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Stupid Owners: "Zombie Jeep"

OK, get the call from my cousin that builds custom suspension for RACE CARS, no 4x4 stuff at all
(With the exception of military contracts, nothing public)

Guy talks to the sales rep for 5 minutes,
Says he wants his vehicle to handle better.
The rep says, "I'll send you a catalog".
Pretty much the end of the conversation.

Two days later, in the middle of a MAJOR WINTER WEATHER STORM, this guy shows up on the shop floor wanting someone to look at his 'Zombie Jeep'.

Seems a Jeep dealer in Alabama took some used JKs and painted them that super obnoxious Yellow-Green color you can see from space,
Slapped some tall/spongy sidewall tires on these things,
Had some knobs and wheel center caps made with a zombie logo,
And charged new price PLUS for them.

This dude bought one, then complained it wouldn't say on the road at highway speeds...

The owner doesn't do Jeeps, so he calls me in from my perfectly half dozing stare at the CNC while it works to look at this JK...

The guys says, And I quote here...
I say, "What EXACTLY do you want this vehicle to do for you, be specific."

He says, "It goes off road OK, loggin' roads and such, but it don't stick to the road. I want it to handle like the Mustang I traded in for it."

OK, so we are getting someplace.

I say, "Take out the lift, get some tall wheels, short side wall tires that don't flex and sway, lower it to the height of a Mustang and that will be a good start".

He says, "Can't do that, I've moved to the woods and don't have gravel on my driveway yet."
I notice there are weeds hanging out from under the suspension...

I say, "Can't help you, Jeeps and 4x4s aren't what we do here, I can give you some ideas, but not much help here. There are lots of long arm kits out there that might help, and some better shocks, sway bars, stiffer side wall tires will help."

He says, with a stright face I might add,
"I just spent $175,000 on an underground survival bunker, so I don't have a lot of money, but I think we can get this done."

I say again, astonished anyone would spend that kind of money on a hole in the ground...
"This just isn't what we do here, we do street rods, race cars and we have some truck kits, but no 4x4 stuff at all."

He says, "I brought cash, at least take a look at it."

I say, 'How much do you have budged for the project?"

He says, "$1,500, not counting what I spent on gas getting to Indiana."

I try to GENTLY explain to him the CHEAPEST Basic Kit install we do is about $10,000 and go to well over $60,000 for all the goodies...

HE BLOWS UP! Says why did we tell him to come up here!
I explain to him NO ONE told him to come up here, we would send him a catalog, and we were booked up AT LEAST 3-1/2 months, we NEVER tell anyone to just 'Show Up'...

SO, then the boss gives me the 'Get rid of him' sign (Thumb over the shoulder) so I Gently apologize for his wasted trip and try to get him moving towards the door...

He's explaining he wants this V-6 JK to run 150 MPH on the highway and STILL climb around in the Alabama mud...
I say it can't be done... And again nudge him towards the door...

He's being obnoxious.
The boss gives me the 'Cut Throat' sign, that means get him out NOW.

So I ask him why he needs a vehicle that goes 150 MPH AND climbs trees,
He says, "With the zombie apocalypse coming, I will need to get to my bunker and run from them on the highway."

Great, 150 MPH zombies. He's actually believing this crap... Do zombies drive Z rated Corvettes?

So I think a minute and ask him...
"Did you have imaginary friends when you were a kid?"

He gives me that look...

Well, since you had imaginary friends that wouldn't play with you, I suspect they have grown up to be zombies.
Since zombies are imaginary, you should use an Imaginary vehicle to get away from them...
Or shoot them with your imaginary zombie gun, how about that?

The boss has tears rolling down his face and is trying his best not to laugh out loud, and I've wasted an hour of my life I'm not getting back...

He seems confused... but he left...

This is actually the THIRD guy that wanted an actual 'Zombie Vehicle'.
Not a 'Bug Out' vehicle, or an 'Emergency' vehicle, but a dedicated 'Zombie' vehicle...

Get the feeling some of these guys are a few bricks shy of a full load....

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But but 4WD will sell you one of these...


I'd rather be lost on the trails than found at home!

