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mopar346 09-07-2011 08:36 PM

Twin Stick Advantage?
OK, so I have figured out that you can change your single stick Dana 300 to a twin stick. My question is why, what advantage does it offer? Is it just a cool thing?

ejeeperguy 09-07-2011 08:53 PM

With it you can have the front axle turn and free spin the back.It helps with crawling around things like trees or whatnot. Same with the back one,so you don't have to unlock the hubs. Makes wheeling even better than hitting the gas and holding on.

mopar346 09-07-2011 09:03 PM

Got it.

78treehugger 09-07-2011 09:16 PM

Twin sticking allows you to opertae each axle indepentantly. You can have 2wd low front only, 2 wd low rear only, 4wd low, 2wd high rear only and 4wd high. U can also gain 2wd high front if you remove the interlocking pills from the shift rails. But beware because you can accidently shift 1 axle into high and the other in low if you remove the interlocking pills.

BagusJeep 09-07-2011 10:00 PM

Teh standard shift on a Dana 300 is

2H - back axle only in High, front in Neutral
4H - both in High
4Lo - both in Low

What you do not get to choose is 2Lo at all or 2H or 2 Lo for the front axle alone.

This may seem a bit pedantic but there are situations in wheeling where you will only want power on the front axle and the ability to choose the ratios selectively is an advantage.

The twin stick kit with all the addons runs at about $180 for a Dana 300 from a reputable manufacturer, which is a cheap mod for a Jeep.

Is it cool? If someone asks that question of you they probably know little about Jeeps and will just as goggle eyed when you explain that it has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse thanks to a transfer box.

mopar346 09-08-2011 04:17 AM

Well, I do know little about Jeeps and that is why I ask questions.:D

I am into function and performance, but I do know there are many how focus more on looks and what's in vogue. Sometimes the only way to separate the 2 is to ask. It's how I learn.

JeepHammer 09-08-2011 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by mopar346 (Post 12140103)
OK, so I have figured out that you can change your single stick Dana 300 to a twin stick. My question is way, what advantage does it offer? Is it just a cool thing?

For 90% or more of us it's just the 'Cool Factor',
Unless you have lockers front and rear, really big tires and get into really tight places, you won't have to do a front dig to get out,
And most of us don't have front axles/driveshafts that will allow you to do a front dig without breaking something.

Front digs are normally done when you have a really tight turn to do,
And the Dana 30 front end won't take a hard front dig to make turns like that without breaking lockouts, U joints, drive shafts, ect.

Remember, full on lockers don't turn very well, and large tires makes it MUCH more difficult,

And in the situation of a front dig, you usually have to turn the front wheels to full lock then hammer the throttle to drag the front end around.
That will kill front axle U Joints (and sometimes ball joints/splinles) faster than you can replace them!

Front digs are cool on flat land, set one rear brake, nearly piviot around a rear tire, but it's impractical for most highway/trail riding, and it's worthless in deep mud since you will just sink the front end trying to do a dig most times.

The exceptions are rock crawling when you are trying to get TIGHTLY around an obsticle or mud bogging when you need to 'Slip Steer' the front around...

I've done twin sticks on my trail jeeps, but never really found a need for it since every time I try it with a D-30 I break parts,

The climber is a different story, but no one in their right mind uses a D-30 in the front of a climber...
Actually, the front axle failure due to playing with twin sticks was the motovation for upgrading the front axle in what later became the climber.


Front wheel only drive is good to limp back to the trailer when you wheel hop and break the rear drive shaft or break a rear axle...


Depends on your transfer case how easy it is to do.
Getting the shifter rail from an IH Scout makes it a snap since you get the rail that works great, and you get the extra shifter at the same time...

There are kits made for about every transfer case if you buy aftermarket and don't scrounge for the parts...

foggybottombob 09-08-2011 10:17 AM

For me is was the ability to actually shift the D300 without having to stop and rock it back and forth for 5 minutes. With the twin stick I can shift the front axle in and out as needed without even having to come to a complete stop. I shift the front axle out to make sharp turns then put it back in to keep going after rounding the turn. I use this a lot on the trail. Before I got twin sticks I could hardly shift my D300 at all. It would get stuck in gear.

SJ85CJ7 09-10-2011 06:29 AM

Mine has already paid for itself, dropped the rear drive shaft when the rear yoke on it shattered, put the rear axle in neut/ wired the drive shaft up to the frame and threw the transfer case into front 2wd high and drove home.

mopar346 09-10-2011 06:34 AM

Understood, but you could have also just unbolted the rear shaft from the T-case and drove home. So no monitary credit for the T-case mod, you can still tell that to your wife though.;)

wellmax 09-10-2011 06:37 AM

jeep, 1984 cj 7

i could see some advantage to the twin stick, but what does it cost to buy and install?

i use my old jeep on the farm and to transport grandkids through the back roads.

i just leave front hubs unlocked, shift to 4x4 low and old jeep goes slow and lots of power to pull a trailer or what ever.

has worked fine for me for years, then lock hubs if necessary.

about once/twice a year i lock in hubs and drive it a few miles as i understand that is the only way the front hubs are lubed???????????????

really do not understand this but was told this by a mech so i do each year and so far have never had a problem with front hubs, so guess i will continue to do it.

TxJeeper20 09-10-2011 07:00 AM

Its a cool factor my father installed on the jeep but you have to make sure its in 4hi all the way had it jump oout a few times and causing me to get stuck . so now i make sure eachstick is all the way back for 4 hi :p

CJeep 09-10-2011 07:52 AM

I'm with foggybottom. Just a case of how hard it was to shift my tcase before, and how easy it is now. And how sure I am that it is engaged properly.

Install was easy. Had to heat and bend the sticks, since my tranny is not stock, but easy regardless.

78treehugger 09-12-2011 08:48 PM

What you do not get to choose is 2Lo at all or 2H or 2 Lo for the front axle alone.

This is incorrect. You do get 2 low front only as well as 2 wheel low rear only. When you twin stick you get everything excelt 2 hi front only. UNLESS you remove the interlocking pills in the shift rails, internally within the t-case.

To touch on what some have said. There is the cool factor but for me, it allows me to drive around easier on the trails without having to back up to make alot of turns. I primarily stay in 2 low rear only for the trails. I then engage the fron axle for each obstacle I need 4 wheel drive.

So the primary purpose for my twin stick on my d300 is for the turning radius since I am fully locked front and rear. And I paid about $100 for my Stainless Steel setup.

mopar346 09-12-2011 08:57 PM

I'm not completely understanding the improved turning radius unless it is coupled with independent rear brakes (parking or otherwise). My only thought is that you guys are locking the e-brake and just letting the front jump and buck in the direction you want to go until you get aimed where you want it. If this is the case I would think that would be hard on parts.

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