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EugeneTheTJ 06-21-2013 06:09 PM

Vote peeps. Should be a good contest :thumbsup:

EugeneTheTJ 06-21-2013 06:10 PM


Name: Tyler Van Wie
Username: tyvanwie
Mods: (as of right now)
-Tuffy security console with 8" subwoofer and custom box
-pioneer speakers all around
-removed rear seat
-bed lined cargo area
-Rampage frameless soft top
-33x12.5x15 Duratracs
-BDS 2" lift
-Fox 2.0 shocks
-JKS body lift
-M.O.R.E. 1" MML

Story: The whole jeep disease started when my parents bought me an '08 JKU. I loved it. It had a budget boost on some 32's. I knew I wanted another wrangler. I saw a 1998 Sahara at a local shop for $10,995. I went to my parents but they wouldn't give me the extra money. So I went to the credit union and took out a $6,000 loan and hoped they'd come off the price. I test drove it and it was perfect. No rust, 84,000 miles, and new wheels and tires. I told him I have the money right now but I need it for $9,999 when all is said and done. They did it. I was literally the happiest kid ever. Being 19and making payments on my own
car was such a great feeling. I have big plans for this jeep.


Name: Bryn Mosing
Username: bmosing
D44 rear ARB locker, 4.56 gears, chromoly shafts, ZJ disc brakes, ARB cover
HP30 front, Aussie Locker, 4.56 gears, chromoly shafts, Riddler cover
4" lift (PO installed the process of swapping it out) IRO adjustable arms for the rear, rear lower shock mounts moved to back of of CA mounts with Poly Performance shock mounts and Bilstein 5125's, Front Currie Antirock, Currie Steering, Warn steering box skid
35x12.50 Pitbull Rocker Radials, 15x8 Steelies with beadlocks
Teraflex Extreme Short Shaft SYE, local built CV driveshaft from USA Driveline
TNT Phantom Tube fenders
Metalcloak frame built front bumper, Smittybilt rear tire carrier, Rugged Ridge rocker guards
Magnaflow front pipe and HI-flow cat, Flowmaster Hushpower II, Volant intake
ARB air compressor to run rear locker, Homebrew coin tray switch panel for locker, compressor, and Dually LED's
(2) Rigid D2's windshield mounted (thanks to my brother, monsonman, for xmas)
Rampage bowless soft top
Cobra 19DX IV CB, Jeep Outfitter CB mount, 4' Firestik
Pure Jeep stretch gas tank

Story: I bought my 98 TJ from a JF member over 2 years ago. I haven't stopped modifying it since I got it. When I bought it, it came with a 4" procomp lift and 33's and I have since built it for 35's. I scored the axles from another forum member last year and have enjoyed the benefits of the gears, lockers, and 35's out on the trail. My goal is to continue building to make it better on 35's with 4 link stretched rear, long arm front, flat skid, outboarded shocks, hydro assist, etc. For now, I'll just keep wheeling it and fixing/upgrading what I break.



Name: Steve Hitt
User name: Redarcher89

Jeep: 2006 TJ X
6 speed Manual
Dana HP 60, and Sterling 10.25 with 5.13 gears with 111" wheel base

Mods: King 14 inch travel remote res coil overs front, and rear
ORO swaylock front, and Currie anti rock in the rear
Ford HP 60 cut 65"wms, ARB locker, Chromoly 35 spline inner and out shafts with Yukon Super Joints, removable drive flanges, Ballistic double sheer high steer arms, and diff cover
Sterling 10.25 65" wms ARB locker, custom disc brake, homade truss, balistic diff cover
Rear custom triangulated 4 link mid arm stretched 13"s
Front custom 3 link mid arm stretched 6"s
Custom panhard bar, and high steer steering with frame notched to allow less lift
1" mml
1" bl
Terra flex belly up engine, transmission, and transfer case skid being replaced with custom flat skid and transmission cross member
Novak cable shifter
Tom woods double cardian shaft
Metal Cloak front fenders, Custom rear fenders
Metal Cloak rocker system
Genright rear corner blanks comp cut for rear stretch
TNT front stretch kit
Front 3" travel air bumps
Rear 4" travel air bumps
ARB large compressor for lockers and air to the 2.5 gallon tank
Genright EXT crawler tank
Pittbull 37x12.5 Rocker Radials
Lite Dot tail lights
Bullet led front turn signals
MRW custom wheels

Story It has been a work in progress for the last 3 years to get to this point. I plan on wheeling it over the summer and fall and then doing the next round of mods this winter. Which include a
full cage, hi line fenders, and 41x13.5 Pittbull rocker radials.