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That's awesome!
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Aaron, you've just made my faith in humanity dwindle even further. We should be allowed to take idiots like that out of the gene pool on the spot.

Retired Army Guy

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Grammar Test
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Oh, BOY! I mean I've looked at some of the prepper stuff and figured that some of the "be prepared" stuff is actually not a bad idea. Especially since I live on the coast in Delaware, and if Hurricane Sandy had been a bit slower or faster we would have been the Jersey shore instead. That made me realize that we needed to be a bit more self efficient and I have read and used some information from "bug out" and other "prepper" stuff I have read. I guess if you take that stuff too much to heart some people might take it too seriously. I do remember reading a blog once where it was taken as gospel that the whole Zombie thing was a real government experiment gone bad and it was only a matter of time before Zombies actually start showing up. Takes all kinds........

From an old Navy Senior Chief when I called him sir- "Son, don't call me SIR! I knew who my Father was!"
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I couldn't help myself but laugh because everything nowadays is about Zombies. Hell, I have to admit that I have been reading this year about 3-4 stories written by Keith C. Blackmore on the subject of "Zombies". Don't know why, but just started reading the series that he wrote on my Kindle.

After reading them, I feel that I can now survive a zombie apocalypse if it should ever occur. I will further hone my skills by watching episodes of "The Walking Dead" on AMC and will know exactly what to do. I'll let everyone on the JeepForum know about a little secret to kill zombies... You must shoot, stab, club or squash said zombie in the head. No exceptions!

Carry on gentlemen...

1984 CJ-7 Renegade

Restoration Thread:
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To bad you couldn't have had a recording od that.

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Interesting thing. "Zombie jeep" could mean a lot of things, not all of them bad.

It could be like my "gypsy jeep" Which doesn't do any one thing spectacularly, but does everything within reason OK. Gets over 80 on the highway, drives decently on surface roads, and handles fine on most off road trails with ease. It won't do crazy rock crawls, or likely survive a prolonged windshield deep mud dunking, but it doesn't have to. You can live out of it though, and with the correct gear, it is entirely self-sufficient. Good lights, and good bumpers means mowing down Z's ought to be easy enough. Not bad for surviving the apocalypse if your strategy is to head for the mountains.

It could mean an "assault jeep", a rig with a big engine, tight armor and tactical mods designed to put walking assaulters at a disadvantage. A big lift, Maybe even a light plow on the front. Lots of room for gun racks, etc. It won't go fast, but it will mow down every Z in your path, and keep them from bogging it down through sheer weight of numbers. No nerf bars or other ladder like armor, LED light bars instead of cans that can be grabbed, etc. This is about power, not speed, but it is still a jeep and thus lighter and more maneuverable when overcoming obstacles like mounds of corpses than say a modified dually or commercial truck. Good for the urban survivalist.

It could also mean a jeep designed for speed and durability over all other priorities. A true trail runner, not crawler, stripped down to the bare essentials. One that can move fast and fly over rough, but not crazy terrain. Desert guys, and those in rural or semi-rural areas could use a jeep like that. Something that gets you in and out fast, but can handle the backroads without fussing. Z's boogering up the surface streets? No problem; move to the washboard roads and keep up the speed. A good, high horse-power engine, no lift, solid suspension, and every bit of self rescuing redundancies you can build in without bogging it down in weight.
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150 mph Zombie Jeep? Just put a couple of treadmills in front of the bunker access door and he's good to go

Live in a way that those who know you but don't know God will come to know God because they know you.
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this is why i love working in an aircraft shop and not at parts counter dealing with John Q Public like i did about 10 or so years ago. people bringing in pistons and cylinders that are beyond toatsed and having them say all they need is a fresh set of rings. or they want their 1985 yamaha virago to run 8s in a 1/4 mile and handle like a moto gp bike
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Locally, a guy got a big inheritance, built a 'Zombie' shelter...

Lots of concrete, lots of raw supplies, like flour, honey, water tanks, ect.
$200,000 for the land, I don't know how much for the building...

Now he has a really strong place for the weevils to eat his flour.

If something did happen, no renewable power, no sustainable water, no 'Well Stocked Pantry' just flour paste since no power to cook anything and no extra supplies...
And he purchased an H-2 Hummer for his 'Emergency' vehicle.

