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distantdog 08-21-2007 06:01 PM

HELP! Stripped torx bolts on window hinge
I am trying to install my new Kargomaster congo cage...

You have to mount the front part to the upper window hinge which requires you to remove the torx bolts.

I got a few of them to snap loose, but about half have stripped completely! Its amazing, even without much pressure they were like frickin butter. Crap.

Anyway, now I have drilled into one in order to use a screw extractor, which has not worked so far. I have only successfully drilled a hole in the screw and then stripped it out with the extractor bit.

Anyone else ever have trouble with these bolts, and if so, how did you get them out?!

Mike 08-21-2007 06:57 PM

I have:brickwall, and I used Craftsmans screw extractor. I ended up drilling them out carefully and using their product. Your pain is felt.

Flawed 08-21-2007 07:02 PM

I did the same thing. All I did was drill the bolts out with a 1/4 in drill bit a little deeper than the torx bit was. Then I took a hammer and pounded in one of those 1/4in alan type screw driver attachments in to the hole. Put a 1/4in socket on it and twisted it out. This has worked for me 3-4 times on mine and my buddies rigs. Every time I have ever tried to remove one of those torx bolts they have striped.

Thunderstrike 08-21-2007 07:29 PM

When my diff bolts supplied by Warn got stripped I tried a bolt extractor unsucessfully. So, I bought a small circle shaped drill bits from Harbor Freight and cut a vertical line in the middle of the head. Then I used large chisel or flat head to hammer turn the bolt loose. Good luck.

distantdog 08-21-2007 07:32 PM

Well I feel a little better now... at least I got a few of them out. I'm gonna try the 1/4 inch allen thing method...

I will let you know how it turns out.

I think it would be a laugh to hear all the F'd up ways that people have dealt with this problem.

Fred99TJ 08-21-2007 08:10 PM

Weld a nut onto the head works everytime.

I drilled mine out and tapped them larger and simply replaced them with the larger hex bolts

BozoWise 08-21-2007 10:33 PM

I also used the circular disk cut and flathead method with success.

tjwoo 08-22-2007 07:41 AM

stripped 3/4 of mine as well. I let out many expletives, then spit on it and left. Eventually I came back, pb blastered it, drilled it and extracted using ez out.
torx = hatehatehatehatehate

bigj1974 08-22-2007 07:59 AM

I ordered this thing. seems pretty practical.
I'll let you all know if it works as advertised.

luk4mud 08-22-2007 08:44 AM

I have had to resort to the "weld a nut on method" as well. The only problem is I can't weld, so I had to take it to a shop to get it done. Before I did, I tried everything else noted above and none of them worked.

distantdog 08-24-2007 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by bruce p
I have had to resort to the "weld a nut on method" as well. The only problem is I can't weld, so I had to take it to a shop to get it done. Before I did, I tried everything else noted above and none of them worked.

How much did you have to pay the shop to do it? I went to one today and the guy said something like $75!

This is so f*cked! I have two left to get out, the one on the front side of the hinges on each side.

I have successfully broken off two bits, one in each, so now i have a hard piece of steel stuck in my drilled out bolts, neither of which wants to move.

I bought the grabit thing mentioned above. Didnt work. I drilled it in and my power drill torqued out. So i took off the drill and tried turning the grabit bit with a socket wrench. IT BROKE OFF THE HEAD OF THE GRABIT BIT. :brickwall

Talk about frustration. I am at a loss at what to do. These bolts show no sign of wanting to turn at all.

Further more, one of the bolts that was stuck, I drilled into and it broke off the head, but it also broke off whatever the two torx bolts screw into on the inside of the hinge. Whatever that is is just rattling around in there now.


mudcreeker 08-24-2007 06:41 PM

I have took a torx bit and put it in the screw then hammered on the bit a little bit , tried to tighten first then loosened up alittle ,make sure that the screw hole where the bit goes in is cleaned out good , if it ever moves a little bit just keep working it back and forth, (tighten and loosen) I haven't stripped one out yet, I have been replacing all of mine with ss allen head and a little bit of swak on the threads , GOOD LUCK and have a lot of patience with these

MillerTimeTJ 08-24-2007 06:49 PM

yeah i notched mine with a small wheel on my dremel


distantdog 08-24-2007 06:54 PM

I guess I will try that method. This is ridiculous.

Chris @ GATR 08-24-2007 07:51 PM

Impatience is the only thing that strips a Torx on a Jeep. Slow down, use PBB on EVERY ONE, let it soak a bit, put enough clockwise torque on it to unseaat the Torx, then loosen. Works like a charm every time and I have had countless Torx on/off my Jeep.

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