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digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:03 PM

February TJ of the Month - Vote Now!!!
February 2010 TJ of the Month Contest
Official Voting Thread

Rules and Guidelines of TJOTM:

Thank you to each and every one that entered for this month's contest. In total, 25 of your fellow JeepForum users sent in their Jeeps. It was a hard time narrowing down all the entries to a Top 10 but it was done. Please do not feel discouraged if you do not make the Top 10 and consider submitting your Jeep in again for next month. All the Jeeps submitted were worthy of making it in.

Good luck to all those who made it into the Top 10.

Without further procrastination, here are February's TJOTM Top 10 contestants. Enjoy.

digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:07 PM

Halston Pitman

6" Fabtech Long Arm Lift
Rancho Adjustable Shocks
JKS Quick Disconnect Sways
D30 Front w/ Chromoly Shafts/Lockrite Locker/Yukon 4.88 Gears
D44 Rear w/ Chromoly Shafts/Detroit Locker/Yukon 4.88 Gears
Tom Woods Driveshafts
ARB Snorkel
Poison Spyder Armor/Comp Cut/Flat Fenders
36" Iroks
Warn Bumpers/Swing Out Tire Carrier
Cobra 29 CB/Firestik system
Hunshaker Seats/Poison Spyder Harness bar/5pt harness/OEM Rear Seat/Belts
Lined Tub
Throttle Body Spacer
Performance Exhaust
Aftermarket Clutch
Warn Armor for Diffs/Engine/Gas Tank
More I am sure that I have forgotten...

The story of this Jeep is very long but I still love it. Over 7 years ago I had a 97TJ Sahara. Budget Boost and 31st and just enjoyed off-roading. Unfortunately commuting in that to college was bad. Got into BMWs but 7+ years later I am back. The plan was to 'build' a Jeep but via a random forum post I was contacted, test drove and had to have this Jeep. I am currently working on swapping the interior for a Sahara interior. Going to be changing tires and doing a little more to make it mine. I purchased it and had to do some major work to get it back to street and trail worthy. Full fluid swaps. Drum brake rebuilts. Axle setup/gear/locker redone to spec. I took it out first time and I am addicted again! Going almost weekly on the weekends and spending the weekdays after work changing fluid from water/mud holes! Loving every minute of being back in the Jeep!



1997 TJ Tub on 2003 Rubicon Chassis

97 TJ Tub on 03 TJ Rubicon Chassis
4.6L Stroker
5 speed w/Shifter Throttle
4:1 TC w/2WD-Lo Conversion
DANA 44's w/Front Rubicon and Rear ARB Air Lockers
Front ARB Diff Cover and Rear PSC Bombshell Diff Cover
Yukon 4.10 Gears
Alloy USA Chromoly Axle Shafts
Tom Woods CV Driveshaft
Front Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Adj. Track Bar
Rusty's Offroad HD Tie Rod w/dual Heim Joints
F&R JKS Quick Disco Sways
4" Superlift Rockrunner Lift System w/HD Upper and Lower Control Arms
Rancho RS9000XL Pro Series Remote Reservoir Shocks w/In Cab Air Adjustable System
Rancho RS9000XL Steering Stabilizer
Full Prothane Bushings
35x12.5x15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws
10" Mickey Thompson Classic Lock Wheels
Skid Row Engine/Tranny Skid
Skid Row Gas Tank Skid
Poison Spyder Ricochet Rockers
Crusher Corners
3” Front Tube Fenders & 3” Rear Tube Flares
Custom Front Stinger Bumper
Warn XD9000i
CO2 On Board Air
Mastercraft Rubicon Dirt Sport Seats w/5pt Harness
Vision-X Tantrum LED Underbody Nav Lights
And a CB.

I am just returning to the jeep world after a 10+ year hiatus with 4wd atv's. After selling them I was on my way to purchasing another motorcycle since I had not had one since getting into atv’s and was really missing it. Right before pulling the trigger on a bike I had picked out I thought long and hard and realized that while I would love to be back on a bike I could not enjoy this experience with my 8 year old daughter. I wanted to share this with her, teaching her mechanical skills as well as a love and respect for the outdoors and seeing all the places only a 4wd can take you. I grew up as a kid wrenching on FJ40's and we had several of them in the family and still do. While I will always love the FJ40's I decided to try the Jeep brand for the first time this go round and am very happy I did. I have rented them several times on vacations and always loved driving them. So my search began. :2thumbsup:

I always loved the aftermarket following with the Jeep brand and the enormous amount of products available for them so I set out to find my ride. To me, the TJ model offered everything I was looking for in a trail rig, creature comforts and an extremely capable platform. After months of looking I finally worked a deal on my Lil' Mule. It seemed like a pretty solid build and culmination of products that would set me in the direction I wanted to head with little waste in things I would not have done. I always try to look at everything I do and determine if there is something I would do different or if I think there is a better way to engineer it. I have never been able to leave anything I have owned alone so the build began. All work, fabrication, welding, painting and design on this build is done by me or with help from a friend. I have always been the type that if I did not know how to do something, I learned.

