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DrewC2333 03-12-2002 04:05 PM

Superlift 4" or Skyjacker 4"
i want to run 33's and dont know which lift to get...the skyjacker is more expensive and you have to buy it as one kit. the superlift has upgrades can these be installed later? which one is the best to go with?

RMeak 03-12-2002 04:22 PM

Well if you want 33's then I would suggest a 2.5 or 3 inch kit. Tera's basic kit without shocks runs around 300 for the 2T and 400 for the 3T both will let you run 33's. Tomken also makes a nice 2.5 kit and Rusty's makes a 3 inch kit, all are very reasonable in price. The reason I would sway you away from Superlift or the Skyjacker is because of price, and also the need for a SYE. You can run a 3 inch kit with the stock control arms and still have a very flexy rig, the 4 inch springs on stock arms is really pushing it so the Basic Superlift is kinda out of it, and their rock runner upgrade is nice but very $$$$ about 450 and axle. The Skyjacker is nice but as you said very $$$. When I first started wheelin my 98 TJ, like most I didn't know what I wanted, certainly di not want to look cool. After some research I went with the Tera 2T, and I got about 3 inches of lift and plenty of room for 33's with almost no rubbing when I was disconnected...and it was a crawler. Later I added some 1" spacers front and rear to accomadate future addons like winch, swingaways and what haveya,and a 1" body lift, this gave me a solid 3.5 inches of suspension and an extra inch for the tires in the fenders at full flex. Perfect in my mind not too much and not too little. the total cost has been about 1000 bucks spent over a 3 year I will be replacing the control arms. Sometimes you have to wheel it, buy it, build it, then wheel it again before you really appreciate what a Jeep can do.

02JEEP 03-16-2002 09:31 AM

[i would recomend the skyjacker 4 inch. it does cost a little more but its worth it. i almost bought the superlift but found out it doesnt come with everything you NEED. then when you piece it together later it costs more than the skyjacker. the 2.5 or 3 is OK but if you want to flex at all or offroad your gonna rub. i found that the extra money is well worth it.
[LIST]2002 TJ 4.0
4 Inch Skyjacker
33 BFG M/T KM's
15x8 Black Rockcrawlers
KC Titanium Slimline mounted on windshield

BaileyTJ 03-16-2002 12:45 PM

Definately get what you pay for IMO :D

Jennifer 03-17-2002 10:25 AM

I don't really like either of the kits. A friend of mine was short some major parts in his superlift kit and never got them made up. Superlift denied the mistake and then after a couple days of fighting said the part was on backorder. CAUGHT IN A LIE! My experience with "Skyjunker" isn't as bad. I bought the 4" double flex and the left rear spring sagged. so bad it didn't look like it had been lifted on that corner so after that weekend they sent two new springs. I went to go get it aligned and three shops refused to align it because it was a double spherical eye. So I took it to SEARS and they said the arms wouldn't adjust long enough but they were close. It handled alright. I took the kit off and sold it in parts.

Some good kits are:

2.Rubicon Express
4.Pro-comp (debatable)
5.Rough country (several guys in our club like them, but some of them like skyjacker too)

Would anyone else like to express opinions or stories.

Patton 03-17-2002 12:23 PM

"skyjunker" LOL I helped the guy instal the Superlift from Chattanooga and I thought it rode nice. Had to purchase a Trac-bar and SYE later. A friend of mine from the off road center here in town gave him the parts the Superlift was lacking he said that is typical of Superlift.

I have been eye-balling the new Full-Traction kits sold through Rosser Jeep. Any inputs on it. With so many poor reputation company's out there. I hat to be everyones guine pig? I love my BDS but I regreat not buying the R.E. 4.5"

With a 2.5" kit I hope you weren't planing on keeping your fenderflares. Go at least 3"

aroberts 03-17-2002 05:02 PM

I bought a Teraflex S3t. This is the upgraded kit from the 3t. Works really well and came with all the parts. My neighbor took it to his shop and installed it with his friends in about 9 hr. Had to cut the pitman arm off to get the old one on. Rides better as time goes by. Had to have the steering wheel pulled to align since the guys got it all straight when they installed the kit, but the steering wheel was off center. No problems with any missing parts or the ride.

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