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Fjguercio 12-08-2009 03:07 PM

SPARE Axle Storage Ideas.... any other ideas?

AXLE STAND, holds 4 axles
Needs a bit more space between axles so the measurements below are bigger by 1-2” between the axles than the pics above

So start with 40 “ 4x4 that will be little taller than the 35” of post/rod height needed. The top can be notched to hold a set of extra axles or similar. The posts above are 34” and a bit too short.

So need
Qty 2 4x4 that are 40” long and sq cut
Qty 2 or 4, 2x6” feet that are 15” long and cut sq… if use 4 feet they will be doubled up, stronger
Qty 1 2x6 that is 30 in long for back floor brace
Qty 1 2x4 that is 30 in long for back top brace
Qty 6 elect conduit cut to 8” long, they are ¾” conduit I think almost 1” OD and used 1” spade wood drill
Qty 4 large ¼ to 3/8 lag bolts 4-5” long to go thru the feet(s) and secure most of way into 4x4. PreDrill Holes. This is where all the stress is so get good stuff and the correct length. Should go thr ¾ or 2/3 of the 4x4.

The 4x4 will have 1” holes drilled at 12 – 14 deg angle at 16” , 25” , and 35” from the bottom. This will be 9” above the 2x6 feet or 1st level, then up 9” from second level, and 10” up from the 3rd level. I have big brakes and 44 rears that all have 11” drums, so if you have smaller drums you can lower each level by 1”. Knotch the top of 4x4 with circular saw set at 30 deg angle for a 5th storage location.

Mount feet so 3.5” is behind the 4x4, pre drill and then mount with lag bolts & large washers. Large washers give lag bolt head more area so they stay tight. I suggest double feet on each side for strength. Then mount the back floor brace so 4x4 are 30 in across external dimentions. Do the same with the top back brace 2x4. Use std wood screws I used SS deck screws 2” long and used 2 per side.

The first axle on bottom feet secrures the load and makes the system stationary and sturdy.

You can also tie top cross brace to wall with 2x4 or 4x4 for added strength and to keep for tiping. I did not do this, felt pretty strong to me.

Nice cheap way to store axles.

I did a lot of google searches and gen looks and found almost nothing. Do you guys have other good ideas?? Lets see them. This could be done with metal. It would be more money for materials, stonger, but I do not have a welder.

I had all these materials even the lag bolts. My bolts were a little short that is why I did not use double feet like suggested above.


MoC 12-08-2009 03:24 PM

Looks good! If you need some help I can store some dana 60's or dana 44's under my jeep for you. Of course since I am offering this service to you free of charge I would need you to pay to have them shipped to me....


bigjoe 12-08-2009 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Fjguercio (Post 8436918)

That's a nice set of free weights you got there Fred.:D

Nice way to free up space.:thumbsup:

Fjguercio 12-10-2009 08:54 AM

The only axle that may look for storage is the AMC 20 3.54 gears and solid axles. I have 3.54 and was going to use the 1 pc axles and spare parts because I have BIG BRAKES AMC 20 3.54 gears. The others are 3.73 geared axles so will be changing to Dana 44 3.73 gears and ARB or Ox in rear and Dana 30 3.73 front with TrueTrac. I will keep the big brake AMC 20 becasue they were only made a few yrs. So looks like I do have a AMC 20 3.54 solid moser axles, new bearings, new brakes & drums that could be sold off.

As for the free weights..... you are not kidding I lifted all those up there 3 reps to get the right distance. The Dana 44 seem to be the heavest so I take off the drums before lifting and seems to help quite a bit. Takes 40-50# off the axle. I would guess the axles are in the 150-200# range.

But 4 axles fit in a 18" distance from the wall and approx 3 ft tall. Prior I had them on the floor stacked on 4x4 and 6x6 hunks of wood to raise and offset the drums. I kinda stacked them on each other. That works well if you ony have 1-2 spares.

Thanks for taking a look.

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