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scottahicks 03-13-2002 07:48 PM

Need 1980 CJ5 Stock Shackles front and rear
Hey I have a serious problem,, I just got my first jeep 1980 cj5 304 V8 ,, and unfortunatly I bought a nightmare under the impression it was it great shape. anyway I need a full set of stock shackles, CHEAP!!!! I am being eaten alive with trying to fix all thease problems and one is the realy bad realy long shackle lift that is making my poor jeep eat u joints,,,, on my 3rd ujoint in 3 weeks yes its that bad, i dont know how this guy drove this thing regularly anyways PLEASE someone help me im desperate,, this is my daily driver and ONLY vehicle now

HighCountry 03-13-2002 09:09 PM

Hey, I feel your pain! I always can find things wrong with any vehicle, even a NEW one on the dealers lot...

As for a quick shackle fix, just drill a new set of holes in one end of your long ones. I am not sure what the distance from hole to hole is, but if you need to know someone can run out and measure a set on their Jeep!

And as for U-joints, they are NOT all created equal! Go to NAPA and ask for their "Heavy Duty" version, or if you can find a "Spicer" dealer buy one of theirs.

Good luck!


scottahicks 03-16-2002 11:30 PM

thanks for the idea but the lift shackles on mine have multiple cross bar supports that prohibit that idea :(

scottahicks 03-17-2002 09:42 PM

Problem solved ,, and would you belive I solved it with new lift shackles???? :D ok heres what I did I went to pep boys and found a generic shackle lift kit like for a hot rod, there are four holes in each shackle plate one intended as the main and 3 on the botom to adjust as you choose your ride height,, and wouldent you know it the spacing between the outer two of the botom 3 is exactly the same as a stock jeep shackle, and the entire length of the whole shacle is well ove double that,, so the soloution ,, buy one shackle kit for 15.00 and go home, cut the shackles in half with the angle grinder you just have to have if you have a jeep, copy the bolt holes on the halfs that end up with only one hole with a 1/2 in drill bit and NOW you have a total of 4 complete shackles because you use the center hole and the bolts they give you in the kit as a stabalizer bar for the shackle,, it was a little work but 15.00 and my problem is solved

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