My goal is to build a modest trail rig that will look good and is capable of handling some tough terrain yet still be able to drive around town enjoying the beautiful days we tend to get year round in the south or put it on the highway and go for a weekend drive. I have always wanted to wheel in Moab and hope to have the build far enough along to head out there this spring.

Thanks again for considering me.


digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:08 PM

James Bennett

Engine: I6 w/ Brown Dog 1" bracket/MML
Transmission: 42RLE 4 speed Auto
Transfer Case: NP231 W/ JB Conversions Super Short SYE, Dakota Digital Box, Tom Woods Rear DS
Front Axle: TNT Trussed JK Rubicon High Pinion Dana 44 w/ Factory Locker
Rear Axle: TNT Trussed JK Rubicon Dana 44 w/ Factory Locker
Axle Gear Ratio: Motive/Precision 5.13's
Steering: ORO TRU-Turn JK Steering, TNT Customs 1 Ton Draglink
Suspension: 1.25" JKS BL, TNT's LA (Dual Triangulated 4-Link Rear, Y-Link Radius Front), 4.5" Front / 3" Rear AEV Coils, RC 2.2 Shocks (Outboarded In The Rear), Tom Woods Rear DS/Yoke Adapters
Tires: 35 x 12.50 R17 Pitbull Radial Rockers
Wheels: 17" JK Rubicon Moabs
Recovery: Warn M8000 Winch W/ Nasty Wire Rope, 30' Snatch Strap, 2 10k Tow Hooks
Armor: TNT 4.5" Front/Rear Tubes, High Clearance Modular Bellypan, and Sliders W/ Tube, ROKMEN Steering Box, Genright Windshield Guards, Riddler Diff Covers
Accessories: Cobra CB W/ External Speaker, 4' Firestik, Manual SwayLOC, LED Lights, Flowmaster Delta Series Exhaust
Future Mods Within The Next Month: MCAI, Wheel Spacers, Ford F350 Front Shock Towers, Train Horns w/ Trucker Lanyard ;), Viair OBA, And Either Rancho RS9000's, or Bilstein 5150's (haven't decided yet, heh).

Hrm, well... I've always wanted a Wrangler. My buddy Rod got a Cherokee, and then my buddy Jerry got his first TJ, and I caved. My wife and I, got our Jeep stock, and were out beating on it the first night. Within 5 hours, it was covered in mud so thick you couldn't barely see the beautiful Impact Orange color. I learned the evil of mud that first evening. Unfortunately, in Indiana it's impossible to not wheel in mud at some point throughout the day. I wheeled every chance I had up until the fall of 2008; first as the "Paper Plate Avenger" because I was wheeling before I ever had actual plates, and later as "The Pumpkinator". Once the wife started calling it that, it stuck. I was given orders and sent overseas for a few months shy of a year after that. My wife of 5 months stuck it out, and stood by me the whole time as I shipped parts to the house from all over the US and filled our garage. My goal was to build a Jeep I could run the piss out of on 35's.
I wanted it to be as bulletproof as possible, so I skipped things like bumpers and lights like most people do first, and went straight for the bigger, more important stuff (to me) since I knew I'd never have money like that to throw at the Jeep again. I spent months on spotty internet connections, and making international phone calls when I could, getting everything set up. I talked with a lot of vendors, and really got to know Mike Greene, owner of Pitbull Tires, and the guys at TNT Customs. They really took care of me, and still are. I can't tell you how many times I've been on the phone with them figuring stuff out. After I got home, my buddies (Hot_Rod_Hooligan, Imped4now, recoil101, rkates, and Gribbles) all helped me in some way building the Jeep. My goal was to get it done in the first month back, but I was a bit naive to think that would actually happen. I got back about 5 months ago now, and aside from my "poser" shots. I've yet to go and actually wheel the hell out of the Jeep the way I've wanted to (though playing in the rock garden for my pics about flopped me lol). Soon though, soon. Spyder6 and I have been going back and forth for a while now about my entry, and finally he talked me into entering with my poser shots. I just hope they are good enough. lol I've still got some work to do, and some kinks to work out, so even if I don't make it this month, I'll be back eventually. Hope you all enjoy the pics. I had to scuff my brand new paint (which was hard enough, and then bent my brand new tie rod) to get them! Why else would you have a Jeep though? lol All the times I went wheeling before I deployed, I was lucky and never once got any trail damage aside from blowing a few beads. Just posting poser pics I managed to get more damage than I ever did before. Hopefully this isn't a sign. Without further ado, here's my beastie... The Pumpkinator.



