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poppatello 01-09-2010 12:11 PM

Oil From PCV Valve...
I have oil that seems to becoming from the or around the PCV valve. I'm thinking replace it? New Air filter on other end of valve cover. The PCV valve attaches to a hose that runs to the carb...

Coiz 01-09-2010 12:15 PM

The valve itself should rattle when you shake it to know it is functioning. If it is leaking oil from around the seal, then I guess you would have to replace it.

BTW: Cool avatar.

poppatello 01-09-2010 12:18 PM

Thanks... :cool:

I just want to make sure it isn't something else that could be causing the blow by...

SecretSquirrel 01-09-2010 06:44 PM

If oil is coming from around the PCV valve it may be something else. Could be the gromet it mounts in, or internal egnine issues.

poppatello 01-09-2010 08:07 PM

If it's an internal engine issue. What do I look for?

wellmax 01-09-2010 09:01 PM

check the obovious, cracked rubber gasket, stopped up pvc valve.

But you should be getting a good solid vac on the pvc line back to the carb.

The pvc valve on my 84 4 banger is tee off to the brake boster.

be sure the other hole in top of valve cover (incoming air) is not stopped up and you are getting clean filter air into the valve cover. The air that goes to my valve cover comes from a connection inside the carb air filter. so the air going to the valve cover is clean filtered air.

If all is working properly you should have so much vaccum pull that you should not be getting much oil leakage.

so check your vac pull.

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