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eg 05-31-2002 02:43 AM

Tj or CJ
I need help. I had a TJ and loved the thing. I would like to have another jeep but cant decide TJ or CJ. I dont need it for a daily driver but want dependability. Can anyone help with the pro's and con's. Whats the difference in ride and highway driving? I do a fair amount of trail riding and I have about 5K-10K.Lots of used TJ's out there now for about 10K. :confused: Be honest whats the real difference in TJ vs CJ?

cj7traildriver 05-31-2002 10:46 PM

there are big differences there are two big advantages to the TJ over a CJ right away the 4.0 fuel injected motor far better then the 4.2 carb AMC, other is the coil sprung suspension on the TJ has better articulation then leafsprings also axle wrap isnt a issue. But a TJ costs alot more then a CJ-7. Both a CJ-7 and a TJ have weak axles and it go bigger tires and lockers etc will want to think about swapping or at least looking into stronger set ups such as warns full float conversion and stronger axles. Deppends what your going to do stock to stock TJ has a CJ beat on all levels.

Hippo393 06-01-2002 01:04 AM

I agree with cj7traildriver on all accounts...and I own a CJ! If you depend on ANY kind of reliability, either get a TJ or get a CJ AND a second car (for daily driving).

I had the great idea that buying a '71 CJ would fill in where my '92 Civic went shoppe-bound. Boy was I wrong. '71's on jackstands. Granted, I've never had as much fun as I have had working on my CJ5, but "dependable" is what you make it in a CJ, and it takes much unanticipated down-time (albeit MUCH fun!). TJ runs a much lower propensity for maintenance. If you can afford both, get both and have more fun than you could imagine!! But if you need to get to work/school/beach daily, get the TJ.

Yes, even though TJ does have CJ beat on almost all accounts (xcept SMOG, ha ha! PPPppppffhtfhthfhthfhth!! :p :D ), CJs make getting hands dirty more fun than making mud-pies!

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