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74Maverick 02-03-2013 05:38 PM

Soft/hard top idea.
So I have an idea of cutting a junk cj7 top down to bikini length, mounting it spaced above my roll bar, and then taking a carefuly cut and sewn set of 2 soft peices of top down to the sides and having a large clear rear window cut to go to the taigate following the roll bar slant. This would give me a fastback top, with a hard roof and removable/roll up rear window and a removable sides. All basically a a top that can be quickly turned into a bikini hardtop.

Anybod ever thought of someting like this or even actually made one. Even just a bikini hardtop?

Heyjack 02-03-2013 06:36 PM

Sounds like a neat idea, I haven't seen one like that.

only in a jeep cj 02-04-2013 12:03 AM

Yep, I thought of the hard bikini top years ago when I tried using a normal bikini and it just kept pissing me off. A buddy wrecked his jeep and destroyed the hardtop. Lucky for me, he didn't bolt the front up and just the rear and sides were destroyed. So I have just the top section ready to cut to bikini size. I'm going to end it at the roll bar and use wide Velcro straps to wrap it around the bar while resting on two spacer blocks to position it at the correct height. I'm 99% sure I'll trim back the sides so it looks more like a reg bikini top and having the upper door seal looks kinda weird. But I don't know. I'll secure the front with the normal screws using the metal strip, or use thumb screws. I think anything more, like a plastic back or soft sides would not only over complicate things, but go against the idea of a hard bikini top in the first place... Well me me anyway.

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