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Transmission Problem and Things

Found out recently my 42RLE is slipping I didnt exactly know what that was until I was talking to a shop that I know real well about some other issues non trans related and he said that the problem I was describing was a transmission slip but now that I know what a transmission slip is, i think my transmission has started slipping since probably the beginning of this year, hopefully and transmission flush and putting in a new filter will fix it along with a transmission cooler, and hopefully calling it a day fingers crossed. I have a few questions that I want answered and some product reviews on coolers.

BUT FIRST LET ME SET SOME RULES HERE. NO IM NOT SWAPPING OUT MY TRANSMISSION for an AW4 or whatever I'd like if I do need a swap just for it to be a drop in with zero modification, the 42RLE has been a very solid transmission and YES I KNOW ABOUT THE OD ISSUES AND **** SO DONT BRING THAT UP. Ok cool now the transmission starts slipping only when I drive for a long period of time on the highway at a constant speed and I usually go ~70+mph on the highway but Im rarely on the highway at all, and once I get off on my exit and go to a complete stop and press on the gas the rpms jump up and the jeep goes about 10mph and SLAM it shifts into second gear and everything is fine and it drives as normal as it does besides the fact that I have a sputtering problem and a huge vacuum leak which yes are going to be addressed soon. Just driving around town and to and from class give or take ~12 miles every other day transmission doesnt slip and drives "normal".

Ok so as I mentioned I will be getting my transmission flushed and I'm gonna have the transmission shop replace the filter while they are in there, after the flush I will be getting a trans cooler by B&M which mounts infront of the rad because I do go mudding that really nice derale kit with the fan that goes under the jeep and mounts around the frame is without a doubt out of the question here, that would just go to **** so heres a link to the cooler I'm looking at getting:
Does anyone else have any recommendations on coolers or does anybody have anything to say about this specific unit anything would be very helpful. I can get this kit at the jeep shop near me and install it myself because they have it in stock and I like to supports shops like these guys and I wont have to pay for shipping but thats after the fact.

I would like to install a transmission temp gauge to monitor the temps too, Im sure I can find a couple things on the internet about hooking up a temp gauge and would it be possible to hook up the sensor to the rubber lines or would i have to cut my rusty *** hard transmission line? Also what size is the hard or soft lines are they 3/8ths OD?? Im just trying to find a T-fitting that i could buy from the hardware store here somewheres. I was looking at this gauge with this pod setup and of course...i guess...i will haaavvee to buy another gauge...i guess...So my other gauge i was looking at was the similar style with the jeep logo but it will monitor the transfer case but I was wondering if that would be to any use i but then again im just trying to fill up the other gauge spot I really dont want to drill another hole somewheres. So how could I tap into the transfer case without drilling into the pan? Could I just screw the sensor into where the fill plug use to be and call it there? And if its really not useful to have that gauge at all i guess ill just use some 3M tape and tape the one single pod holder thingy onto the top of the dash around the factory gauge.

Ok now onto the subject of what if my transmission still slips even with the cooler...well ill just trash it..all... na but on a serious note I've been researching master rebuild kits and look on these forums but could only find one good thread that was way outta date. I want a heavy duty kit but at the same time I dont know how a HD kit will react and I'm afraid if I dont like it i would probably kms so does anyone have a jeep with a 42RLE with a heavy duty kit if so how do you like driving it, I NEED SOMETHING DAILY DRIVABLE lol but I've also been looking at the Mopar kit which would be the safe and the transmission would basically just act brand new heres that kit: but I was also looking on RockAuto and saw the transmaxx kit umm yeah I dont know whats different but I think it has more **** in the kit but im unsure heres the link if anyone could help me with that question:

Ok one last thing I want to address are the TransGo upgrade kits and **** for the 42RLE someone mentioned their kits on the forums and since if the transmission does need to be rebuilt might as well get the 2 kits right? So obvious I was looking at their Shift kit and Bushing reducer kit i have no clue what those are but they sound like they would help a lot heres the link and again if anyone has any experience with their kits every little bit of information will help: d=163

Since I am bringing up all this information I do like to work on my jeep as much as I can and I hate bringing it to shops because honestly no one cares as much about our jeeps as we do and we only know the true issues that it has or atleast I do because I daily a trail rig ahaha why? because jeep thats why hahaha (im doing a rear axle swap pretty soon and a front axle swap later next year) but anyways I was wondering if I could do the rebuild myself I have some tools so what kind of "special" tools would I need in order to install a complete rebuild or am I just out of my mind right now? But I would still like to know what kits would be great to use and what upgrades to do as I talk to this reputable transmission shop that this specialty jeep shop highly recommended I would like to somewhat know what Im talking about and what the people on the other end are talking about.

I will keep this updated especially with pictures when I install the transmission cooler of choice and other pictures of stuff along the way that is related. I hope this could also help other people later down the line because as of right now theres not really a lot of information or real world reviews on this stuff other than 1 person recommending a kit that I thought looked really cool for a decent price haha. Even if i dont end up not needing to rebuild my transmission hopefully all this information will be of use to anyone and hopefully be passed down...

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I just contacted my one friend who is in automotive school and has obviously more knowledge on transmissions than me and he says to check the shift solenoid and the valves in the valve body because he thinks if the fluid was contaminated he would think it would be slipping in pretty much all the gears and that it just wouldnt effect 1st going into 2nd but he says to do a flush and filter change to check the fluid for obvious metallic **** in the oil, if there is its possible that my clutch pack is all burnt up. He also says that if I take my jeep to the shop tell them if they are able to adjust the bands? which will adjust the play in the clutches if the 42rle has'em...

Also talked to him about the TransGo kit deal thing and he said that adding that Reducer Bushing from the kit 604-BSH where the pressure relief valve is will just change how hard the shifting is, which I think might help with that hard shift that the 42rle is kinda famous for from 1st to 2nd but since he doesnt know my specific transmission he doesnt completely know what it'll do. So that was all very helpful information he gave me, super insightful and I will keep him up to date with whats going on as well ahaha
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Got the transmission flushed and had the filter changed, shop said that there was no metal shavings in the oil and it wasnt burnt and basically said the oil was good for how long it has lasted. I drove it back on the 417 highway and had the throttle pinned going about a whole 80mph for about 30mins and usually this is when the transmission would act up and would slip after I get to a full stop but I got off my exit and went through town and had no issues...Whatever dude f this transmission ahaha but either way Im installing a transmission cooler and now I need a new tailgate lol but thats another story to be told the original one I have on is almost completely rusted at the bottom lip so ima just replace it for a junkyard one and get it paint matched to my very rare impact orange color......
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