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madduck 09-29-2013 09:59 PM

head lights quit working
i'm using a painless wiring harness relay through the stock multifunction switch to run h4 headlights. i'm driving down the road, low beams are on, turn on my brights on a dark street and they come on, pull the lever to switch back to low beams and i have no lights.

the fog lights work properly, with the switch. when i open the door with the lights on, low beams selected but not illuminating, the door chime is sounding as if the lights were on. i just kinda wiggled some wires tonight, getting late and it's not a priority tonight. but tomorrow when i jump in looking for suggestions on where to start.

of all things jeep, electrical is my weakest subject. i'm going to check the ground for the relays, but since the brights are working i'm not to confident that's going to change anything. then i'll check the grounds right there at the headlights that are ground to the back of the grill. i tried wiggling those but they seemed tight so i'm not confident that's going to solve anything either.

where else can/should i look please?

thanks for the suggestions.

cheers, jason

Andy5150 09-30-2013 09:15 AM

I just had the same thing happen. My problem is I bought a cheap relay harness. It was from Putco, about 25.00.One of the hot leads that go to the plug that plugs into the low beam relay is coming apart, and if I jiggle the wire, my low beams come on.

madduck 09-30-2013 10:45 AM

if this were a cheap harness i'd have more understanding...emotionally that is. :D but this wasn't cheap, so i'm betting it is/was installer error. but man, grounds seem good, i'm wiggling all the wires and coming up with a big 'ole fat goose egg. na-DA. :brickwall:brickwall:brickwall

madduck 09-30-2013 11:11 AM

got it!
bad relay.
while jiggling wires and poking and prodding with the ohm meter i noticed one relay was getting warm and one wasn't. i had the lights selected on, low beams, but of coarse there was no illumination from the lights. so i called painless, was chatting with them, asked if the relays were for left/right or low/hi beam. he said low/high. so the next simple check was to switch the plugs and BAM! lights! low beams. when i switched to high, darkness.

so andy, can you just buy a new relay for a fix? good luck. i'm pretty stupid wrt 'tricity, but i can tell ya' what didn't work for me, if i might be able to answer anything please post away.

cheers, j-

Andy5150 09-30-2013 12:41 PM

I replaced the spade connector that goes into one of the plugs and soldered the wires back onto the connector. It seems pretty solid now, better than when i bought it. As for relays, Mine are good for now, but i can,t find replacements anywhere. I've checked parts stores, online, nothing. The company I bought the harness from( Putco) for 25.00 doesn't even list the relays. I guess I'm supposed to replace the whole thing if one goes out. Sasquahana motorsports has a harness for about 90.00 with readily available relays and fuses instead of fuseable link like mine has. I'll be getting tomorrow.

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