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crumrill 06-27-2013 10:06 AM

transmission/transfer case ID
I am trying to ID the tranny & transfer case in my 1975 cj
I couldnt find numbers on the tranny but tag on transfer case says 300596 125 357020 Can anyone help with ID?
ALso anyone know where to find casting numbers on the motor? I was told by motor mounts but all that says is 360CJ

wblackm 06-27-2013 12:49 PM has tons of info and pictures on transmissions and tcases. It should give you some insight into the number you have cited. The transmission id will be cast on the side, You'll have to look under the jeep. Which side(driver v passenger) is determined by which transmission-so check both sides.

The motor casting will be on the side of the block somewhere. Also, I don't believe CJs came with 360s from the factory so you're looking at an engine swap if you have a 360.

CSP 06-27-2013 01:05 PM

Transfer case should be a Dana 20.

How many speeds is the transmission? The three speeds would either be a T14 if it came with a six cylinder or a T15 if it came with a V8. The 360 isn't stock.

There are no casting numbers on the block like you might find on a Chevy or Ford engine. Someone swapped in a 360, which if it still has the stock valve covers there may be a tag on the front of the drivers side cover which might give you more info on the engine.

Your VIN will tell you if was originally a V8 or straight six. The 8th digit is the engine designator. If it had a 304 originally it will be "H".

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