So, I live about 3 miles away, We have a mostly SUSTAINABLE 'Farm'...
Solar Power, battery back up, welder for generator back up, a little wind generator, we grow/can most of our own food, and I make/tinker with everything here...
Clean Limestone Water well, supported septic, gray water recycling, ect.

I have JEEPS! And old tractors, and electric vehicles. If you make ELECTRICITY, it makes sense to use ELECTRIC VEHICLES since they operate on what you make instead of buying fuel.


Anyway, so the guy is now broke.
The problem with inherentice is a fool and his money soon party,
And you only get them ONCE...

He's got the place for sale, I went and had a good look....
Mostly built from those huge precast concrete blocks with sheet metal slapped on them.
Driveway is falling through, mud up to the bumpers when it rains, and it's CLAY, slick as snot and sucks vehicles down and doesn't let go.
No drainage, put at the bottom of the gully, so if we have a REALLY hard rain, he's flooded.

The H-2 has a TON of miles on it, and it's torn up from having to be pulled out all the time, (probably from his own drive way...)

No storage shed, everything sets outside,
Water is in those big plastic tanks on a trailer, can't get the trailer in and out when it muddy, which is about 5 months of the year around here,
And they are white/clear plastic, so they are growing algae like crazy...

Nothing there I wanted or needed. You can't fix stupid, even with duct tape...


A vehicle he couldn't work on,
No place to work on it,
A 'Bunker' you couldn't heat or secure,
In a spot that floods,
Bulk provisions that don't make anything stored so poorly they were rotting in place,
No fresh water supply,

Money pissed away as fast as he could get it to go, now he can't pay the taxes on the place since those were all 'Improvements'...

I'll stick with old Jeeps that are a snap to work on,
Tractors built before or shortly after WWII that are small enough for one man to work on and so overbuilt they almost never break,
An electric golf cart and Grumman job site truck that do all the work on flat land around here,
And since they have batteries, they power the house at night when we aren't working with them.

A large garden to feed us, produce stuff to sell/trade,
Some pasture land and trees never hurt, live stock and fire wood/building wood if I decide to go that way...
A shop to work on my own junk, and make cash from working on other people's junk.

SUSTAINABLE is a wonderful thing (IF you aren't lazy), no mortgage, no electric, water or sewage bills,
The taxes march on, but those are covered by what you make in cash sales,
Home business gets you a tax break,
And you can shoot guns, pee behind the garage and start up with an open exhaust without cops showing up from 13 directions!

...AND NO ZOMBIES! (unless we have 'Zombie Squirrels' out there somewhere!)

Our carbon footprint is reduced, we have food we actually KNOW what's in it, the water is clean, the air is clear, and we are pretty much left alone... It's 17 miles to a 'Town' of any size, so that keeps the idiots away most of the time...

I'm much too busy with things around here and my day job to worry about 'Zombies', Y2K, 12/21/12, ect. or what ever they come up with next to keep you scared and 'Consuming'...

I'm the head plumber, chief electrician, director of lawn/vehicle maintenance, gardener and still always WRONG to my wife!


"PREPAREDNESS" and Sustainability are completely different than being scared...
Making sure your roof doesn't blow off in the next storm, and having a well stocked pantry so you eat during the time it takes for FEMA or the Red Cross to get to you isn't 'Fear', it's common sense.

You don't have to do what I did, I have an Earth Sheltered house, NOT a 'Bunker'.
It's concrete, it's got about 3" of dirt on the roof I mow or plant in flowers,
But it's fireproof, bug proof, rot proof and flood proof.
Since I live in tornado alley, it's tornado proof.
Replace some windows and I'm up and running again...

We've had the grid power out back here in the river bottoms for 10 days at a time, we didn't know it until we went to the local diner to have Sunday lunch. Not one minute of outage for us.
With three battery banks (Dedicated, Golf Cart, Job Site Truck) we can plug into one of the others while we are rotating batteries or doing maintenance, no outages.

