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frhrwa 05-09-2013 05:10 PM

Speakers in a CJ-7
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This is a simple way to come up with a solution as to where you put your speakers.. first, find a plumbing supply shop and buy two 6" PVC caps (the kind you put on the end of a 6" drain pipe).. then I coated them with roll on bed liner, you can put leather, vinyl, paint, or whatever you'd like... I went to Best Buy and bought the DXI 650 Polk speakers because they are full range, and dang good speakers.. plus they come with a mounting plate that when you break off the tabs, file the edge where the tabs were down to the round part, they will fill perfect inside those caps... I used general purpose PVC glue around the inside edge of the pipe cap, slid the mounting plate down inside about 1/2" and let that dry good. Then you set your speaker on the edge of it and find the exact bottom.. mark the cap with a little piece of tape for reference.. I use spray glue around the rubber gasket for the speaker, and put it on the mounting plate ahead of time lining up the holes with the speaker holes. (to keep from having to hold everything in place later).. on the speaker, the mounting holes stick out a little bit, I cut that edge off leaving the hole, you can bend it up a little or cut it).. no put the speakers aside and hold the cap up in between the roll cage front piece and the elbow going down to the fender.. when you have the bottom mark straight down, make a mark inside the cap with a sharpee right where the roll bar centers itself on each side. you'll have two marks.. drill holes just big enough for a good sized self tapping metal screw, and make the holes about 1 1/8" from the outer edge.. that recesses the speaker so its not protruding into the back seat area.. my speaker wires "will" be fed into the bottom of the roll bar and fed up to the speaker area where another hole will be, use large rubber grommets on each end, easy to fish up, just shove a bunch of wire in, use a piece of #14 ground wire with a little hook in it, shove it down the inside and turn it a little, it will catch the speaker wire and you can put it up and out.. drill a hole in the cap for the speaker wire farther back than the mounting screw hole (towards the window).. its PVC and you can if you want use a grommet, I didn't since its just plastic and not liable to cut my wires).. IF you use a grommet, get one with a large heart (center), the cap is thick.. I then sprayed the inside of the caps with the glue, put my insulation in (cut it round for the back, and long strips for the sides.. Take out your self tapping screws you got for mounting the cap to the roll cage, start them in the cap so you can slip them into the holes you've drilled in your roll bar, tighten them down, I put red thread lock on mine, you can put Jb weld on them and screw them in if you're into some really rough off roading.. Feed the speaker wire in to the cap, put the spade lugs on, getting the positive on the correct wire and using the larger of the two spade lugs.. Next, seat your speaker into the cap and push carefully back to the mounting plate (don't forget to put the speaker wires on the lugs).. put the outside cover plate on matching up the holes, I use a nail to find the holes before sticking a screw in to find out I'm off 1/16th of an inch.. screw them down, then VERY carefully fit the screen cover back on starting at the bottom, it fits in that groove on the mounting plate as you'll see.. hopeful that I didn't miss anything.. its really simple as you can see in the pictures.. the originals we built in the 70's were made from 6" metal tube, cut the back and welded it on.. drilled holes for the speaker wire, put the grommet in, welded in tabs to mount the speakers to, put the sound material inside, welded the tubes onto the roll cage (no one steals these speakers).. and assemble the rest.. always looked great, but this PVC trick is easy, quick, and doesn't require all the cutting metal and welding.. back then we were building 2" black metal tube full cage roll bars, so it was a snap to do while out of the jeep.. mine sound terrific.. if you do it, post some pics of how yours came out and what you think.. wayne

ramjett 05-09-2013 06:14 PM

Looks good and super easy.

frhrwa 05-09-2013 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by ramjett (Post 15413104)
Looks good and super easy.

oh, forgot to mention, if you go with the dome tweeters like Polk has with these speakers, you can put them on the front dash in the old speaker locations.. and... if your really want some bang for your buck, get 8" caps and put some woofers in them .. along with a good set of midrange/tweeter combo's you'd have a kick A$$ sounding jeep!.. I bought the 8" caps, but just decided I didn't need that MUCH sound in my jeep, these put out some really nice sound as it is..

ferday 05-10-2013 12:48 PM

very cool, thanks for posting this. looks great, i'd like to get rid of my 6x9's screwed to the wheel well, they sound horrible and the kids whack themselves all the time on the speaker box

CJ7KAHUNA 05-10-2013 12:52 PM

Actually someone posted a speaker build thread a while back with a step by step on building that exact enclosure type. Mounting was different though. Cool idea.

lucdog 05-10-2013 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by CJ7KAHUNA
Actually someone posted a speaker build thread a while back with a step by step on building that exact enclosure type. Mounting was different though. Cool idea.

That would be Dadamsnv . The thread is, how I made my jeep more awesome. IIRC.

Thbugman 05-10-2013 06:24 PM

Looks great! I'm looking to do something similar.

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