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dharmabum 07-27-2006 09:29 PM

how would you build it?
My wife and I have been talking about getting something bigger for her with the new baby and I would take her 04 TJ and sell my YJ. Now I am used to older jeeps and my YJ is nicely built for a DD/weekend wheeler (SOA, 8.8, 4.10s, SYE, CV shaft, 35s, etc...) but when it comes to newer jeeps my only experience is my old 97 XJ that I lifted 3 inches and ran 31s. Her TJ is bone stock and I really can not drive it like that. Luckily when we got it I had the foresight to make sure it was decently equipped (Rocky Mountain Edition) with the 44 rear and 4 wheel discs as well as 3.73 gears and a limited slip so I figure I can get by with 33s without a gear change for now. Oh yeah it is an auto too as she can't drive stick. So anyways if I take her TJ what do you think is the best plan of attack on making it into a good DD but still able to run some mild to hard trails and get home in one piece. I'm thinking of Rubicon Express' 3.5" coils and I figure a SYE and CV shaft is mandatory especially with the auto's length and the 44 so as I understand it that means adjustable upper and lower rear arms, right? I guess front arms would be a good upgrade as well and I have heard lots of problem stories about tracbar relocation brackets so I would think I would be better off getting adjustable tracbars right off the bat. I would love to run 35s right now but a gear change is out of the budget for now so I am thinking 33s and when I get the money for a gear swap or a HP30 front swap I can go up to 35s and add a body lift or coil spacers as needed. Hows this sound so far? Who makes a good set of control arms and tracbars? I have been looking at kits and nothing seems to come with everything I want so I am thinking I'll piece it together using different brands. I have heard good things about Currie's arms and JKS tracbars, any others to check out, any to avoid? anything I'm missing? Sorry for the newbie questions but this is my first time modifying a TJ so I'd like to get it right.
Heres my basic outline for now:
3" or 3.5" coils- RE, BDS, or ???
adjustable front control arms- RE, Currie or ???
adjustable rear control arms- RE, Currie or ???
front and rear adjustable tracbars- JKS, or ???
SYE and CV shaft
Currie steering setup with no DPA
are extended brake lines needed or can I rebend the hardlines?
do I need to get a relocation bracket for the transfer case shifter?
Are there any problems I will have with the computer or auto running 33s and later 35s?

thejafe 07-27-2006 10:30 PM

To run those 33's go with the RE 4.5" SuperFlex and ask for 3.5" coils instead. This is a common swap. Reason being that the 4.5" kit comes with the adjustable control arms, track bar etc and will save you $ over piecing these components together. It's a very complete short-arm kit and should include everything you will need. Even incudes the extended brake lines which you will want. Upgrade to either the OME shocks or the RE Monotubes and you're all set :thumbsup: :

Here is the link to the kit on Redrock4x4:

Talk to Jason. He'll give you a 5% discount for being a Jeepforum member and his prices are great to begin with.

tplochar 07-27-2006 10:40 PM

x2 on the RE 4.5 SF. I wish I could afford that myself :drool:

thejafe 07-27-2006 10:45 PM

hmm after looking at Redrock's site it looks like adding the extended brake lines for the REAR is an option and not standard.... either way, prob. a good idea to have 'em.

Ltrixter 07-27-2006 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by thejafe
hmm after looking at Redrock's site it looks like adding the extended brake lines for the REAR is an option and not standard.... either way, prob. a good idea to have 'em.

it optional because you can just re-rout the brakeline for free

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