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Jimi Hendrix 10-08-2002 10:43 AM

Questions about buying.
I own a 97 SE auto. Although I take it off road and absolutely love it, the fact that it is not a manual and the pathetic power in the engine has given me a real itch for a new Jeep. I've only owned it for about a year now too. It's got about 66,000 miles, in great working order, and has a new set of 31's BFG muds on it. Here's a couple pictures of it.

Anyway, I checked the blue book value on it last night and it said around 9,000$.

I was driving home yesterday and saw a CJ7 for sale. I pulled over and got some specs on it. It is a CJ7 Laredo with a I6 and 5 speed. 33X12.50 SS TSL's with about 60% tread left. Has a 3 or 4" superlift. Aftermarket tubular bumpers and lights. The exterior is nearly in perfect order, even with a brand new soft besttop and doors. The entire was in good condition too. Nice sound system, no rust to mention of, no dents, underside was in good condition appearance wise. Anyway, I haven't gotten to test drive it, but am assuming it is in working order since it's obvious the owner took great care of it. The engine has 140,000 miles on it. I checked the blue book value on it and it was around 2-3000$. The guy was asking 7000$ or OBO. I know he's tryin' to get money for modifications.

Well, I loved the look of it and have always heard that CJ7's were dependable. I think this would satisfy the itch I have for more power and a manual. Plus it would honestly be cheaper than modding my own to get what I want. Assuming that everything mechincal is in good working order, would it be worth getting and selling mine? What kind of price should I offer?

Sorry about the long post. Long time Jeep kid, but new to the whole CJ field. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jimi Hendrix

NaeKid 10-08-2002 10:53 AM

The price of $7,000 sounds a little high .. but if the body is straight, rust free and original paint from the factory, it could be worth it.

Does it have the "expensive" goodies on it, or just the good lookin' goodies?

I have heard of prices of stock YJ's being as low as $3,000 .. so I would consider offering something in that range .. and add the price of the lift-kit and tires .. $4,000 to $5,000 I think would be a decent deal (without going through it with a fine-tooth comb).

Talk to the guy some more, bring a mechanic friend with you .. and if your mechanic friend says "I will buy it if you don't" .. take the Jeep :D

Jimi Hendrix 10-08-2002 11:00 AM

I thought it was a little up there too price wise. I will talk to him later today after class hopefully and get some more indepth specs. I don't think this was a show Jeep and believe it has more than just the appearance items. Hopefully I'm right.

What would be some things to check for when I look at it and talk to the owner?

Thanks again.

NaeKid 10-08-2002 11:12 AM

Like I said .. as long as the standard points of rust are clean on the body the tub should be fine.

Look on the frame-rails .. near the rear-spring hangers, rusting of the frame can happen regularly (tap with metalic object to listen to the sounds the frame makes). Run the engine listening to knocks and taps and such .. if it sounds weird, it is.

Drive it .. does the transmission make strange sounds? Listen to the axles as they turn .. any grinding? Listen to the brakes .. do they squeek/grind/hum?

Like I said .. bring a mechanic friend along .. if you are tradin' in your TJ for something older, expect minor things to be wrong with it. There isn't a vehicle made that doesn't have problems .. you are just hopin' to minimize the possible expensive problems.

werewolf7111 10-08-2002 06:40 PM

ahhh, it has been said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

so it is with you

lets first address common financial sense- in the financial world- "value' is determined by a book- in the "real" world, value is determined by what you want VS what you can reasonably afford
in the end"value" is determined by what you can get out of it( not always measured in dollars)

if you want the "power" and "feel" of a show jeep- I can appreciate that ( im not in the show jeep business, i build them to survive) and i respect those who want that.

i think its CJdanny who says in his subscript( if im wrong forgive me) but it says: REAL jeeps arent bought, theyre BUILT- I agree with that philosophy 100%

my personal suggestion is to start hunting( I've bought 3 off of ebay) for a low priced project jeep

then BUILD it to suit YOU

there is ( to me) no greater satisfaction than saying "I did it MY way" and the pride and confidence and "knowing" YOUR machine

no vehicle ever made can say that it played a key role in preserving every ideal we hold dear and those who are true jeepers understand this. No vehicle ever made can say it EARNED its reputation from the trails of wherever to the shores of Normandy.

With that said, put your money in YOUR jeep- call it a learning /growing experience or whatever. Make that 7k or whatever be YOUR design. ( let some yuppie buy a pre made jeep and be a couch hero)

Thats what owning a jeep means. ( for real- why do you think we jeepers put outrageous money in a vehicle we know we couldnt recover it in, take this high priced vehicle and then take it on a trail etc.) [ you ever seen a mazda 626 forum?]

a jeep isnt just a vehicle- its a mindset

sorry to get long winded- but keep what you have and build your own jeep, when you do, "she' will be what you want, be there for you, and be what YOU want her to be.

joe MSME,PE.

PS. yeah today we ride HUMMERS to fight for freedom (a HUMMER is a JEEP " the next generation") but when we are in those deserts, we "old" ones remember the days of old when a jeep often meant the difference between life and death, victory or defeat ( this was before the internet) and at night, when its still, we still hear that distinctive sound of a jeep coming- knowing that help is on the way

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