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walkerhoundvm 01-08-2013 10:04 AM

Wiring manifold heater element from scratch
I've searched and searched and haven't found a good thread on this. Plenty of people asking but nothing with good pictures, part numbers and sources, etc.

I have a newer model intake manifold with a heated jacket and intake warmer, my CJ came to me with an aftermarket Clifford intake (junk). I ran a line to a switch so that I could turn the heater element on at will, but it sucks power like crazy, and my TBI just about shuts off because of it. I'd like to hook up the element the way it was meant to be hooked up, but I have to do it from scratch.

What I need is a good, simple English diagram with pictures maybe, and if no one has it I'd like to make this thread into a good write-up on my own.

I also need part numbers and sources for the relay and manifold temperature sensor that controls the whole circuit, as I don't believe I have the dedicated relay in the bay and I stripped my intake of everything except for the CTO and water hoses when I installed it.


Joe73CJ5 01-08-2013 10:32 AM

I have the same Clifford intake, from the PO, and would like to replace it. Can you tell me what intake you purchased? I would think the same basic set-up used for the electric radiator cooling fans would work, just in reverse.

walkerhoundvm 01-08-2013 10:42 AM

I went with a salvage intake off of eBay, like this one: CJ intake on eBay You'll likely need to replace the EGR ($50-100) and plug all the open ports ($10-20) with NPT bolts.

Wire-wheeled it, cleaned with phospho-etch, and painted it with engine enamel to get this:

MoC 01-08-2013 10:52 AM

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I did mine off this diagram that I found here a while ago.

walkerhoundvm 01-08-2013 10:56 AM

That's a very helpful start, Mo. I understand most of what's going on there.

1) I'm guessing the relay is just a standard auto relay?

2) What does CZ mean in the diagram?

3) Anyone got a part number for the temperature switch? I can figure out where it goes on the manifold, I suppose.

2girlsAndaGuy 01-08-2013 11:00 AM

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Here is the one I snagged a while back from jeephammer.

Attachment 539599

MoC 01-08-2013 11:17 AM

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Cz is a where it connects in to the firewall connector.. You need a 4 blade relay. The relay will have the numbers (85,86, 30, and 37 on the back like in the picture.) The part number on mine is 024001. It came from either autozone or advanced. Here is a picture of where in temp switch is.

MoC 01-08-2013 11:33 AM

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Here is a picture that shows where CZ is in the firewall connector

walkerhoundvm 01-08-2013 11:36 AM

10-4 on the relay, I've dealt with those on my headlight rewiring. Just looking at AZ on the temp sensors, there's a bunch of them, with a range of prices. I'll work on it, but if anyone has a part number that would be great.

I'd guess most of the oil pressure wiring is there, but I'd have to dig through it...

walkerhoundvm 01-08-2013 11:40 AM

That firewall diagram is super helpful, too, Mo! I backup lights keep going out, the fuse blows. Since it's the same location for the choke power, I wonder if the PO did something when he cut those wires after installing a new manifold and carb, causing a short somewhere?

(See what happens when you go and cut things willy-nilly, kids?)

John Strenk 01-09-2013 02:53 AM

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Here is another diagram... :D

This covers both the eChoke and the Manifold Heater.

This gives you 3 different ways to wire it.
All will work.

I like the simplicity of JH's though.

Don't forget ground on the eChoke also. Not important for the intake heater but if you are running an eChoke, the ground is overlooked often.

CSP 01-09-2013 07:48 AM

Hmm, I might have to hook mine up now that I've seen JH's diagram. Like the OP, mine has TBI and the electric choke isn't applicable. It's also old enough that the diagnostic plugs and connectors were never there from the beginning. If only I hadn't removed the coolant switch from the intake and thrown it away.

MoC 01-09-2013 07:56 AM

I notice 0 difference after spending the time to hook mine back up. Granted out winters are not as cold as you northern guys..

walkerhoundvm 01-09-2013 08:37 AM

I definitely notice a difference when it's below 30 out since hooking mine up to a toggle switch. I probably would've passed on it if that weren't the case, but the stuttering once it got cold out was too much to ignore. You can literally hear the gas pooling on the floor of the manifold.

billusher76 03-11-2013 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by MoC (Post 14754218)
Here is a picture that shows where CZ is in the firewall connector

Just curious, do you know of or have this same diagram for an '83 model with a 258? It would be extremely useful!


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