Advice Needed: Red Grease, Marine Grease, Synthetic Grease, Marine Synthetic mixes -
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Web Wheeler
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Advice Needed: Red Grease, Marine Grease, Synthetic Grease, Marine Synthetic mixes

My new JKS control arms instructions say to use marine grease on the grease nipples.

However, what kind is best? Where to buy?

Also, there's those various brands of red greases that are great for fresh water marine applications, and is high pressure, resists shock loads, works for wheel bearings, ball joints, catepiller tractor tracks, etc all according to my local logging supply supply store, and also the local Napa auto store. Apparently great stuff in fresh water applications, but no mention made of salt water. Not a true Marine grease, but has higher shock load ability than marine grease (according to local Napa auto store guy who sells 3 brands of red grease, and one brand of Marine grease).

Then there's marine greases that are true marine greases for fresh and salt water appliations, but they have less shock load abilty than the red greases, but probably high enough for a Jeep (as opposed to a CAT's tracks, which is one place red greases are often used).

There's also the synthetic greases, which are supposed to be great stuff. Mobile 1 and a few other brands.

There's also synthetic marine greases, which are supposedly the best (they claim).

So what to get? Where to get it from?

I don't want to have to buy and use a different grease for my ball joints and another for my JKS LCAs. I want to use same grease on my ball joints and JKS LCA grease nipples.

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Awesome stuff, we use it in commerical applications for the most severe duty you can think of. Has literally saved us $xx,xxx,xxx in maintenance/downtime in the last 13 years we've used it. I use it in all my personal applications too, u-joints/driveline, chassis, extreme heat/cold, it's awesome. This stuff is the only grease used in our dry kilns, which expose the grease/bearings to arctic temps to 105c/220f average running temps, high rpm's with the most acidic water condensation you've ever seen. Aluminium deteriorates in these harsh enviroments, as do bearing seals, nothing but the best grease is needed for any long term reliability. A commerical aicraft's aluminum body would take 100 years to deteriorate completely in the ocean, it would take 20 years in a dry kiln. You can get awya with keeping the exterior in pretty good shape, rebuiding here and there, but every 10-15 years you need a major rebuild inside or the whole thing will be a waste.

Must wear rubber gloves though, this stuff will stink up your hands for a week after using it.

One thing to add, snake-oil salemen that come around every couple years trying to sell special lubricant additives and miracle grease always bring their own testing equipement to prove their product's superiority, they pull it off with other brands, but they can never get Metalon to provide worse results than their own. Quite enjoyable to see actually, cheezes them off.

'04 Rube


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Web Wheeler
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Another thing is that the JKS arms come pregreased, but needing more grease added after installation.

They also say they're got marine grease in them and that's what they recommend.

However, I'm sure that stuff Hoseclamp recommends is great, also the Lucas Red and Tacky that my local Napa auto store, our marine store, and our local logging store recommend is probably also great.

However, I read on warning label of a couple different brands of greases, and they said not to mix greases of different bases.

Well, I have no idea what base the grease already used in the JKS arms is. I don't even know what brand it is. I'm pretty sure my ball joints have a Lithium based grease in them, or would that be Aluminum based with Lithium added? Not sure. The ball joints have whatever the local Jeep and GM dealership uses.

So what about the warnings about mixes greases of different bases? Heed that warning or ignore it? To heed it, I'd have to find out what base is already in my ball joints and JKS arms, but I guess I could find out.


Anyways, I'm going to read up on that grease Hoseclamp recommended, and also the Lucas Red'n Tacky that Napa and logging store recommend, and maybe a few marine greases too.

Anyone have any marine greases they want to tell me about, or other greases?

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Web Wheeler
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From another thread on greases for Jeeps.

Originally Posted by CJeep View Post
I actually like Lucas Red & Tacky. Good stuff. I can't say how it compares to marine grease, I'm gonna have to try that soon.
How does Lucas Red and Tacky compare to Marine grease? According to my local Napa Auto store that sells both, they are both highly resistant to fresh water, and the marine grease is also highly resistant to salt water. They don't know if the Lucas is resistant to salt water or not, though I think I read "Marine uses" on the Lucas tube.

They also said that the Lucas has a higher shock load ability than Marine grease does, and for that reason they prefer Lucas Red and Tacky for 4x4s around here (since we don't have salt water, but we do have lots of fresh water, and it has a higher shock load). They and the local logging supply store, and our local fresh water marine store (Columbia River) all recommended red grease over marine for fresh water applications because of higher shock load ability. In fact, our local marine store doesn't even sell marine grease (salt water marine grease), they only sell red grease (which they say is best for high work load, high shock, high friction conditions in wet climates (but they meant fresh water, not salt water). That's basically the same things Napa told me and they sell 3 brands of red grease (including Lucas) and they sell one brand of Marine grease.

So what's better to use on a car chassis? I don't know. Based on what they've told me, the marine would be better if you live near the ocean with salt water because it's salt and water resistant. But if you live inland where it's wet, but NOT salty, then red grease (ideally Lucas) is best because of higher shock load ability and it's just as resistant to fresh water as marine grease is. However, they (Napa) then added that the higher resistance to shock loads that red grease has is mainly a benefit in Catepillar tractors. For a Jeep, they said, the marine greases have a high enough shock load ability.

So bottom line, if you live near ocean, I'm told the best marine grease you can get is best. If you live inland where it's wet, but not salty, then a read grease like Lucas, is theoretically best (I'm told), but marine grease would also be fine. i.e. - if you live in an inland wet area, either Lucas red grease (or other brand of red), or marine grease, are all fine for fresh water applications, and both have a high enough shock load ability for a car or Jeep chassis and wheel bearings, but for a CAT they'd only use red grease in a fresh water situation. But for a Jeep in fresh water, either Lucas Red or any brand of marine is fine.

I've be curious to hear what they'd say about a CAT at the ocean beach.

There are also synthetic marine greases. I'm guessing they might be the ultimate, but as yet I know nothing about them.

And I'm not saying what's best. I'm only saying what my local fresh water marine store, logging store, and Napa auto all told me, which seems to be in agreement with each other.

One thing I do observe is that what's best seems to be relative to our local conditions, and your local marine, logging, or auto store will be familiar with your local conditions.

So I'm in the process of learning about greases. I don't claim to know yet what's best even for me in my own climate/terrains. I certainly do NOT claim to know what is the best grease for anyone else. I'm still learning, and enjoying the process.

My understanding from Napa is that a maring grease would be best for my 4x4 needs because it's shock load ability is high enough for a Jeep (even though red grease is higher), and I might sometime drive 60 miles to the ocean beaches (where I'd defineately want marine grease).

So I'm not really sure yet, but I'm leaning toward marine (especially synthetic marine grease), but the Lucas red grease, and also that stuff Hoseclamp told me about also look attractive.
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GREEN GREASE!!!! Synthetic water proof grease. Available at most parts stores.
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Web Wheeler
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Originally Posted by iCEMAN99tj View Post
GREEN GREASE!!!! Synthetic water proof grease. Available at most parts stores.
That's what I'm using now, but that stuff Hoseclamp likes is even better, but I can't buy it in USA, except in bulk. It's Canadian stuff.

Hoseclamp couldn't ship me a tube because Homeland Security wouldn't allow it. WTF?

So I use Green Grease because it was the best available to me in the States that I can buy in small quantities. Green Grease is great stuff, except that it's low temp abilities isn't as good as that other grease Hoseclamp recommended. Both have the same excellent high temp abilities and excellent pressure and friction ratings, and both are salt water proof greases too.
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