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yinzerr8 07-21-2010 11:32 AM

Rear Skyjacker Hydro 7000 shocks feel bouncy
Hey all, basic question;

I've got a 0" lift 2006 TJ ~ 55k miles. I decided it was time to change out the blown out stock shocks with a new set of Skyjacker's Hydros due to the $35 rebate offer they were having & quadratec was pimping a couple months ago.

Anyways, front install went well, stupid PA winters ensured that a can of PB Blaster was well used to soak in everything, when it came to the back, despite liberal amounts I snapped a bolt off on the driver side rear. The passenger rear went on without issue, I had to drill out the driver side rear and dropped down two bolts to replace the broken bolt.

In any event, I've been noticing that the ride in the front is fantastic, but in the rear it feels like I'm jumping all over the place whenever I hit a bump, almost like the spring is the only thing holding me down.

At first I thought it might be due me maybe mounting the shock upside down? :confused: However looking @ Quadratec's product page, I have the rear's mounted & lined up in a similar manner (tube facing the top)


Any Ideas?

mdm 07-21-2010 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by yinzerr8 (Post 9825741)
...I have the rear's mounted & lined up in a similar manner (tube facing the top) ...

What does this mean? Is the can on the top or bottom? It must be on the bottom or that shock won't work properly.

Welcome to the forum.

yinzerr8 07-21-2010 12:27 PM

The can is on the top . . . crap.

Looks like I know what I'm doing tonight!


MNakaChunks 07-21-2010 12:28 PM

I have the hydros and feel the same way: happy with the front, but the rear end feels like it gets some air going over small bumps in the road (MI roads suck so some aren't all that small of bumps). Mine are mounted with the can at the axle end. I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this as well.

nigel502 07-21-2010 08:32 PM


yinzerr8 07-21-2010 08:47 PM

Man o' Man, do shocks sure work better when mounted in the right direction.

I took the rear's off, fought with the bushings then reinstalled with the can on the top - the bushing on the top. . . . I'd attach a picture but apparently my entry level account doesn't allow it.

In any event - thanks for the help!

jonesy02 07-21-2010 09:28 PM

My Hydro's are really bouncy too, can is down. Although i'm not 100% sure its the shock, last wheeling trip I drove home at like 19/20 psi in rear and like 150lbs of stuff in the back and it felt good.

For the street I was running 25 psi in rear and it was bouncy, at 23 now and its a little better, I feel like i'm too low though. Guess I need to chalk test it though.

johnny9 09-29-2010 06:59 PM

ive had mine 2 months and they are crap and feel like only the spring is working..i called skyjunker and they said it could be mounted upside down so i thinking if trying the other way but cant see it makeing a diffrence now:eek:

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