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BDP72 04-02-2014 01:15 PM

Rebelcon (1986 cj7 build)
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Some of might remember me, I started a build about a year ago and didn't get started good and life happened. I want go in to details on that, but I will say it ate up my funds and was a real blessing. It actually gave me some time to read through some threads and make a decision on what I actually want to do. I even came up with a name for my jeep (Rebelcon) during football season when I took my boys to watch our favorite team, Ole Miss Rebels. I also looked at a lot of jeep pic on the old interweb and found this pic. I don't know who's jeep it actually is, but had this color combo in my head, (less the yellow lock rings) just wasn't sure what they would look like together. After seeing this yj, I have to say I like it. Some of the things I plan to do is custom roll cage, Yj spring lift, DIY bead locks, tube fenders, body armor, interior make over, a 5.3 ls engine and drivetrain upgrade, and what every else my redneck can dream up.

WindKnot 04-02-2014 06:59 PM

The Jeep in the pic is suffering from an identity crisis.:(

BDP72 04-07-2014 05:22 AM

Had to cut my last post short to pick my son up at school and take him to ball practice, but I told things I plan on doing so here's a few things that I have done. Build back bumper and tire rack, front bumper ( which I'm not happy with and going to redo ), team rush upgrade, weber 38 carb, long tube header, tuffy overhead console, champion aluminum radiator, electric fan, and installed a stereo system (got a few bugs to work out with that) But right now I'm working on getting all the parts together to repair a collapse lifter. Almost got all of them just having a little trouble finding the right head bolts, but hopefully a call to ARP will get that took care of.

BDP72 04-07-2014 05:25 AM

I forgot to say that once I get her back together I'll get some pic to post. I had some of the stuff I've done but lost them on a phone update. Stupid iPhone!

BDP72 04-15-2014 12:39 PM

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Still waiting on head bolts, hopefully brown Santa will drop them off this evening. In the mean time I went ahead and installed a Hayden trans-cooler I got from summit racing. I first installed it with the plastic ties that it came with, but I just didn't think it would hold up out on the trail. Well a trip to Lowes, and picked up some 3/4" x 8' aluminum angle. Then fab 2 stand off brackets that I riveted to the mounting flanges on the sides of my champion radiator. Next I cut 2 pieces long enough to reach across the stand offs, and bolted them to the stand offs. Then I cut 2 more a little longer that the trans-cooler, and used them to clamp the trans-cooler in place. But before I clamp it, I lined the inside of all 4 angles with 3 layers 3m's 130c rubber splicing tape. Finally run hoses and installed radiator back in grill .

BDP72 04-25-2014 10:31 AM

Well got in the right head bolts and every 2 head gasket kits she's running again. Pics r coming soon.

BDP72 06-06-2014 12:50 PM

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I have not got to work on rebelcon in a while due to baseball season, but did manage to take it wheeling and have a little fun with my two boys last weekend (Tried to download some picks but it keeps day they exceed the mb limit). Run find I until we started to leave, and it blowed the ign fuse. Replaced the fuse and run fine till we made a left hand turn, it would blow again. After replacing the ign module, taking apart the steering column and removing the dash, I found the short under the hood. Back when I replaced my carb with a weber 38, I no longer the the plug and wires that plugged into the old carb. So I taped them to the wiring harness, but but sometime during my many motor upgrades and repairs I pulled one off them lose. And it found its way to the header, witch melted the plug and exposing the terminals. Then every time I turn left the wire would swing over and hit the header blowing the fuse. Then when you straighten out the wire would swing back in behind the steering shaft, break cylinder, hoses, and everything else on that side where u could not see it. Now I told you that story to get to this one. Since I had the dash out I decided to go ahead and clean and re furbish it. I took duple color vinyl paint and refinished the dash pad, sanded the dash panel and repaired it . And that's where I stand today waiting on brown Santa to drop off all the other goodies I order. But here is a preview off the new dash.

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