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Kshorey 09-12-2013 04:21 PM

Will a 76+ soft top fit on a yj windshield on a 73cj5 body
Hi guys I know there's alot out there on this swap, but not with the answer to my question.. Ill be short...I found. Yj windsheild complete with wipers and motor and hinges, for $100 can't go wrong, my question....will a 76+ soft top fit with correct mounting hardware...I know that ill will fit the tub with slight mods, defrost ducts etc..I know its the same angle as the 76+ windhields so the doors should be fine and I know they both measure 55" accross at the top...shoud work but would like a little reassurance...or is there an easier way to get the 76+ soft top to it the 73... as the oem windshield that is on there is in ok shape minor rust along the bottom of the windshield glass...any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ken

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