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jeepin cj-5 09-25-2002 09:00 PM

Wheel spacers?
Does any one use wheel spacers? I hanvt heard too much about them. Are they any good and are they reliable?

dana60cj 09-26-2002 08:16 AM

I know they put un-needed stress on the bearings and other components and they put your wheels out further. The bigger you get, the more un-needed stress. This could be done safely with a rim offset.

jeepin cj-5 09-26-2002 05:54 PM

What is a rim offset

only in a jeep cj 09-26-2002 10:27 PM

offset= the relation of the rim mounting surface compared to center line of rim width. Example: 15x7 CJ rim. 7 inches is inside bead to inside bead, rim is 8 inches overall with a centerline at 4 inches and backspacing of 3.5. Backspacing is distance from the inner edge of the rim to the mounting surface. So that's 1/2 inch negative offset. Negative because the mounting surface is on the inside section of the centerline.

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