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CJ7-Tim 10-07-2002 07:59 PM

Need Help installing YJ 1/2 Doors on CJ7
I just got some factory 1/2 doors from an 94 YJ Wrangler that I want to put on my 84 CJ7. The doors didn't seem to fit right when I tried them the first time. Do I need to switch the hinges on the CJ7 (or the doors) to some other type? I believe the CJ7 was a factory soft-top. I do have the right kind of striker posts for the door latch, but the fit between the YJ door hinge and the hinge on the CJ tub is too tight for the door to swing either way. The hinges on the tub are part of a Kentrol brand stainless hardware package and work with my Bestop soft top and soft doors. The hinges on the YJ doors are the factory ones. Any ideas on how to proceed?
Thanks, Tim

JIM79CJ7 10-08-2002 04:07 AM

Loosen the hinges attach to the body and close and align the door . Tighten the nuts on the hinges . If that is not enough adjustment you will have to loosen the hinges on the doors an proceed the same way . HTH

Good Luck , JIM :{>

CJ7-Tim 10-09-2002 05:21 PM

Thanks for the help. I had to put a shim behind one of the lower hinge mounts on the body, align the lower hinges on the body straight up and down, and then I had to loosen the hinge part on one door to move the door towards the rear so it would fit the opening and latch shut. Kind of a bummer because the factory didn't paint behind the hinges and now I have a hinge outline in grey primer on the drivers door. Oh well, the doors are great anyways.

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