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tdkask 06-28-2013 01:45 PM

TF999 ID? Please Help!
This is yet another case where there is too much info on the internet to be able to find a clear answer, so I'm counting on the waelth of info here to save me yet again. :)

I have a '80 CJ7 with TF 999 and the trans has never been right. It did not run well when I got it, so swapped the carb for a MC2100. At that point, I though the trans was bad, too. Slipped between 2nd and 3rd. So I had it rebuilt by a guy who was supposed to be knowledgeable, but a friend of a friend kind of deal.

NOTE: at this point i had a DIFFERENT trans built and just swapped them.

Still some problems with 2-3 shift. (disengages 2nd and revs, eventually engages 3rd if I let RPMs come down)

I say screw it, compensate with driving habits, and drove it that way about 1.5 years until recently 3rd quit.

By this point I have become more confident and capable, so recently tore it apart myself. The clutches and bands were perfect. I mean, the print was still on friction surfaces from manufacturer. I verified all seals and reassembled. I also installed a Transgo TF-SC shift correction kit, which did a good job of fixing the hard reverse but nothing for the 2-3 shift.

Finally, when the valvebody was apart I noticed some wear in the tracks for valve balls, but nothing too significant.

I know everything is back together as it was, and also it is a whole different transmission than I started with 1.5 years ago, yest some of the problems exist.

So, now to the question(s) - FINALLY -

If I am considering a new valvebody, should a early 80's Jeep TF999 have been a lock-up converter? Can I verify my trans is or isn't meant for lock-up without pulling trans again?

If by chance I have the wrong torque converter (lock up in non-lockup trans, or non-lockup in a lockup trans) will it cause my problem?

Is this possibly just all from wrong/maladjusted linkage in the throttle valve linkage? It was linkage I made, and does have the correct direction of throw, but may not have the correct ratio, and may or may not have the right adjustment. How can I verify? How do I correct?

Thanks. I hope to get this thing a little closer to correct ASAP. :)

wm69 07-01-2013 10:37 AM

Tag for responses. Going to dig into a 999 in the near future, and need all the info I can get.

The time now is 02:52 PM.

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