Name: Collin Placke
Username: cplacke

2005 Rubicon TJ
6” Lift w/ JKS adjustable control arms
front and rear Dana 44's locked
35 x 12.5 x 15 ProComp tires
Savvy/Currie steering kit
Currie AntiRock Swaybar
Bilstien 5100 shocks
Tom Woods driveshaft
PureJeep gas tank
JCR Offroad PreRunner front bumper
Groundpounder Fab rear bumper w/ tire carrier (thanks BESRK)
Smittybilt X20 8000lb winch
OR Fab Sport Cage
Safari Snorkel
Cobra 75 CB
PIAA windshield mounted driving lights

Story: I bought this Jeep a year ago and it will always be a work in progress. I have enjoyed all of the benefits of having the Rubicon set up, but I'm constantly looking for ways to make it stronger and better without blowing my budget! I am in the currently installing the PureJeep tank, and I eventually plan on using the extra room to stretch 4-5 inches with a triangulated 4-link.



Name: Kyle

Username: Yellow_snocone

3.25" RC lift
35x12.5x15 MTR's with kevlar
15x8 Mickey Thomson Sidebiters
MetalCloak overline fenders
SRC front bumper modified
XRC 800lb winch
quick disconnects
Banks cold air intake
Yellow top optima
1" MML Browndog
1" BL daystar
UCF ultra high skid
HP Dana 30 with aussie lunch box locker 4.88
8.8 with Artec truss, lock rite locker 4.88
Safari straps
hella lights
JB conversation SYE
BigDaddy Tie rod
Tom woods drive shaft
JKS Front track bar
Rear RC xflex control arms (temporary)
15 gallon genright stretch tank

Future plans- 4 link rear, outbound rear shocks, rear genright stretch armor and all :D
Build thread-

Story: I purchased my jeep from a seller at Holloman AFB back in 2009 after my BMW had a gasket leak in the cylinder heads. I always wanted a jeep and got a great deal on this one. I started with a mild lift (2") and some 31's and did some wheeling and learned how to drive stock. After lots of learning I started upgrading pieces of my jeep with lockers and a few other mods. I took a dive when I had to upgrade my dana 35 rear and got a junk yard 8.8 and cleaned it up and welded on an artec truss. I'm doing lots of research on a 4 link for my rear with a stretch, here's hoping I do it right :).

EugeneTheTJ 06-21-2013 06:10 PM



2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6spd manual
35/12.50/15 MTR/K
Currie Antirock
Rokmen Mercenary front bumper
Rokmen steering box skid
Warn 9.5TI
KC Daylighters 130w
Garvin Wilderness tire carrier
Savvy Ultimate steering
Line-X Fenders and mirrors
Dynatrac front diff cover
Ruffstuff rear diff cover
Midland 75-822 CB
3' firestik
Super ultra custom backup lights
Banks catback
Black Magic brake pads with Centric Premium rotors
Black Magic Delrin door bushings
Comet Tri Band Antenna with Kenwood TH-F6A
Polk DB521 speakers with Nalin MFG dash brackets
Savvy 1.25" Body Lift
Savvy 1" Motor Mount Lift
Novak Shifter
Savvy Step Rock Sliders
Savvy gas tank skid
Powertank 10# with rollbar clamps
Savvy Aluminum Adjustable CA's
Black magic brakes JJ washers
Currie 4" Springs
Fox 2.0 Smoothbodies
Currie TJJ Front Trackbar
Currie rear trackbar with housing bracket
Currie Bumpstops F/R
Goodridge Extended Brakelines
JJ housing kit
Currie mini skids
Daystar 3/8" spring isolators
Currie extended rear sway bar links
Ten Factory chromoly axleshafts
Warn 2.5CI suckdown winch mounted on coil bucket
Tom Woods 1310 double cardan driveshaft

Well here she is after the rebuild. I've done a few wheeling trips with it and it performs great. You can check out my build thread on here to see everything I have done to it. I have a lot of trips planned so some better pictures should come.


