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jeepgunner12 09-01-2010 06:40 PM

Bucking like a pissed off mule.......
My 97 I6 4L TJ recently came with me to college in the mountians of NC. I had every fluid and seal you can possibly think of changed before I left but during the last hour of my 8 hours trip I noticed a severe loss of power (like pedal to the floor = 45mph). Being the 'flat lander' I am I assumed it was just like this driving in the mountians with a box. After I moved in and was looking for freshman parking she started shaking horribly, I'm talking like a whipped dog that swallowed an egg beater during an earthquake/thunderstom shaking. She was running at around 230 degrees which is 20-30 degrees hotter then what im use to seeing. The next day I took her out for a spin an she did fine, no problems, no shaking, but still that damn power loss. The other day she wouldnt start at all and i had to have her flat bedded from the parking lot. I picked her up from the stealership today, they changed out a crankshaft sensor promising everything was ok. Within 5 minutes of the ride home she started somthing else. Lets say I am at 55mph with 2000rpms. Every 15-20 seconds (without pushing on the gas) she would jump a 1000 rpms and 5mph (felt like she was gonna do a wheelie) then back off after like 2 seconds of that. Then 15-20 seconds later VROOOOMMM shes flooring herself again. I even stopped at a few stop lights and every 15-20 seconds my tires are squealing as she reves up and tries to jump off the line. This is with my foot COMPLETELY on the brake and NO WHERE NEAR the gas, trust me, I was scared as hell.

Im kind of thinking my problem is a throttle position sensor, or that I may have bad spark plugs and only a few of my 6 cylinders are firing all the time. Am I on the right track? Does anybody know the answers for these things? Has anyone ever had a simillar problem?

freeskier93 09-01-2010 07:55 PM

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Auto or Manual?

jeepgunner12 09-01-2010 08:56 PM

10 char........

TinkerAB 09-01-2010 09:00 PM

not saying its the case with a jeep but i had similar issues with my old chevy 4.3 and it turned out to be bad computer.

wushaw 09-01-2010 09:13 PM

Disconnect the battery, clean the terminals and try it again. Do you have a CEL light?

Smallz 09-01-2010 09:16 PM

power loss
I had some severe power loss after i went wheeling one day. I couldn't get over 35 mph by the time I got home. It was a bad cat.

Tryer 09-01-2010 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by wushaw (Post 10057082)
Disconnect the battery, clean the terminals and try it again. Do you have a CEL light?

This is what I would do first too. You really don't want it to be the computer.

Although, I can't see it being the battery if you are able to move.

jeepgunner12 09-02-2010 02:16 PM

The mechanic i just got home from said it is the distributor cap and everything around it. Apparenly during my last water crossing, (the highway home about 6 months ago) i flooded it and its finally starting to go bad. My spark plugs also need to be replaced. Im not arguing with him that my distributor might be bad, and i know my spark plugs are bad, but why is it taking this long to kick in?

PS she was shaking horribly all the way home ~20 miles.

emahan01 09-02-2010 02:25 PM

could be tps sensor but distributor could have corroded now and not getting consistant spark. cap and plugs are cheap do them your self see how it goes if not try the tps clean your throttle body see what happens.

jeepgunner12 09-02-2010 03:42 PM

tps = throttle position sensor?

How reliable are the computers in these things? The mechanic and all of his buddys are starting to sound like if the computer dosent say it is broken then there is nothig wrong.

jeepgunner12 09-02-2010 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by wushaw (Post 10057082)
Disconnect the battery, clean the terminals and try it again. Do you have a CEL light?

CEL = Check engine light? Yea, the check engine light and the check guages light are taking turns running. Right now it is the check engine light.

wushaw 09-02-2010 04:18 PM

Did the mechanic get any trouble codes?

jeepgunner12 09-02-2010 05:18 PM

Yes, he said they were commng from the distributor cap

Pillswoj 09-03-2010 07:26 AM

BS, The distributer cap doesn't throw codes, maybe the cam position sensor but not the cap. Get the codes read and post the actual numbers.

kenmel 09-03-2010 04:01 PM

you might also check the tranny and torque converter had one go out in a dodge dakota and it did the same things you are describing . I wound up having to replace both:D

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