Debbie figures we have close to 5 years of home canned food stored.
Way more than we need, but when people show up in the summer to 'Camp', we normally feed them, and who knows how long relatives and friends will stay if we have another tornado that removes one of the local towns again (Happened 4 times in my lifetime already, and we had another close call, about 30 homes and 20 businesses removed a week ago in town)...

Electric vehicles give us short range work/transportation capabilities for little or nothing.
Inverters on battery banks give us power for CHEAP corded tools that get things done without a ton of maintenance,
And they recharge for free, batteries give the house power when we aren't using them for out work or transportation.

Make fun of electric vehicles all you want, but when you cover the roof of the garage with solar panels, you ALWAYS have a 'Full Tank' you didn't pay a dime for when you need the vehicle or some work done...
Tax breaks for solar panels are back since GWB isn't in office now, so they cost you about half the sticker price to install...

Having canned food stored and a CLEAN water well means we never go hungry, then all we need is someplace to cook it...
And since our house isn't going anywhere, I vote for in the kitchen where I can sit down and eat!

I just don't get the FEAR that is going on, and since my imaginary childhood friends actually played with me, I'm not afraid they will come back to eat my brain!

Just in case, I have the RANGE marked on the back of the "No Trespassing" signs...
Which seems to creep the local cops out a little, but at least I know the EXACT range to that point from my front patio...
Mostly for ground hog and coyote control, but I don't stress that part too much when people ask about the range markers on the back of the signs... Keeps them guessing!

We got about 8-10 Inches here, and the patio is melted off...

When we built, we used radiant floor heat, I spent about $75 extra dollars and put coils under the patio and a couple of valves inside the door... Turn the valves on, waste heat from the home circulates under the patio and melts snow/ice.

So I had a second cup of coffee, checked the weather forecast,
(weather man, the only job you can be WRONG 90% of the time and still get a paycheck!)
And left the snow shovel in the damn garage where it belongs...
I figure it costs me about $5 worth of propane to melt off the front patio, a deal no matter how you look at it when you are my age!

Patio melted on it's own, now I can get to the old black FSJ-GW, snow plow is already installed, and it's melting off the inch of ice we got before the snow, when I can see out, I'll plow...
7/8 mile of drive way here, then secondary road to the county road, so I've got a few hours of work, but it's worth it to live out here.

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Aaron, what you've done makes total sense; what those idiots are doing is the result of miseducated fear. Not to get political (but I'm going to), the same thing is happening with health insurance; people are so afraid of getting sick that they believe that health insurance is the answer. When I was a kid, the doctor was who you saw, when you needed surgery, a cast or a yearly check up. Nowadays, as soon as someone sneezes, they go running to the hospital. It's up to us to educate our kids and not rely on Big Brother, you know, the ones who know what's best for us. BTW, canning ought to be taught in Home Ec, if that's even still taught anymore.

Retired Army Guy

High Plains Drifter
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Grammar Test
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To be honest, I'd sure like to see a thread on this kind of stuff, maybe in the General Section? We're planning a move to Texas hill country as soon as we can get our ducks in a row and we're wanting to move towards that kind of lifestyle. Not off the grid, but certainly not in peril when the power drops for two minutes.

Rain water collection and storage
Sustainable small farming with maybe a few tasty critters

That kind of stuff. Any takers? It's time for this young man to get his sorry arse out of the city!


Live in a way that those who know you but don't know God will come to know God because they know you.
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Prescribing antibiotics for VIRAL infections is polluting the global water system!
Half the country is on 'Anti-Depressants', what the hell do they have to be depressed about?
This is the best any culture/society has ever had it?!
So many anti-depressants they are showing up in the water table in wells out in the country!

It's like the guys that showed up during Y2K scare wanting 'Breaker Points' or 'Magnetos' since 'Microsoft' was going to shut down their vehicles on Y2K... Just too stupid for words...
Did these guys REALLY think about it for a second, to see if their vehicles ran on 'Microsoft' or not?

If you go back to the 12/21/12 scare, what I posted about it...
I said the only thing that was going to happen was a lot of 'Believers' were going to be late for christmas shopping on the 22nd...

This has been going on for the past 40 years I can remember,
Before internet and 'Gossip/Fear Monger TV' it wasn't so wide spread...