Matthew Morgan
2003 Wrangler Rubicon

5 speed
Stock drive train
Rock Krawler 4" X-Factor long arm suspension
AEV coils
Bilstein 5100 shocks
15x10 Mickey Thompson Classic II's
33x13.50x15 Toyo Open Country MT's ( I also run a 33x14.50x15 Super Swamper SSR on 15x10 Steel wheels at Badlands)
Kilby Rocker Guards
Warn front bumper
winch plate, hoop (9.5ti not pictured)
Custom built rear bumper with tow hitch and reverse lights
Locker bypass mod.
tinted windows
IPF headlights with Fatboy bulbs
Riddler Rear Dif. Cover
Tons of little things here and there.
In one picture, the best mod. of the Jeep is my 11 year old daughter, a true "Jeep Girl"!

Since riding in a Jeep as a kid, I always wanted one of my own. Fast forward 25 years and I have finally bought and built my dream Jeep. Should have done it years ago!



John and Bob Haffey

Rubicon Express 5.5" Lift
Bilstein 7100 Series shocks
35" Baja Claws on 15" Classic Lock wheels
1.25" Spidertrax wheel spacers
Superior Evolution Series chrome moly axle upgrade front and rear
Poison Spyder Front Tube Fenders, Rocker Knockers, and Tube Fenders with 3" flares
GenRight windshield armor
Delta and KC lights with HID bulbs
SMF Bumpers
Warn 9.5 Ti winch with synthetic rope
Viair onboard compressor

My dad was into off roading when he was a kid. He had a Jeep and a Bronco. He sold those and got into muscle cars. When he had to sell those, it was a while before he got back into 4 wheeling. We found an '03 Silver Rubicon with a 4" short arm lift, and we got that, but 8 months later, it was stolen. Needless to say, that sucked. However, less then 2 weeks later, we found a white '06 Rubicon for sale at a BMW dealership, of all places. Well, we bought it, and this is how it sits today. Weve taken it to Calico, Bigbear, Anza Borrego, and Johnson Valley.


digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:09 PM

Michael Castell
1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport

36" x 13.5" IROKs on 15 x 8 Champion beadlocks
Front Axle- *High Pinion Dana 44,*ARB*Locker,*4:56 gears, Chrome Moly*shafts,**Yukon Super U-joints. 3/4 ton Warn locking hubs, custom heavy duty drag links, tie-rods. Crane diff cover, and custom truss.
Rear Axle-*Super 44 (33 spline Chrome Moly shafts),*ARB Air Locker,*4:56 gears. Blue Torch Fab diff cover
Rear axle is pushed back 5"
4.5" Teraflex LCG with a custom built four link system in the rear.
1" body lift and MORE heavy duty motor mounts with 1" lift
TeraLow 4 to 1.
TerraLow SYE
Terraflex Belly Up skid plate
Warn 9000 winch, Roadless Gear In-cab control and wireless control
Poison Spider Customs*front Stinger, Tube fenders, Rocker Guards and Crush Corners
Nth degree oil pan skid
Wilderness rear bumper, tire rack, CO2 mount, Fuel can mount,*and cargo basket.
SWAG Offroad drop down tailgate conversion
The stock gas tank was replaced with a RCI*fuel cell and a custom 3/8" steel skid plate built around it.
Raingler netting
Tuffy center console and rear seat under drawer
OR Fab sport cage.



Jon Miller

Got this jeep in May '09 after my last Rubicon was stolen in January '09. Flew out to VA from NM to pick it up. She has bumpers, a 2.5 OME lift and 33" TruXus tires on her. I spent what was left from insurance money on the strikers, rockers, new front bumper,gas tank skid, and tires. Got into a little fender bender and ended up with new fenders courtesy of some little old ladies insurance.

Future Plans:
Winch, get my tummy tuck on, build a proper suspension for it w/ coilovers, build my steering and axles, and then get a cage and call it good on this Jeep. Until I can get a real daily driver and have some more fun with this thing.



