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Moses2564 01-12-2010 04:20 PM

Build thread... well kinda...
So, I'm starting my build.

This weekend while on a trip to go visit my brother down in North Carolina after he graduated the Marine Corps boot camp, I was talking to a guy that had a HP D44 and Ford 9" for sale for $350. Well, on the way back, I picked up the axles and brought them back up with me.

Does anyone know where to find the trusses for the 9"? I've heard that there was a truss that included upper control arm brackets and spring perches. If anyone knows where I can order these, I'd appreciate it greatly.

The plan:
Chromolly shafts for HP44 and 9"
Custom Long Arm
Custom Tube Fenders - Complete, just need to be painted
4.88 gearing
Aussie in the HP44
ARB in the 9"
38x13.5x16 IROK's
On-Board Air- ViAir constant Duty
Chop the BL down to 1"
MML and TT

I've ditched the idea of swapping in a V8 for now, as I think it would be a little too costly. I know the building of these axles is going to be a huge fabrication process, but I'm not too worried about it.

I hope you guys have a lot of patience, as this build could take quite a while.

ciscok1d 01-12-2010 07:26 PM

Sounds like a sweet build. Be sure to take some pics

Moses2564 01-12-2010 07:31 PM

I will get some pictures of the axles as they are now this weekend. Also this weekend will be when I take them down to bare housings. Grinders and cut-off wheels are going to be my friends for a while.

bairy 01-12-2010 08:13 PM

Here is a link to those trusses...

Moses2564 01-13-2010 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by bairy (Post 8678582)
Here is a link to those trusses...

Thanks. That covers the HP44, but I still need to find a truss for the 9 inch. Anyone have any recommendations?

mcg311TJ 01-13-2010 03:38 PM

Here's a idea....

Ford 9" Giant Motorsports Axle Truss | 4x4 Truck Projects Blog & Opinions at 4Wheel & Off Road Magazine

Moses2564 01-14-2010 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by mcg311TJ (Post 8683612)

Hm. Seems like I will have to go with Currie's truss, and just buy the brackets from Clayton or 4wheelparts. I was just hoping there was an easier solution, not a problem though, figuring out where the brackets go should be all kinds of fun :2thumbsup:

Moses2564 01-17-2010 11:28 PM

Got some work done on the axles. Cut off a few brackets, and took some pictures, now it's just time to start grinding like crazy to get it all rolling along nicely.

After working on the axles went and picked up my buddy, his girlfriend, and a co-worker and we all headed down to the Monster Jam at Ford Field. I have to say, it was a hell of a show. Nothing like listening to 1,500 HP ripping through the air, especially in a dome.

Pictures of the axles:
High Pinion 44:

Ford 9":

Grinding away:

On our way to the Monster Jam, we decided to stop and have a quick lunch. We chose a lunch of champions, hot dogs and a big ol' 24oz. beer.

We were sitting in the 15th row at the 50 yard line, the seats were absolutely amazing, you could see everything. It was cool watching Gravedigger roll during the freestyle, and damn cool watching Taz win the whole race section. Our seats:

Pre-Qualifying line up:

All in all it was a hell of a day. Sorry I couldn't get more pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Moses2564 01-18-2010 09:07 AM

Bump for the day crew.

AngusTJ 01-18-2010 09:15 AM

I monster jam :laugh:

SpeedJeep 01-18-2010 10:50 AM

Hotdogs with ketchup? :nono:

rs4race 01-18-2010 11:58 AM

monster jam... Last time they were in this area a part flew off of a truck and killed a kid... I still want to go tho..

Oh and nothing wrong with ketchup on a hotdog...

PILL 01-18-2010 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by rs4race (Post 8712140)

Oh and nothing wrong with ketchup on a hotdog...

If you're 9 :rofl:

AngusTJ 01-18-2010 12:52 PM

Ketchup, mustard and relish, AND franks redhot :laugh:;)

Moses2564 01-18-2010 03:26 PM

A rough inventory list of parts:

Price Sheet for Axle and Suspension Build
Suspension Parts:
Blue Torch FabWorks Rear Axle Relocation TJ Kit $299.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4" RH Thread Insert$19.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4" LH Thread Insert$19.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4"-12 LH Thread Jam Nut$6.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4"-12 RH Thread Jam Nut$4.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4"-12 RH Rod End$59.99
Blue Torch FabWorks 1-1/4"-12 LH Rod End$59.99
Total Suspension:$643.87

Axle Parts (High Pinion Dana 44):
Axle Truss High44$159.95
Currie Bracket Kit$399.95
Total Axle (HP 44):$559.90

Axle Parts (Ford 9"):
Blue Torch FabWorks Leaf Spring Brackets $39.99
Blue Torch FabWorks Shock Brackets $3.99
Currie 4.86 Ring and Pinion Set $439.95
Currie Ring and Pinion Master Install Kit $129.95
Total Axle (Ford 9"):$625.85


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