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motoxracer801 07-31-2013 05:55 PM

good battery but wont turn over and start.
Hey everyone,
Well yesterday I became the proud owner of a 02 wrangler sport. What im not to proud of is the fact that it wont start to let me show it off to the family and friends.

So heres the breakdown of it all. Just brought home a 02 wrangler sport with 116k miles, 4.0l, automatic (wish it was a standard) I drove the jeep yesterday for about 2 or three hours. I have test drove it twice before I bougt it from the stealership. All times it fired right up. Well I get it home and shut it off. I go inside for 10 minutes to ask my girlfriend if she wants to take a ride. We come out and it fires up and we takr it for a 10min spin. Then I parked it for the night. Well this morning I go to start it and everyrhing comes on like normal. I turn the key over and nothing. Makes a buzzing "dead battery" sound. Well I think no big deal ill just jump it. Nope. I tried jumping it with nothing happening. I connect the cables different ways thinking it was a bad connection but still nothing. I turn the head lights on and they were dim so I though id mess with it when I got home. I get back home and throw it on the quick charger for an hour and tried to start it again. Still the same outcome. Everything comes on nice and bright on the inside but not turning over on the starter. I tap the starter a few times and still nothing. Finally I say forget it. The battery must have went bad. I swap out the battery in my truck which I had just gotten home from work in. The battery still doesnt do it. The volt meter on the dash read 13 -14v but nothing. I could crank up the stereo, turn the now bright headlights on but the starter wont turn. I did however get the "click click click cllliiicckkkk" with the truck battery. Well I put the charger on the truck battery. It reads 100 percent. So I take that battery out. Here is the weird part. For some unknown reason I decided to connect the jumper cables from my truck battery that is now on a box by the jeep to the cables on the battery less jeep. I try it out and get a few lagged turn overs. Very weak "rum rumm ruumm tick tick tick tiiicckk" now I throw the battery back on connect the cables and still nothing. I guess I should add that the starter makes a faint "whine - hum" as it would start. Also the battery that was on it before doesnt seem to get a charge now that its died.

As you all can see im pretty stumped. Any advice or simular problems solved is greatly appreciated. Oh yes and Connections are clean that I can see. Thanks everyone.

motoxracer801 07-31-2013 10:23 PM

Update, I can actually start the jeep by jumping the positive side of the jeep to the starter solenoid. When I do that the jeep fires right up. I have to do that every time I shut it off.

Rubi4MyMrs 07-31-2013 11:28 PM

Start by pulling the starter relay & making a short jumper wire. Make sure the trans is in park & jump between the 30 & 87 terminals in the relay socket. If it still won’t crank or cranks over very slowly & the battery is good the wire from the 87 terminal to the starter solenoid is bad (high resistance) or less likely the wire from the fuse (6) to the relay terminal 30 could be the bad one. Probably corrosion at one end up inside the insulation.

zackcj7 08-01-2013 05:23 AM

Could also be your battery cables. What condition are they in? Did you check all the connections and make sure they are clean and tight?

motoxracer801 08-03-2013 08:53 AM

I believe it was the cables. I replaced them and now everyrjig works just fine. Just weird how it happened over night. Thanks everyone!

wiseguy52 08-03-2013 11:35 AM

mine did the samething to me twice. Although with mine, I just needed to clean the terminals and connections.

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