DOOMSDAY religions reign in this country, every 'Christian' believes it...

The 'Commie' scare all though the 50's/60s got it started in earnest... Then the atomic bomb scare that got attached to that...
Like a government basement with a few tins of crackers would protect you for 2 years if it happened...
Anyone old enough to remember 'Duck & Cover' drills?
Like your school desk was impervious to nuclear blast, radiation and fallout?

I was 'That Kid' in school...
I asked why if school desks were impervious to nuclear war, why didn't we build the building and EVERYTHING with school desk materials...
This was still in the days of 'Corporal Punishment' so the seat of my pants got warmed up for asking the obvious...

The midwest earthquake scare, where the Mississippi river would run backwards and flood the Mississippi river valley,
The countless 'Rapture' scares, (some people actually committed suicide over those),
And the mentioned Y2K scare, the 12/21/12 scare, ect.
Now it's Zombies and 'Pandemics'...

When the actual 'Scare' they should be worrying about is CREEPING UP ON US, unseen so it doesn't get any 'Press'...
Releasing the carbon the earth sequestered over 3.5 billion years so we would have the 'Sweet Spot' or 'Goldie Locks Zone' we have now to live/prosper in,
And the release of man made chemicals that screw with your hormones, cause cancer, liver damage, brain damage, are long lived and pervasive, ect.

There is a reason we use LEGACY or HERITAGE seeds for food.
The old time seeds produce the food we REMEMBER, not the crap with thick skins so they can be machine picked,
And they have the actual FOOD VALUE they are supposed to have, not extra starch or oils the big food companies covet for increased profits, then pass what they consider 'Waste' or 'By Products' off to consumers as 'Food'...

These older, hardier strains of seeds have richer food value, take less pesticides, herbicides, since they are naturally resistant to things in their environment,

I piss the right wingers off when I say I have solar,
I piss the left wingers off when I say I use gas powered vehicles (when appropriate),
I piss of the tax man when I say I'm LOOSING MONEY with 'Organic' crops,
I piss off the neighbors when we talk about what crops make, or how little I'm spending on chemicals, heating, cultivation, ect.
I piss the farm machinery guys off when I DO NOT buy the 'Latest-Greatest' offering, instead getting gaskets or seals and using my old machines that work just fine,
I piss off the guys at the car dealerships when I drive by in my '73 CJ or '86 GW that fit the bill where I live perfectly so I don't buy new...
I piss the insurance guy off when I don't need a bizillion dollar policy on my home, pay $220 a year for basic insurance on the '86 GW and a little less for the '73 that has been paid off for over 20 years...

I just piss people off... And I don't care, it's their problem, not mine... I'm doing fine for ME... Let them do their own thing...

When bad weather comes, we get extra milk, eggs, coffee and sit it out.
I don't have accidents since I just don't get out there with the rest of the morons and slide around.
I've seen bad roads before, they all look the same every year... No big surprises, and I'll catch up in a day or so at the local diner on who had accidents and who didn't...

They'll have the main roads scratched off in a day or so, and I get to inspect the holes in my socks while contemplating the mysteries of why women want to 'Clean' around me while I'm taking a day off!

I watch the deer come to water at the lake, maybe forage for some alfalfa left at the edges of the hay field, and have a third cup of coffee... Maybe I'll get energetic and clean some guns, they always need a little attention, or sharpen my knife since you can ride to town on the edge and not get cut...
Important stuff on your day or two off!

I've got it plowed down to the garage, so as far as I'm concerned, we are good for the day!
If it get the drive plowed now, the county snow plow is going to just plug it up at the county road, so I'll wait until he's gone through first...

And there isn't anything in the mail I need to take care of IMMEDIATELY, or they wouldn't have sent it in the snail mail...

If anything goes wrong at work, I have a cell phone that works, and I have internet, so I can tell them the same thing, just calm down, it's happened before, It'll happen again, and we'll take care of it in a day or so like we've always done...

