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79cherokee 10-10-2008 08:15 PM

Nutter'ed my 84 CJ7 2.5 today!
Hey all,

Been having trouble with my 84 CJ7 with the amc 2.5 with it not starting due to no spark. Replaced the module, tried different coils, even a new pick up coil. After replacing the pick up coil it ran. Now this Jeep has been in my garage for over a year so no miles were put on it because it was only in the last few months it was even together.(frame off rebuild). Well, it started up about 3 weeks ago, and went to start it up last week to take it outside to wash it after wet sanding in preperation for paint, and no spark again. :brickwall. I was ready to rip the whole wiring harness out and start over. but instead I got online and got the details of the Nutter bypass and decided to give a try. Did it today and it fired right up and ran smoother than it did before (the few times it actually ran that is). Super easy mod to do. On the 6 cyl. version, the bypass talked about adjusting the stepper motor on the carb, but I don't think my carb for the 2.5 has one. Or does it? I can tell I need to fine tune the timing now, but overall I am super happy that I don't have to rewire this thing! I am now trying to convince my buddy who has a 90 YJ with the 258 to do the same thing. His has a once in a while engine dieing problem, and all the usual suspects have already been replaced. Thanks.

LostINohiO 10-10-2008 10:07 PM

the nutter bypass worked very well on my 258...

im a huge fan and advocate...

best mod i ever did for around 5 dollars in wire...

Mike Romain 10-11-2008 10:06 AM

There may be a mixture control solenoid on your carb. It may look like a round can hanging down off the side of it?

If so, and I haven't had one apart to see, it may be electric or vacuum controlled. If there are no wires to this can, then I would just set the idle mix and timing and try it to see.

The time now is 12:53 AM.

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