back out. Stupid mistake, I was alone and didnt have a phone. Jogged down the street to a house, borroed a phone, called my mother, she arrived in a GC. No luck extracting me. Had to flag down a guy with a Ram 2500 with posi, he finally got me out. Turned out to be good, he had his daughter with him, very cute, so after the incident she and I went wheeling.

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one time i went out to winch out a couple stuck vehicles. i ended up having to winch myself out. that day i learned about vacuum switches...

...$240 repair

1993 YJ, too broke to swap the tranny and my 60s
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luckily i have mine on video -_-

i now have a TJ so i can actually wheel hard lol

i almost sunk the TJ too though...

i was at wharton with some JF guys and it ends up we ran across some down south jersey rednecks, and one of the like 16 year old girls with them said to me "dont be a *****" when i said i wasnt going to attempt a hole, and hence, this made me give it a shot, i pulled through no prob cause its a TJ but i almost sunk another car haha

99 TJ Sport 4.0, 5 spd, 2" BB, 31" BFG a/t ko's
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Now, like most JF members, I'm not very smart. However, I am noticing a pattern.

Vehicle + Water/Mud = embarassing story of some sort.

Just Sayin...

Oh and btw, I have no embarassing stories and have NEVER been stuck, Ever.

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You do realize that the next time you go wheelin, you're going to get stuck now? Then you can come back and contribute to the thread

It's true though, just about all of these stores include "Well once I got in I realized the mud was waaayy deeper than it looked"


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Ex's ( at the time ex so this made it worse ) pathfiner burried nose first in a hole up to the headlights ( which had water in them ). She wasn't amused.

I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do expect they pay for them.

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Couldnt climb over this downed tree in front of 30+ Jeeps. Due to a disconnected front Vac line. I was wondering why my 4wd light stopped working after i installed my lift
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Well last friday me and my friend with a stock xj and another friend with a lifted f250 diesel decided to go wheeling. On the way there the diesel is running bad and keeps stalling but we keep going anyways. We go through a few little mud holes nothing to major when we come to a 3 way in the trail all under water by the way. To the left is a runnoff from a river its is under water, straight ahead is dry land across the water and to the right is a flooded swampy trail. Well I go straight and see my xj friend turning to the left and I say" dude are you crazy that is way too deep did you even check it out?" well it was too late and he was already going for it, he ran into a huge rut and almost got stuck but made it, about 60 feet farther he gets stuck bad water over the hood in a washout. Well the friend in the diesel cant pull him out cause his truck isnt running good so he says wait here and ill go get the tj which has a winch

It is an hour drive back home and another to the trail well about 10 mins in we are sick of waiting so I said I would back down the trail and pull him out, I ended up getting stuck. My friend got back with the tj and we used a hi lift and 3 tow straps to pull my xj friend back towards me after 2 hours of doing that he was out. The the tj tried to winch me out but no go, so the xj friend yanked me back then I drove out just fine. We all got out and it was getting late so I was going to go home but they talked me into continuing, well about 3 mins up the trail is a swamp that flooded over the trail so I get out and walk it to see how deep it is its only shin deep for the width of a vehicle then to the right there was a drop off and it was chest deep well I said what the heck I made it through last week and I can do it again. One of my friends was walking in front of me and another on the side by the drop off to make sure I did not go in, well it was all going good until the sand under my tires gave and I slid into the drop off, I was like f*** the water was up to my window on the passengers side and about mid doors on the drivers side I shut the engine off and got tugged out in a hurry. Cut pop bottles in half and bailed out most of the water, she fired right up (no water in the engine or trans) started to drive home I get about halfway there and smell wires burning

then I see smoke so I pull over and disco the battery, I get it home and the next day take all the interior out and find that my airbag control thing under the drivers seat got wet and shorted out and caught on fire. I still cant believe that I was dumb enough to think I could make it throught that with the drop off so close and the ground under my tire so unstable.

1999 4door XJ stock for now
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not really a wheeling story but anyway. I was at work and got off at 7 in the morning and had to be back at 4 that evening so instead of driving 2 hours home then 2 hours back i just decided to go down to the lake by my work and sleep there. Well i found this nice little pull off area and thought what the hell i should be fine. Well that was a mistake as i drove out on this point i started to sink in the mud. So in my infinate wisdom i grab 4lo and try to back out wrong answer ther hans! Dug my self in even farther. tried pulling forward then backward just made a bad situation worse. ended up being buried up past the axle center line. finally got pulled up by a couple of guys at work.
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Behind my house is an old campground. its all private property now, owned by a friend of mine, but there are a bunch of trails, and places to put up tents. well i know my way around most of the trails, so we are having a party, and i head up there to get some wood for the bon fire. well im driving and my friend is in the passenger seat. im cruising up this little hill, one i had driven a million times. only i hadn't been up there in a few weeks and the grass had gotten tall. tall enough that it hid part of a tree that had fallen. so im truckin along, and BAM!!! front wheel pops up off the ground, and the jeep stops moving. so i popped it in reverse, backed around it, drove past, and prayed that it didnt bend anything. everything looks fine. but thats the most embarrassing thing so far. im sure ill top that sooner or later.
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ok, my turn.....last fall, a group of us were trying to get a club together, and we had a few "not so bright" know it alls in the group. I ended up inviting a friend from 50 miles away to show where we play at. we werent gonna go out to play because it had been raining for about 3 weeks straight....the kind of stuff that had tractors stuck in the fields. while I was showing him the spot, 2 of these guys show up with their girlfriends and want to show off. the stock s-10 blazer heads out there. he was doing surprisingly well. this is at 6pm. well on his way back, he hit the ruts.....he was stuck. his buddy went out in the Z71. he made it out to him and started back to get the straps. he hit more ruts.....not good. I am in my stock s10 at the time. I put the straps and chains in my truck. not sure how I am gonna help, but willing to try. I get out there, start to pull on the blazer, and I stick. well the guy I was showing had a Z71 with 3" lift, and 285 75 wild country txr tires. his wife didnt want him to bring it out, but he did anyway. I am not sure he knows how to drive a 4wd. he stuck in a hurry. we ended up calling the "club president" at the time, and he came out in the stock zj. he pulled me out, then we pulled the blazer out, and the blazer and I went to the road. in the mean time, our buddy in a stock 97 dodge sport with some great mudders showed up. while pulling the invited friend, our pres in the zj framed his. we eventually got my invited buddy out and we ended up calling another club member from an established club to come out. he came out in the "shop truck" 1 ton crew cab with 6 inc lift and 35 all terains. he pulled the first stuck Z71 out, then tried for the luck with that. by this time it was about 11pm. we called it good for the nite, and left the zj. the next day, we all showed up to help if needed to get the zj. the "shop truck" showed up. they got bored at work, so they took th 6" out and put the 8" in, and the 38.5 boggers on. amazingly, 3 tugs and the zj popped right out. and to think it all started with someone trying to show off for a girl!!
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