The sun is shining, the snow is WHITE, and there isn't a track the deer or myself didn't make out there,
I'm just taking it in and hoping the phone doesn't ring...
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Originally Posted by swatson454 View Post
To be honest, I'd sure like to see a thread on this kind of stuff, maybe in the General Section? We're planning a move to Texas hill country as soon as we can get our ducks in a row and we're wanting to move towards that kind of lifestyle. Not off the grid, but certainly not in peril when the power drops for two minutes.

Rain water collection and storage
Sustainable small farming with maybe a few tasty critters

That kind of stuff. Any takers? It's time for this young man to get his sorry arse out of the city!

Shawn, I have about 15 years in this place.

I got a little over 45 acres from a strip mining company (Coal) that decided there wasn't enough coal under this to tear out and rebuild the road to get here. Got it cheap, just over $1,500 an acre.

Contacted the local electrical co-op for power lines back here,
$118,000 they were glad to tack onto my bill in monthly payments.
A second mortgage before I got my first mortgage.

Co-op wanted $15,000 for a ground transformer plunked down right where I wanted to build the house. Cash up front, no financing on that.
No warranty either, once you own it, it's your baby.

I contacted the water company about a water line.
Wouldn't even consider 7/8 mile of new lines, not even if I laid it myself and connected to their meter 7/8 mile away.
Wouldn't even discuss it.

Telephone would put a line in once the electric company put up the poles, but I would have a $40 line fee added to the bill every month.


I did everything backward at least twice...

Gas powered generator. Hate listening to those things run constantly while you use them 5 or 10 minutes out of the hour...

So I tried battery powered tools. Always dead batteries, and those 18-24 volt batteries don't do big jobs without going dead about 1/8 the way into the project with no way to charge them except run the generator.

And extra batteries are mind numbingly expensive for those larger capacity/extended run time types, and they are HEAVY...

So I went to tools that had those little two cycle gas engines on them.
Ever try to keep 3 different mixture cans straight, and keep those little 'Made In China' 2 cycle engines running?


Solving problems by thinking 'Out Of The Box'...

I pulled the batteries, connected cords to the battery tools, and used the extra Jeep battery to power them.

I scrapped those little 2 cycle engines that have plastic carbs that dissolve in fuel after a year or so.

I started out with a single 'Harbor Freight' solar panel for charging batteries on site.
That got out of hand since it was HANDY as could be.

Charged up batteries all week, I worked on weekends run them down, and they charged over the next week. Always had charged batteries.

Sanitation started with a 'Privvy' and a shower from water barrels warmed by the sun.
Still have it for 'Campers' that show up to freeload and fish in my lake...

I've always had an inverter for camping, but it's not big enough to run a table saw off of,
So I went with a larger inverter when I got the golf cart and it's HUGE batteries.
Two large solar panels on the overhead cover, charges through the week, runs tools and gets me around the job site, always have 110 volt power at the work station WITHOUT a generator running...

Now I have renewable power, transportation, and I can run full on 110 volt tools off a reel mounted extension cord without having to deal with those expensive and never charged battery powered tools...
As they died of natural causes, I replaced with CHEAP, powerful CORDED 110 volt tools that WORKED for a living.

The golf cart was a fluke. I was looking for a set of deep cycle batteries for cheap, and the local dealer told me about a guy that just bought a set for his golf cart, and the cart wouldn't work.
I got the cart because he got a new one and wanted the old one (and new batteries) hauled off.
Worked out GREAT for me!

I learned a LOT about charging batteries with low current charging!
You can screw up charging in a heartbeat, and I did it all wrong at least 3 times before I figured it out...

Anyway, I had a deep limestone well drilled,
I set up a solar panel station that tracks the sun,
I have THREE battery banks, inverters, ect that power the house just like any other house, with 110 volt and 220 volt AC, no special appliance needed,
I paid attention to the water when I put in the plumbing,
Separating the 'Gray' water from the 'Black' water.
You have a BUNCH of 'Gray' water that works fine for gardens, watering live stock, washing solar panels, ect.

House is about 15' of glass across the front, so no shortage of light in a 'Basement' or 'Earth Sheltered' house,
It's poured, high strenght concrete, so we have a wide open floor plan with one support wall for the dome in the middle,
And we have 'Light Pipes' to bring in outside light so we don't have to run electric lights as much. (Saves on the batteries/solar power).