Name:Eric Menard


Year & Model
2004 TJ Wrangler
4.0 I6
5 speed manual
Transfer Case
NPG 231J 2.72 Ratio
Front Axle
Dana 30
Rear Axle
Dana 44 W/Trac-Lok
Gear Ratio
Rough Country 2.5" spring lift W/ 3/4"
Leveling spacers / Skyjacker Hydro 7000 shocks
285/75/16 Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx
16" Jeep Moab W/ Spyder 1.25" Spacer
My Jeep :)
none yet. soon tho
Cobra 800watt inverter.Uniden PRO520XL CB W/PA
Speaker/OBA system.Roundeyes headlight covertion


Mike Atkins


2003 TJ Sahara

Interior Mods:

Billet Aluminum Climate Knobs
Rough Country Grab Handles
Cage Mount Fire Extinguisher
Boston Acoustics 5-1/4" Speakers Front & Rear
Custom Speakers Adapters in Front

Exterior Mods:
Smittybilt SRC Bumper w/ D-Rings in Front
Smittybilt SRC Bumper w/ D-Rings & 2" Receiver in Back
2" Procomp Lift w/ ES3000 Shocks
Teraflex 3/4" spacers up front
Extended Swaybar Links Front & Rear
Adjustable Upper Rear CA's
Self Built Engine Skid
Better Brakes - Bought at NAPA - Front & Rear
Poison Spyder Customs Hood Louver
Tail Light Guards
Warrior Products TJ Winch Plate
Superwinch LP10000
Transgo Shift Kit

The story behind it all:

I've always liked Jeeps and over the years I've borrowed my friends or families until I bought my first one about six years ago. Finally bought my own. It was white and turned out it had a few issues so it didn't last very long. We'll just chalk that one up to a learning experience.

When I bought my next one I did my homework and shopped around. It had to be a six cylinder, automatic, and have low miles. I settled on a Sienna Pearlcoat 2003 Sahara with 21K on the clock from Carmax The thing I liked most was the color. Where I live there are a few white, black, red, yellow, and green Wranglers and blue just wasn't my color. The burgundy color looked great and there are only two others that color in the area. It was a done deal. It didn't look like everyone else's from the start. The fun started from there. Mind you now, I don't have an unlimited Jeep mod budget, so some of the stuff I bought were not necessarily the brand that I wanted, but it is my DD as well. That being said I don't go hardcore wheeling and there are no rocks in Florida, but it does do what I need it to do, so I think I did pretty good.

I had it about a month before my first mod went on, the lift. I did it myself in about 3-1/2 hours with hand tools and such. It was also probably the most involved thing I've done so far, so everything else was easy. The best part was I did them all myself.

The winch and the PSC hood louver were the best two investments I have made. The louver helped with heat soak tremendously as it lowered under hood temps more than 50 degrees and the winch has had a "return on investment" factor to it. Two weeks after putting the winch on I broke it in properly. Ran into a couple on the local beach from South Carolina. They didn't know about Florida's "Sugar Sand", pulled their rental Excursion onto the beach, tried to turn around, and promptly sunk it to the frame. It was right next to a bridge, so I used one of the posts and anchored my Jeep to it with a 30K strap, hooked the winch to their rear tow hook, and pulled them right out. A big "Thanks!" and $50 later and they were off.

It's close to being how I want it. I've had a bunch of fun with it, and I'm sure there's plenty more to be had along the way. Here's to more fun in the future...........

This is what it looked like when it came home.