Ultimate CC
Dan Honovich

Cobra 75 WX ST CB
4' Wilson FLEX CB Antenna
3-Way Vertical Surface & Mirror Kit
Compact External Speaker

4.0L I-6 242 cu in
Fumoto Oil Drain Plug Valve (F101N)


Dana 30
Riddler Differential Cover Dana 30
LubeLocker "Reusable" Differential Gasket for Dana 30 Axle
Aussie Front Locker
Dana 44 With Trac-Lok LSD
Riddler Differential Cover Dana 44
LubeLocker "Reusable" Differential Gasket for Dana 44 Axle

NV231 Command-Trac

Rough Country 2.5" Lift
Rough Country Rear Track Bar Bracket
Rough Country Performance Steering Stabilizer
Cragar Soft 8 Wheels (15x8 5x4.5 4BS) x 5
BF Goodrich AT 35x12.5x15 x 5

Griffin iTrip Auto Universal FM Transmitter
DPL Windshield Mount For Iphone
Premium 7 Speaker System

Two Toned Interior
Rough Country 1" Seat Risers
OR-Fab Sport Cage
OR-Fab Spreader Bar x 2
OR-Fab Dash Bar
Rugged Ridge Front Floor Liner
Rugged Ridge Rear Floor Liner
Rugged Ridge Sport Bar Grab Handles in Red
Rugged Ridge Sport Bar Fire Extinguisher Holder in Red
Rugged Ridge Sport Bar Flash Light Holder in Black

Factory Hardtop
Factory Softtop
Autopal H4 E-Code Headlights
MetalCloak UCC Bumper
MetalCloak Overline Tube Fender
MetalCloak Overline Flat Flare - 6"
MetalCloak Low Profile LED Marker Lights
MetalCloak Removable Rear Flare- 6"
MetalCloak Rocker System
MetalCloak Modular Flip Step
Tuff Designs Front Bumper
Tuff Designs Rear Bumper/Swing Out Tire Carrier
TKH Fabrications Frame Tie Ins
Moeller Scepter ECO Jerry Can x 2
Simple Siphon
Rugged Ridge Front Euroguards
Rugged Ridge Rear Euroguards
Rugged Ridge Steering Box Skid Plate
Rugged Ridge Hood Lock
Hidden Hitch Class III Basket Carrier






Alec McMahon
1999 Jeep Wrangler

D30 with superior shafts and lock rite
Ford 8.8 with Alloy Shafts and Detroit
4.56 gears
Rubicon Express 3.5 " Superflex lift
1.25" Body Lift
Rokmen tummy tuck
skid row engine skid plate
Savvy GTS
Savvy full Corners
Savvy Bumper
Warn x8000i winch
Full KOZ Cage
36x12.50x15 Super Swamper TSL BIAS
Currie HD Steering
Currie Flat tow System


spyder6 02-18-2010 08:16 PM


mdywglr4x4 02-18-2010 08:19 PM

Bennett is in... I just might have to vote for him. Reading everything now... his TJ is so drool worthy!

jeepinmichguy_ 02-18-2010 08:20 PM

good luck all, great tj's this time as usual!

Unlimited04 02-18-2010 08:21 PM

this quite a tough lineup...

newracer ftw, he's been a close runner up the past few months!

dualtjs 02-18-2010 08:24 PM

How do you possibly pick one?

digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Unlimited04 (Post 8922966)
this quite a tough lineup...

newracer ftw

x2, easily one of my favorite Jeeps on this forum and has a very capable trail rig. It is unbelievably tough choosing only one Jeep.


There should be a boner animated smiley since this thread could cause one to happen.

mdywglr4x4 02-18-2010 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by dualtjs (Post 8922994)
How do you possibly pick one?

We met each other in the RL.... AND I promise Hope and Change! :laugh:

I keep looking at Bennett's orange rig... so awesome.

spyder6 02-18-2010 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by digitalcox (Post 8923005)
x2, easily one of my favorite Jeeps on this forum and has a very capable trail rig. It is unbelievably tough choosing only one Jeep.


There should be a boner animated smiley since this thread could cause one to happen.

dualtjs 02-18-2010 08:30 PM

Yeah, I meant based strictly on the pics & write ups. I got ya covered :pickle::carrot::bacon:

digitalcox 02-18-2010 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by spyder6 (Post 8923039)


Going to have to stock up on these.

2006_Sport 02-18-2010 08:35 PM

Bennett for the damn win yo.

The time now is 05:32 PM.

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