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We were just talkin' volumes and pressures, I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to use pure O2 to fill up their tires, but there is a lot of stupid chit on the internet... I too am in the gas industry as an inspector, and know the dangers of trying to adapt the wrong fittings, and how corrosive CO2 can be, I actually over saw the construction of a new CO2 compressor station in Lake Charles, La., last winter, which was a first for me, pretty interesting stuff.. anyway, anyone who uses CO2 for tires could just take a little extra time whenever it's time to get new tires and just go over their wheels, check them, repaint or whatever is needed, but honestly I've never heard any stories of wheels being ruined by using it...I believe, actually, that it's way more corrosive in it's liquid state than as a gas, you have some good points, but probably just over thinking what my original questions were about.

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Originally Posted by lucdog View Post
As to the SCBA tanks, this is what I use in one of my trail Jeeps.
It is a 80 cubic foot bottle.
Fire departments use these bottles and regulators for a number of air tools, air chisels being the main tool. The CFM/PSI depends on the regulator.
I fill 4, 36/13.50/15 IROC's from 4 to 20PSI. 4 times, with 800 PSI left in the tank. Just as fast as the guys with York OBA and a 6 gallon tank.
After every use the regulator is removed and the tank shut off.

Here's a picture of the regulators we/I use. Granted it was expensive.
On edit, all of the new SCBA bottles we buy are Kevlar wrapped to my knoweledge.
Now we're getting somewhere... these are the regulators I was thinking about.. what type of gas did you say you use? And you can run air tools with this set up, correct? Maybe a picture of your bottle for reference??
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I was IGNORANT of the subject 30 years ago when we first tired it (and no one else was running it around here)...
I used it quite a while, but I got over it, just like everyone does eventually.
Everyone I know gets tired of lugging them around and getting them refilled...

I had no idea the difference in regulators, so I purchased a small regulator with gauges.
Small regulator means small volume (something to do with valving) and so I got a small output.
If I'd gone with the higher volume regulator (which I'm stubborn, once I purchased he small one, I wasn't going to shell out for the high volume unit) I could probably bang away on an impact wrench like the guys that do the $500 rigs do...

Scuba Regulators are small, so they are low volume,
You can't over breath one no matter how hard you try... (and I've seen people hyperventilate and pass out trying to prove that wrong),
But there isn't enough VOLUME that will pass through a breathing regulator for most tools...
(Yes, I tried scuba tanks in the Jeep too... When I say I've tried every hair brained idea that has come down the pike, I mean that quite literally... )


I'm a Certified Nitrox and mixed gas diver, Military trained, So I work with pure O2 in the nitrox filling and with the re-breathers...
And what the guy was saying about O2 cleaning is correct, if irrelevant to the discussion.

I HOPE no one is stupid enough to use O2 in a tire!

You put pure O2 to tire rubber, and if it doesn't burst into flames, the O2 will kill it in short order,
Rubber O rings are strictly forbidden in O2 systems... they have and will burst into spontaneous combustion.. Strictly Teflon seals in a pure O2 life support system, I don't know about industrial applications.

Bursting into flames is NOT an exaggeration!
Burning is an OXIDATION process and you would be supplying the O2 under pressure for that Oxidation process to happen,
And virtually EVERYTHING will catch fire in a high enough pressure O2 environment.
Some metals aren't even safe...

I don't have any idea what the pure O2 pressure threshold is of tire rubber, and I don't want to know if it's my tires! And I don't want to be around for the blast/fire that will happen...


Originally Posted by foggybottombob View Post
The best part about the 150 psi regulator was that I could fill a 33" tire from 12# to 28# in about 55 seconds while it takes minutes for the guys who have the smittybilt electric air compressors. The main advantage of the CO2 system is speed.
I like my electric compressor with a regulator and some storage tanks under the body.
No tank taking up space in a LITTLE CJ-5,
With regulator and/or pressure switch, locking chuck, I stick the air hose on the tire and walk away,
I don't have to baby sit with a regulator,
When the compressor kicks off, I just move the hose to another tire and lock it on, and continue with my 'Post Trail Cocktail' and BS session!

One hand operation, no lugging a tank around, no room taken up in the passenger/cargo areas, and I don't have to remember to get the #$%* tank filled!
The engine doesn't have to be running,
And with a large line, I can run an impact wrench with no issues.

With regulator, anything from 150 PSI on down is the rule of the day...
Air up the tanks while I'm wheeling...
Use the air to keep the water out of the axles, transmission, transfer and distributor when we are up to the windshield frame in water!
(my inlet hose is in the windshield frame, compressor mounted in the engine bay next to the master cylinder, so I CAN get the compressor underwater, but the inlet line has to be above the water level...

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Adapting SCBA

Bill (Lucdog), What I have is a 2600 PSI retired SCBA bottle from the VFD of which I am a member . I have seen pics on other threads where it looks like O2 regulators have been used on these bottles to regulate the pressure down to say 90 PSI. Is that what you ended up using. Since this bottle is out of cert, I will likely not carry it filled to capacity, but I thought it would be handy to carry in my 7 for portable trail air.


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