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SELB97TJ 09-08-2012 05:32 AM

98 TJ Fuel & Trans Issues
1998 TJ 4cyl A904 Thanks in advance!

Fuel Issue(s):

1. Since purchased jeep has never started on the first crank. Always starts up on the 2nd. After reading around I believe this is a leaky check valve. Any issues with running this way?

2. Jeep idles rough (when cold) and boggs pretty bad (when cold) when accelerating up a hill from a stop. Neither of these symptoms seem to happen once the jeep warms up. As soon as I press the accelerator when idling the roughness goes away. If I hammer the pedal while its bogging (usually up a hill) it down shifts and the motor revs up. What are the most probable issues?

Trans Issue(s):

3. Since I bought the jeep about 6 months ago Drive has slipped. Since purchase I have used 1st from a stop then 2nd and then just shifted up into Drive once I reached the top of 2nd. Recently 1st and even Reverse are showing some slipping (1st especially when the trans is cold).

4. 2 months ago a hand full of times about 15 minutes into my 20 minute drive home from work always at the same light my trans would get stuck in 1st gear. I let the jeep sit for a week or two and got the preparations in order to get the trans rebuilt and this Grimlin hasn't surfaced again for weeks now. What could have caused this problem and miraculous self fix?

The time now is 03:32 AM.

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