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Tubzcj 06-19-2012 07:03 AM

Transmission/4 L problems..New to jeeps.
OK guys I am new to jeeps and the forum and hoping the community can help me on my journey with my 85 cj7.

I bought the CJ last week and absolutly love it. Unfortunitly my 15 year old decided to take it for a joy ride around the property yesterday while I was at work yesterday. (doesnt need a key to start) He called to tell me that the jeep would not come out of first gear.

When I got home to try to diagnoise the problem I noticed that the Stick felt like it was in the neutral position but would not allow me to go into any gear. However the transmission was actually in first gear and i could not disengage. After reading on hear and talking to a buddy who owns a transmission shop we chalked it up to the syncronizers. (thoughts???)

Also, when I bought the jeep I was not able to engage 4L. (only 2H & 4H)
Could it be the hubs??

Since I have a good friend who has a transmission shop he told me to bring it to him with the transfer case and he would get one of his guys to go through it today and would fix it for parts cost. (great guy and friend)

So last night we dropped the tranny and transfer case with ease thanks to this forum and my handy dandy chiltons (2 hrs). Dropped off the tranny and the transfer case to be gone though and fixed at my buddys shop.

Since I already have it off should I replace the Clutch and/ or the master cylinder?

The time now is 12:06 AM.

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