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MossOstDrauka 01-11-2013 05:37 AM

Stalling problem after a steering column replacement...
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Hey guys, I hate that my first post is to ask for help, but I'm not sure who would have more info then this forum.

Christmas Eve someone decided to try and steal my 2000 TJ (4.0L Automatic), with a screwdriver. They ended up breaking the ignition right out of the column. Insurance company shows up a few days later and sends it off to a shop. Apparently OEM parts are non existent for a replacement steering column, so I have to let them use a used part or they total the Jeep.

They installed a used steering column and now the Jeep stalls immediately after starting it if you don't give it gas right away. There have never been any issues with stalling before the vandalism and the subsequent repair. Of course the Insurance company and stealership want to tell me it is a preexisting condition and that they have no responsibility for it. The Jeep is on its way back for a full diagnostic.

So fellow Jeepers, any idea what might be causing this issue. I want to have an arsenal of possibilities to fire off if they try to turn this back on me.

2000 TJ Sahara (chip in the key), 4.0L Auto, remote start

If you need any other pertinent info let me know, and thank you for any help you can offer!


Attempted theft required new steering column, Jeep stalls on start unless I apply gas..... HELP!

gmiller0737 01-11-2013 07:50 AM

Battery was likely disconnected during replacement of Steering Column & Computer needs to Relearn the Idle Strategy,If throttle body is dirty clean it other wise it should relearn relatively quickly.

The time now is 12:58 AM.

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