We are bug proof, a big deal here since those imported termites are eating everything wood around here,
We are fire proof, concrete doesn't burn, and with sprinklers installed, we don't have to worry about large fires indoors,
We are weatherproof, earth shelter is one of the best insulations you can have,
And it's self cooling in the summer and self heating in the winter,

We paid attention to passive solar, so low winter sun mostly heats the home through the front windows,

We are tornado proof, earth sheltered means we won't have tornado issues, the worst that can happen is we wind up with some broken windows.
I've been through a few tornados, and they can scare the crap out of you, we don't have that issue...

No need for huge insurance policy, since the windows we can afford and they are about the only thing that can go wrong since we can't catch fire, bugs can't eat the roof out from over us, and tornadoes can't blow us away...

Solar panels fill the pressure water tanks between 10AM and 2PM, peak sun hours, so pumping water doesn't effect our run time on the batteries at night.
If we need more water, you simply push an over ride button and the tanks fill up off the batteries or generator...
That welder makes more than enough power to run EVERYTHING and still weld off of, so that's not issue, more economy out of my diesel dollars...

Anytime I have the diesel welder/generator working, it charges the batteries, runs the well pump, ect. automatically. No need to push buttons...

And the 'lectric company, insurance company, telephone company and water company can kiss my large, white working man's butt!

Garden is GREAT stream of $$$ income.
Little green house gets things started EARLY, so the first produce to market brings premium price,
Decoratives and unusual brings 'Tourists' premium plus dollars,

The upper acreage is leased by a guy that grows NON-GMO popcorn (Premium) so I get paid well for HIM TO DO THE WORK,
The lower is planted in premium Alfalfa and Lavender, and lavender sells for more than pot did when I was a kid, and no legal issues...

If you aren't lazy, willing to dust off or wash the solar panels every week or so (5 to 10 minutes) you don't pay an electric bill.

If you aren't lazy, and work that garden, it not only pays you back in $$$ in pocket, but feeds you the next year or two on top of that,

If you aren't lazy, rotating battery strings once every three to six months DOUBLES your battery life...
And I have mine on roller carts now, so rotation is a snap!
Beats lugging those heavy batteries up and down, trying to hit specific slots when you are blowing a tube...
And in my case, had a broken back... Now I just roll them where I want them to rotate...

To save a $300 to $500 electric bill, plus the cost of line/transformer,
I can stand to dust or wash off the panels and rotate batteries every 3 months...

To save $150 to $300 on water/sewer bills, I can clean out the screen on the pump every 3 months and pour $3 worth of bacteria enhancers into the toilet every two months to keep the septic living happy...

I have about $28,000 in complete solar, batteries, water well/pump/pressure tanks...
Paid itself back in less than 9 years for everything, and most of it has a 25 year warranty...
Batteries are lasting about 12 years now that I've learned to take care of them... And I've found a CHEAP source of high Amp/Hour rated batteries that are great for this particular purpose, but I'm not letting that out right now since I don't want it to make my batteries more expensive.
(I'll share with 'Friends' but the general population/internet doesn't need to know it just yet)


One thing I learned from my grandpa, he was a 'Great Depression' survivor...

No 'Decoratives' that take maintenance or cost you tax money.
The house you live in SUCKS MONEY, and doesn't return you anything.
You CAN live in the shop, which does make money.
Keep the house reasonable, and spend money on the shop which makes money.

Buy quality, and TAKE CARE OF IT!

You can't put crap back in a donkey,
Once you piss money away, it's gone forever, so make your plans ahead of time, and get what you NEED instead of what you 'WANT'...

KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE! Don't have more than you can afford...

Let someone else buy NEW and rub the new off,
Gently Used is half the price and works just as hard as 'New'.

If you can't get two or three uses out of everything, then find a different way to do it...
(IE: Gray water, goes through the house, gets used for about a dozen other purposes since you paid to pump it, might as well get maximum use out of it.)

Glass Beats Plastic every time.

Steel beats plastic every time.

Quality work only has to be done ONCE.

Quality tools will last a lifetime and won't leave you half done when you need to replace them... again...
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