Name: Mike
Username: Unlimited04

2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with: 4.0L/42RLE/NV231J w/ SYE, HP D30 front, D44 rear, 4.88's with Detroit TrueTrac's front and rear, 33x12.50R15 Goodyear Duratracs, JeepMedic engine skid & tummy tuck, modified "Soli" diff covers, Kilby steering box skid & Body Clamz, Savvy gas tank skid, Skid Row radiator skid, rock sliders with internal reinforcements, JKS 1.25" BL, Currie 1" MML, Vanco 15" brakes, Springs: OME 2.5" - 934 front, 949 rear, Shocks: OME N66 & N67, lots of bumpstop work, adjustable front and rear track bars, adjustable control arms, front sway bar discos, Viair 460C with 1 gallon air tank, rear load leveling airbags, Poison Spyder Customs Trail Cage with custom additions, ebay 'knoblockbumpers' rear bumper, some homemade stuff (GPS mount, CB mount, antenna mount & third brake light), ZJ V8 tie rod, trans temp gauge & tranny cooler, Superwinch EPi9000S on Warn winch plate, Hesco High flow thermostat housing, Bestop tire carrier, 160A Durango alternator, custom exhaust. In Progress: shock mount relocation w/ long travel shocks and off-road camping/utility trailer w/ roof top tent.


Name: Luciano Verdura
Username: AngryTJ
4.0 I-6 w/ Brown Dog 1” MML & custom Hendrix hiline hood covering it up!
6 speed w/ Lopro mount
Transfer Case:
NV241 w/ Novak shifter
Front axle:
Dana 44 locked w/ Riddler cover, Superior Shafts, Synergy Ball joints, Alloy axle seals & lower CA skids
Rear axle:
Dana 44 locked w/ Riddler cover, TnT Truss & Superior Shafts
Gear Ratio:
Custom stretched rear 4-link 98" WB
1” Daystar BL
OME 930/949 coils
Front and Rear Antirock Swaybars
Savvy Alum front upper and lower alum control arms
12” outboarded rear Bilsteins
35x12.5r15 Goodyear MTR/Kevlars
15x8 Alum Raceline Monster Beadlocks
Warn 9.5ti w/ Viking synthetic line. Poly Front half Rollcage w/ custom rear additions
UCF ultra high clearance tcase skid & engine skid, UCF Windshield armor
Savvy Alum front bumper
Warn Rear bumper w/ tire carrier
Rokmen Sliders & Steering skid
PSC 3" flare Defender Hilines w/ matching rear flares
Genright Stretched corners & EXT tank
JKS adj front track bar
Tom Woods Driveshaft
Currie Steering w/ Savvy tie rod
4pt harness'
Balistic Fab Battery tie-down box
Awaiting install:
Evo Front axle sleeve's
Vanco Big Brake kit
Front tie rod flip w/ raised sway bar brackets
Gusset front axle C's

Purchased this Jeep in 2011 with the intent of a mild build and enjoying some offroading on the East Coast. Through Jeepforum I met a lot of guys and got the opportunity to wheel with some of them and began to realize what an addicting hobby it is.
Starting out I would have never thought I would have learned as much as I have about building a jeep and I’ve spared no expense to stick with high quality upgrades. My jeep has become a part of my life as I’m sure it has with many of you.
Just over a week ago now I had the opportunity to make a cross-country trip to Colorado and Moab with a bunch of other forum members and wheel 7 days straight! It was one of the greatest experiences a jeeper could have and I'm extremely happy with how the jeep performed.
Thanks for lookin!

EugeneTheTJ 06-21-2013 06:13 PM

AngryTJ gets my vote. Those DeFenders look like titties!

LeeMasterGT 06-21-2013 06:30 PM

Awesome selection this month! Several rigs whose builds I've followed. :thumbsup: good luck all!

Hosejockey61 06-21-2013 06:47 PM

back ttt

TexasTJ 06-21-2013 06:51 PM

Voted! *bump*

aw12345 06-21-2013 06:52 PM

Had to vote for my man Luciano

tyvanwie 06-21-2013 07:52 PM

AngryTJ got mine :thumbsup:

And thanks for the vote :D

Anticanman 06-21-2013 07:56 PM

Decision was too tough to make on my own. I eenie meenie miney moe'd it.

gst95dsm 06-21-2013 08:18 PM

Dang.... a lot of rigs that really represent the home builder / wheeler. Awesome. I gotta give it up to AngryTJ though. Nice work Lu.

yellow_snocone 06-21-2013 08:29 PM

Gave my vote out to Lu. I love how his rig came out :D

Howdy 06-21-2013 09:27 PM

Looks like Redarcher has the best built trail Jeep out of this group, so he gets my vote.

Howdy :wave:

jaspepp 06-22-2013 12:52 AM

Angry tj has my vote

AngryTJ 06-22-2013 11:42 AM

Thank you for the of luck to all

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