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cj7Sswampers 09-10-2009 08:10 PM

"Old Sarge" CJ7 Build Thread

This is going to be an ongoing thread, updates will be made as they happen.

So, the story so far is I wanted a Jeep, naturally. I owned a 1995 Acura Integra, and no cash, well a little anyway. After many mothes of seaching, (and not really knowing what I was was searching for) I found a guy who said he would trade his Jeep for my car, straight up. In the pictures the thing loked huge. I thought it was a good deal. I just had to go get it, and over the course of the next couple days, got the truck, trailer, and other stuff lined up.

We meet this guy at his shop, it was in Ovid, NY, and he's on a bike, so we blast to his buddies house, where the Jeep was. We rounded the corner and there it was. It looked huge, and it was. Heh. Thats when the guy started it up, and had a pretty difficult time doing so, I started to worry. I was like "Oh, crap, what did I just do." Then as he was lookign over my car, and rudely ripping it down the road, he told me maybe not because I hadn't told him EVERYTHING with the car. But then I went to the Jeep and slammed the door, which promptly dropped an inch, saying,"neither did you!"

Anywho he go the Jeep on the trailer, one of those long U-Haul joints, and had to run right over the fenders to get on. The tires hung off either side about 4-5 inches! A 3 hour drive and we were home. And so began
the learning process.

This is the car I traded fo the Jeep, as it was being taken there.

This is the pic the P/O sent me.

This si before I did a thing to it.

This is when I finally got it cleaned up and the top off.

So in the mean time I have moved to a new house with a garage(!), so right now it is in the like this: top off, windshield, fornt grill, side fenders, hood, tailgate, doors, all hardware, dash, seats, hell, everything down to a bare tub.

The engine, a Chevy 305, is mostly disconnected. The tranny is still attached, a T-176. A Dana 300 is lying on the floor, along with a huge pile of undestined parts.

Next I will show some pictures of what I have done.

26679cj5 09-10-2009 08:16 PM

wow that thing is big,what size tires does it have?

djui5 09-10-2009 08:45 PM

Nice Jeep!!!

molsenice 09-10-2009 09:08 PM

chevy axels? - SOA with a 6+ in shackel lift? - holy unstable

mabey I am wrong

jeepmaster03 09-10-2009 09:08 PM

Full width axles gonna need some pretty wide flares to be street legal. Its got potential, I like it!

cj7Sswampers 09-11-2009 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by 26679cj5 (Post 7908673)
wow that thing is big,what size tires does it have?

They are 39.5" Super Swamper TSL's.

The axles are from a Ford Bronco, or at least if they were originally together, they are. The front is a Dana 44, no idea what is inside yet though it is most likely stock. The rear is a Ford 9-inch rear. Also, don't know whats inside.

The springs are on top of the axles, and there are ridiculously sized shackles front and rear. Yes, I do plan to remove them and use something much shorter and sturdy.

This is bad- Of the shocks (4) 3 are intact, 1 is not. On the 2 remaining shocks, the piston rod(?) is bent. There are proper shock mounts on the frame, however that is not so on the axles. The P/O used large u-bolts to hold the knob of the shock to the axle. However effective, it is not road legal.

So, I need new shock mounts, springs, shocks, shackles,and all associated hardware. I suppose I could order a kit, but will it include EVERYTHING? And I don't have a welder, but I do know a guy, but then I'd have to pay him, and although he does excellent work and could probably fab up alot of stuff that I wouldn't have to buy.

Another Issue that will have to be taken care of is the steering. I believe the steering box is the stock Jeep one, however from there it gets bad. The P/O had someone made up a crude steering arm, and again, while functional, it is not road legal, so I will have to devise a way for the steering rod to go in between the springs and frame, and to the knuckle.

This is the front Dana 44:

This is the Ford 9-inch rear:

Ridiculous steering which has to be fixed:

The engine, a Chevy 305:

jatepper 09-11-2009 08:26 AM

I like how he had u-bolts holding the shocks to the axles:laugh:

Yes, this has potenial. Good luck with the build and do it right the first time

SeaWulf 09-11-2009 09:21 AM

looks like you got quite the project there

have fun with that



trailridin4x4x4 09-11-2009 09:57 AM

loving those front shackles, i'd throw a painless wiring kit at that jeep for starters that engine compartment is all wiring wasn't sure there was a motor in there at first glance, 9" rear 44 front good start.

attworth 09-11-2009 10:23 AM

Looks like you've got some cool toys to play with there.

Definitely going to be a project correcting all those issues. Do it once, do it right!

cj7Sswampers 09-25-2009 02:33 PM

Old Sarge Part 2
I have spent today putting on a new roof, and when I got tired of that, taking stuff off the Jeep. This is a list of stuff I removed. Nothing great, but they are steps forward.

Front shocks
Tow hook
Front drum brakes and all the crap inside
Assorted bit here and there.

Also I found out why my body sat so high. The P/O used, get this, HOCKEY PUCKS for a body lift.

SeaWulf 09-25-2009 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by cj7Sswampers (Post 7993945)
Also I found out why my body sat so high. The P/O used, get this, HOCKEY PUCKS for a body lift.

it's a redneck secret :shhh:

justjeeps 09-25-2009 07:15 PM


Also I found out why my body sat so high. The P/O used, get this, HOCKEY PUCKS for a body lift.
I used to know several Jeepers who used up to three hockey pucks to get a three inch body lift. They seemed to work okay.

cj7Sswampers 10-03-2009 01:40 PM

I am going to the garage now, I've got my axle's off, I'll have pics in a bit.

cj7Sswampers 10-09-2009 05:08 PM

Old Sarge Part 3
Like I said before, I removed my axles. I had to take off the whack hi-steer bracket, and I used a grinder to cut the tie rods off at the right places.

Heres the pile of crap.

This is the drivers side upper shock mount. The paasenger side looks like this only reversed. They will be ground off, and new, taller ones welded on.

This little doo-dad, I believe needs to be removed before I can take out the axle shaft.

This is the drivers side front axle knuckle.

This is me, taking the nuts off of the u-bolts. It was late at night.

This is my "block" lift in action. I will pull the axle out from under the jeep shortly after this shot.

This is the front axle, it is a Dana 44.

It will get new spring perches.

The strap is going through the hole and it is holding the tranny and the back of the engine up.

I put a jack under the oil pan of the engine and picked it up enough to slide the mount bolts out. Had I set it down then though, it would have hung up on the engine mounts. So I ground them off and dropped the engine.

Thats all for now.

The time now is 05:45 AM.

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