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TJ4JT 07-01-2013 08:38 AM

Clutch slipping, etc. ATL Jeepers?
Hey, I need to get my clutch inspected. It's been slipping, getting worse, for the past month or so. The only reason I haven't taken it in yet is because its SOMEWHAT intermittent. I'm relatively new to the area, and have only been to one 4x4 shop. The shop foreman said they send all their trans/clutch work to Mr. Transmission, and that customers are happy with the work. I just wanted to put my feelers out and see if anyone had any experience/advice with shops in the area.

Its my daily driver and I the driveline is bone stock. The drive angle is altered a bit b/c of the 3 1/4" suspension lift, and the U-Joints wore down a bit and were just replaced (at Southern Off-Road Specialists in Alpharetta) about 10k miles ago. I had the clutch replaced in 2011, about 50k miles ago. I'm at about 150k now. Now the clutch slips, the gear selector vibrates once I start moving for the first 15-20mph, and actually got popped out of 4th by hitting a pothole, which has never happened before. When I select my top gears (1,3,5) I can go deeper into the gear, but the bottom gears (2,4,R) are harder to select, but I've never been so shallow that the stick bumbed out. When I'm in 3rd, specifically, if I rest my hand on the stick and give it about 1-2 lbs of forward pressure, it feels like I can feel consistent bumping until I depress the clutch, or let go of the stick. I don't even know if that is related, just a symptom I've noticed since lifting the jeep. Is it likely that my trans is out of alignment and could be wearing down my clutch differently?

Any help is appreciated. Just note, I don't have the space or tools to inspect much more than a socket wrench would allow. Thanks y'all.


TJ4JT 07-01-2013 08:46 AM

Also, if I end up having to get a new clutch put in, is it worth it to upgrade to a Centerforce clutch? Or are they pretty much only suited for a higher modified rig? I want something that will last, but I'm worried that if the clutch isn't the problem that whatever clutch I put in there will just wear the same way (if that's even the situation). Thanks.

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