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u4ea 07-14-2003 05:22 PM

Pics of my 2 day old 2003 Sienna Pearl - Sahara
Clicky here for gallery =)

Hopes you all likes :D :D ;)

blk97tj 07-14-2003 05:33 PM

looks really good, i like the gray top.

Drew99 07-14-2003 06:09 PM

Nice!!!!!!!!!You know when I first saw that color I did not like it so well but is has grown on me. Is the Top Grey?? or the dark tan color?

u4ea 07-14-2003 06:12 PM

Its Khaki, looks gray in the pics for some odd reason...

dan58 07-14-2003 07:25 PM

Let the modding begin. Hint: BL and Kilby FIRST!

u4ea 07-14-2003 09:04 PM


Originally posted by dan58
Let the modding begin. Hint: BL and Kilby FIRST!
Heres the newbie in me... what are these?

yaffy 07-14-2003 09:40 PM

BL = Body Lift (got for a 1")
Kilby = 3/16" gas tank skid plate. The factory tin POS is worthless

Jorja 07-14-2003 10:08 PM

OK, OK, enough with the glamour shots, git some mud on it !

Seriously, she's a beauty, congratulations!


dontpush 07-15-2003 04:03 AM

looks great, color is, how do i say, different;) but then again look at my color of my jeep:D

u4ea 07-15-2003 07:06 AM

Different = Good in my book :D

Thx ;)

tck1000 07-15-2003 08:01 AM

Man, that is one pretty JEEP!

Congrats on your new money pit. I love mine more every day. :)

GoTopless 07-15-2003 08:19 AM

and take the steps and the "floaties" off your rear bumper (endcap thingy's)

kdavis 07-15-2003 08:37 AM

Nice...question about the flares...are they just painted molded plastic or are the metal like the rest of the body?

Sorry...I'm in the dark ages of TJ...1997, mine are the old style, gray...molded plastic.

Good color on that though.

u4ea 07-15-2003 09:03 AM

I believe they are molded plastic ill check after work.

I love the color... more and more each day.

TotalJeep 07-15-2003 10:29 AM

Geat lookin Jeep, so bare, so innocent, well that will soon change I can tell you have the jeep bug. I like everything about it except one small thing. The color is very close to the FSU garnet and gold, your not an FSU fan are u U4ea?

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