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BESRK 07-13-2010 07:06 AM

Properly titling your threads.. new format.. Please read!!
We are trying to make the forum more efficient during "searches". Therefore, I need everyone to try and clarify their thread titles a bit better.

No more of the "need help", "electical issue", "what's this?", "I hate this"....etc.

From now one, ask your primary question in the title if you can. For instance..

Instead of "disk brake swap", try to use something like "what parts do I need to swap disks onto a rear D44".

Instead of "electrical issue", use something like "volt meter won't go past 11 while Jeep is running"...etc.

All Moderators have been instructed to screen threads for proper titling and Tagging. If your titles seem vague, we will edit the title for you. My method usually involves just cutting/pasting your question from the first post right into your title. However, that may make it a little more difficult for some to locate their own thread in the forum. Solution... title your thread properly so I don't have to..:thumbsup:

The time now is 08:51 PM.

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